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08-20-2005, 12:08 PM
"Hi. just found out he was my mates Grandad but he doesnt know much about him, I told him if anyone does you guys will, so please post anything you know,

Im gonna pass this on to my mate and his dad, so I dont want you to lie by any means but if your didnt rate him, please dont lay into him as a "bum" or anything."

This was posted earlier today on another forum and knowing there are some very knowledgeable guys on here that know the era well, i thought someone might be able to to tell him about Chic as a fighter.

Calderwood was retired by the time i got into boxing in the early seventies, so i wasn't much help to him.

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jim glen
08-20-2005, 08:38 PM
starling, I don't think Chic Calderwood was "retired", I believe it was the fact that he was "killed" tragically in a car accident that of course paid stop to everything...

I can't say a lot about him, I know he was a respected fighter and is considered "one of Scotlands best... given the fact that he held a British title and gave a good account of himself against a great fighter in Willie Pastrano, and lost his only bid at a World title against Jose Torres.

He was coached by Bert Gilroy briefly and defeated by another Scottish great also coached by Bert, John "cowboy" McCormack, the 3 of them are among the Greatest Bigmen Scotland ever produced, along with Tommy Milligan, Alex Ireland and a few other lesser known Scots Hero's!

And there's a story that the Old Mongoose Archie Moore "still" fighting in the early 60s showed up to watch Calderwood fight and decided after seing him Not to go ahead with a proposed match 'between' the two saying to Chic "your too young and I'm too old", giving the indication at that point in Moore's LONG and GLORIOUS career it would not be a good match!

Nice compliment from one of the Greatest! I think I remember reading in a post here at the CBZ that 'editor' Gordoom was a good fan of Calderwood's...

08-21-2005, 01:50 PM
Jim is correct, I was a huge fan of CC back in the 60's when I was still a kid. He was a boxer puncher with a lot of heart. Her also was a legitimate top 10 contender.

The deck was stacked against him in his title shot against6 Jose Torres. The fight was in San Juan & the heat & humidity were just too much for rhe lad from Scotland.

Between the heat & Torres' viscious attack he w3as blown away in tweo rounds. I suspect if the fight had been under more moderate conditions it would have been a different fight. Not saying tyat Chic would have necessarily won but it would have been more competetive.

His death in a car accident two weeks after his title shot was a real tragedy. He may not have been a great fighter but he definitely was a very good one.

His family should be proud. He was a real man & a fine fighter.


Ronald Lipton
08-21-2005, 04:07 PM
Yes Sir indeed, Chic Calderwood's family should be proud, he was some warrior with heart.

I remember being shocked when I heard he died so soon after his title fight in such a tragic way.

He went pro in 1957 and went undefeated in about 29 fights.
In his 19th fight he beat the good light heavy Yoland Pompey who fought Archie Moore.

He then dropped a decision in 10 to the great Willie Pastrano.
Chic also lost 10 round decisions to Von Clay, Henry Hank in Detroit and was knocked down in the 3rd round by hard hitting Hank but he got up to finish and was one tough man.

He also went the distance in losing a 10 round decision to Eddie Cotton and drew with Jim Cooper the brother of Henry Cooper.

Chic went 15 rounds in dropping a decision to the talented Giulio Rinaldi for the British Empire Lt Heavy Title, and he holds a 10 round decision win over the then still dangerous and formidable Johnny Person in 1965 in England.

In essence he came to fight, go the distance while trying all the way and would come to your hometown like Ali to fight you.

He would be happy I am sure to know we are talking about him in respecful remembrance right now.

That is why the Zone rules, we keep these brave men alive and well right here in our memory.

08-21-2005, 04:38 PM
Quite simply: Chic Calderwood is the best boxing "big man" Scotland has ever produced.