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02-13-2006, 02:53 PM
I am starting this section to allow the CBZ to publish and accept various lists and statistics that may be included in the encyclopedia.

I am going to transfer some of Barry's lists here, and will be adding others over time.

If you would like to subit or review a particular list, please email me at mike@cyberboxingzone.com and I will see what I can do. SUGGESTIONS FOR LISTS NEEDED!!

My intent is to compile the following, many already completed or in draft:

Most Wins
Most Losses
Most Kayos
Most 1-round Kayos
Most Draws
Most Title Defenses
Most championship fights
Most Total Bouts
Disqualifications -- most wins / most losses

Wins (over 75 bouts)
Losses (over 50 bouts)
Kayos (in over 75 bouts)

Wins by Kayo
Losses by Kayo

Kayo Percentage
Win Percentage

PPV -- most buys and most $ sales
Longest layoff between bouts
Longest time between return matces
Mutliple Division champions
Oldest champion
Youngest champion
Longest title reign -- time
Father & Son on same card
Male-female bouts
Brothers who fought each other
Tallest Boxers
Heaviewst Boxer, heaviest total for one bout
Largest attendance
largest attendance indoors
Southpaw champions
Boxing themed movies
Boxing themed TV shows
Boxing themed radio shows
Bout between undefeated champ & undefeated challenger
Longest ever Fight -- time & rounds
Longest Reach

Queensberry Title bouts by Division
Televised bout, championsip bout, heavywight title bout
Champ in 2 divisions
Champ to regain title
First female judge, heavy title fight

[more to be added]

Olympic Gold & Silver
NY Golden Gloves, champ and runner-up
NY Metropolitan Championships, 1910 on
NY State Amateur Championships, 1910 on
NY Diamond Belt
National Diamond Belt
NY-Chicgago Intercity winer & runner up
NAtional AAU champs & Runner Up
National Junior AAU
International Golden Gloves -- lots of help needed here
National GG Champ and runner up
European Champs
Pan Am Champs -- need several results from 1938 Pan Am in Argentina
Chicago Golden Gloves
World Amateur Championships, 1974 on
International Boxing League, 1970 -- results from all 8 teams needed

Ted Spoon
02-13-2006, 03:54 PM
Would you consider any trivial information as a side dish?

I.E Jersey Joe's symmetry vs. Phil n' Harold Johnson.

Just to add a little:

Most Punches thrown in a round
Most punches thrown in a fight


Punch success rate in a round
Punch success rate in a fight


Longest ever Fight
Longest ever Reach

PS: Will this include anything on the Bare Knuckle era?

02-13-2006, 05:06 PM
absolutely -- good idea -- but not sure on compubox stuff -- unless we go and tally up old bouts

Roberto Aqui
02-14-2006, 06:01 AM
If Valuev and Toney ever meet, they will probably set a record for the greatest height and reach difference, plus that would have to be the ugliest pair in ring history.