View Full Version : Tony "Fats" Cimmino of Bayonne, NJ

01-30-2012, 03:29 PM
Tony "Fats" Cimmino, crowd-pleasing Bayonne, NJ welterweight of the late 1940's and early 50's, died recently in Brick, NJ.

Cimmino had a career-ledger of 26-13-3, 8 KO's. He suffered only two stoppages during his career, both being of the technical variety, with one against world-ranked Vic Cardell at Madison Square Garden in 1951. "Fats" engaged in plenty of local rivalries against some of the most-popular Hudson County and other East Coast fighters, including Johnny "Red" DeFazio, Tex Gonzales, Eddie Edwards and Chico Vejar.

Following his 1953 retirement from the ring, Tony was employed by the Public Works Department, Bayonne, NJ.

One funny story I heard from my barber, who was a close friend of Cimmino's, took place in the late 1960's, when Tony was waiting in his shop for a trim. The guy in the chair was a local wiseguy, and he made a few disparaging comments about Cimmino's career, telling everyone who would listen that, "...this guy couldn't break an egg". Cimmino took the ribbing in a good-natured way, saying nothing in reply.

When the loudmouth got up to pay Tony said, "You think you could take a shot from me...in the arm?" The loudmouth, who was quite a bit larger than the former welterweight, answered affirmatively and enthusiastically. With that, Tony gave the guy a short, solid right to the upper arm that knocked the mug right over a barber chair and nearly out the front door.

Like most of the fighters of that era Tony was known as a man's man, a good neighbor and a loyal friend. Rest in Peace.