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When Rudy's manager Gus Wilson died suddenly in 1951, he was taken over by George Parnassus, who was a friend of mine. The promoter in Mexicali, Baja, called me and asked me to get him aa couple of ten round headliners for a New Yeara's Day show in the local bull ring.

I called Parnassus and he offered Rudy Cruz and another kid he was booking, Davey Gallardo. Cruz, a lightweight was matched with a Pasadena kid named Bobby Brewer while featherweight Davey took on Baby Franco, from Mexicali. George's two fighters won, of course on a fairly decent show.

Cruz told me he was going to retire because it was hard for him to keep on fighting without old Gus being in his corner. That turned out to be Rudy's last fight. We were both guests on a Mexicali sports show the day before the fight, but Cruz was kinda tongue-tied because of his Spanish.

Cruz was one of two fighting brothers, Costello, a middleweight being the other. Rudy was one of three outstanding 'pure" boxing masters we had in California at the time. Jesse Flores and Johnny Gonzalves were the other two. I would include Enrique Bolanos in that group except that Bolanos was a much harder puncher than the other three, although he boxed quite as well as the others.

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I remember seeing Johnny Gonzalves fight Art Aragon at the Olympic Aud., an I seen Davey Gallardo fight a few time , but I can't recall seeing Rudy Cruz fight in person.


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