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Don Jordan ( L ) vs Federico Thompson

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As is evident by his ring record Don Jordan had some 10 of his first pro bouts with us at Hollywood Legion Stadium, matches that I made either as Assistant Matchmaker to Cal Working or as Head Matchmaker. As I recall he was one of several fighting brothers that emerged from east L.A.----Benny and Vernon were others, if memory serves.
His two fine bouts with Andy Escobar, another Legion product, packed the Stadium.

Jordan was also a principal in the first modern-day championship fight ever held in Las Vegas Nevada, fully 46 years ago. That's the bout that started 'Vegas on the road to boxing's big time. He and Benny Paret were featured.

At the start of his career Don was handled by Felix Villarreal and Julio Flores, then by Kabakoff, finally by Don Nesseth nd Jackie McCoy. I saw Jordan box for the last time in Mexicali, Baja, against Molote Cota.

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I remember Felix and Julio real well.


I also remember his fights with Andy Escobar, one of the Escobar brothers

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Don Jordan vs Virgil Akins

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Weigh-in for Akins-Jordan

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Mobster Mickey Cohen

This guy became Jordan manager later on in Jordan career

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That fine looking fellow working the scale is, of course, Clayton Frye, an assistant secretary of the State Athletic Commission in charge of the southern section of California.

There never was a finer friend to the boxing game than that man, unless you factor in Commission Everett Sanders, the man responsible in part for the founding of the Boxing Hall of Fame (Riverside?). Those two men were aces with me during the time I was associated with boxing at the Legion Stadium.

Clayton Frye knew the game thoroughly; in fact, he was regarded as one of the finest amateur boxers ever developed in California, an honor bestowed on him as early as 1925 in DeWitt Van Court's book "Making of Champions". He was also an excellent referee and played that part in a number of Hollywood boxing films.

One time a would-be fight manager was spouting off to Clayton when I walked into the Commission offices. Frye just gave the guy a glass eyed look and called out "Pipsqueak", as the fellow turned and walked out.

Good friend to all---- Clayton Frye.

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Just a note about Clayton Frye (working the scales on one of the pictures posted below). He was my grandfather and he was as great a guy in his private life as his public. A true hero that as a young girl I could really look up to.

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Great to hear about the private side of Mr. Frye. I'm curious, how did you find this board & the reference to your grandfather? Because of him are you a boxing fan also?

Anyway, welcome to the board, look forward to seeing you here again. & you are right to be so proud of him. I've never heard a negative thing said about your grandfather.



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Gordoom, old pal:

Clayton was a real rarity in our favorite sport----a true gentleman who stood erect and as solid as the pillar that he was to all of us in California boxing.

I didn't know any of his family, so it is a bit refreshing to hear from his granddaughter nowl

Soft-spoken, quietly reasssuring, Clayton Frye would only give you a sly look when he thought you were asking a bit too much from him or the Athletic Commission. I doubt that there are any more in the game today like Clayton Frye.

The southern California Commission officers in my time consisted of Clayton Frye, Willie Ritchie, Lou Winston and Bill Smith. Those were the days!

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Sorry to sully the thread, but someone needs to write a book about Jordan. I am sure it would be a fascinating read.

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You're not sullying the thread, Shark. After all it is ostensibly about Jordan. Personally I don't think it would be of that much interest. That story about him in I believe Heller's book, about him being a hitman as a kid is pure fiction.

Other than that he was a pretty good fighter who got lucky & won the welter title.

Cyber Boxing Champion
Don Jordan

Born: June 22, 1934 Los Angeles
Died: February 13, 1997 Los Angeles (Murdered)
Pro Record: 50-23-1 (17 KO), 1 NC

Apr 27 Ray Serna Southgate, CA W 4
May 18 Al Barbero Southgate, CA W 4
Jul 4 Chi Chi Martinez Hollywood, CA W 6
Aug 9 Chi Chi Martinez Hollywood, CA W 4
Sep 26 George Macias Hollywood, CA KO 5
Oct 17 Marvin Smith Hollywood, CA KO 5
Nov 7 Marvin Smith Hollywood, CA KO 5
Dec 16 Dave Cervantes Hollywood, CA W 5

Jan 16 Andy Escobar Hollywood, CA W 10
Mar 20 Andy Escobar Hollywood, CA L 10
Apr 17 Manuel Montes Hollywood, CA KO 2
May 31 Dickie Wong Los Angeles L 10
Jun 28 Freddy Herman Los Angeles W 10
Aug 30 Art Ramponi Los Angeles W 10
Sep 20 Billy Hartman Los Angeles KO 4
Oct 4 Art Ramponi Los Angeles W 12
Nov 29 Manny Renteria Los Angeles KO 7

Jan 13 Lauro Salas Los Angeles W 12
Feb 15 Jorge Macias Sacramento, CA W 10
Mar 3 Frankie Cockrell Los Angeles W 10
Mar 31 Lauro Salas Los Angeles W 12
Jun 2 Art Aragon Los Angeles L 10
Aug 18 Joe Miceli Los Angeles W 10
Sep 3 Woody Winslow Hollywood, CA W 10
Oct 20 Frankie Skidmore San Francisco W 10
Dec 15 Art Aragon Los Angeles L 10

Feb 2 Paddy DeMarco Los Angeles KO 5
Mar 29 Jimmy Carter Los Angeles L 10
May 8 Joey Lopes Sacramento L 12
Jun 7 Timmy Jefferson Los Angeles W 10
Jun 28 Frankie Skidmore Los Angeles KO 7
Oct 16 Orlando Zulueta Los Angeles L 10
Nov 18 Enrique Esqueda Mexicali, Mexico KO 1
Dec 27 Archie Whitewater Los Angeles W 10

Jan 1 Al Nevarez Mexicali, Mexico L 10
Jan 24 Tombstone Smith Los Angeles L 12
Mar 19 Chico Uribe Mexico City W 10
May 11 Jesse Bogart Hollywood, CA KO 1
Jun 15 Langston C. Morgan Hollywood, CA L 10
Jul 12 Arnoldo Gil Mexicali, Mexico KO 2
Jul 23 Alfredo Cota Tijuana KO 1
Aug 12 Juan Padilla Tijuana W 10
Oct 12 Orlando Zulueta Hollywood, CA W 10
Nov 29 Ray Portilla San Diego KO 6

Jan 4 Willie Morton Hollywood, CA W 10
Jan 28 Dave Charnley London L 10
Feb 15 Karl-Heinz Guderr Hollywood, CA W 10
Apr 15 Francisco Echevarria Mexicali, Mexico KO 3
May 5 Kid Centella Tijuana KO 2
May 18 Alfredo Cota Mexicali, Mexico W 10
Jul 2 Isaac Logart Hollywood, CA W 10
Aug 29 Lahouari Godih New York W 10
Sep 17 Gaspar Ortega Portland, OR W 10
Oct 22 Gaspar Ortega Long Beach, CA W 12
Dec 5 Virgil Akins St. Louis W 15
(Retains World Welterweight Title)
Jul 10 Denny Moyer Portland, OR W 15
(Retains World Welterweight Title)
Dec 5 Fernando Barreto Sao Paulo, Brazil W 10
Dec 12 Federico Thompson Buenos Aires KO by 4

May 16 Candy McFarland Baltimore L 10
May 27 Benny Paret Las Vegas L 15
(Loses World Welterweight Title)
Jul 15 Phil Moyer Portland L 10
Aug 6 Jesse Bogart Nogales, AZ KO 1
Aug 16 Julian Valdez Tucson, AZ W 10
Oct 16 Alfredo Cota Mexicali, Mexico D 10
Nov 26 Ludwig Lightburn Guadalajara, Mexico L 10

Mar 11 Carmen Basilio Syracuse, NY L 10
Aug 1 Ben Mediina Fresno, CA L 10
Aug 15 Hilario Morales Ciudad Juarez, Mexico KO by 7
Nov 14 Chivo Diaz Sacramento L 10
Dec 19 Tony DeMarco Boston KO by 2

Apr 27 Giancarlo Garbelli Rome L 10
Jul 26 Joey Limas Albuquerque L 10
Oct 5 Battling Torres Los Angeles NC 7

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Blame Harry Mullan.. I thought Jordan may have played that story up more.

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A book or an in-depth article on Don Jordan is not likely to bore any fight fan.
Our friend Don Cogswell did a nice bit on him for a projected work on northern California middleweight Georgie Duke about three years ago.

Cogswell went into detail on Don Jordan's career start when I had matched him for most of his early bouts with an eye towards keeping him and another hot local prospect Andy Ecobar, apart and unbeaten, and finalizing that episode by pitting them twice to headline a couple of Hollywood Legion Stadium sellout shows.

Jordan was one of several east L.A. brothers who boxed exclusively in the southern part of the state. I believe there was a Benny and a Vernon of the same name active before Don took to the ring.

hap navarro

10-07-2006, 09:28 PM
I'll submit the Don Jordan matchmaking piece in the next Wail if Gordoom approves.

03-21-2007, 08:28 PM
I spoke with Bill O'Neill and Mando Ramos about Jordan at length as I bought that book (In this Corner) when I was boxing amateur in the late 70's.
Jordan seemed like a very bitter and angry man who was unhappy with the cards dealt to him in life.
I asked Bill about the hitman claims and he said they were bs as well.
Jordan was fascinated by Indians, particularly bows and arrows, and his street name was "Geronimo", and he often wore a headband.
I beleive he was arrested once early in his boxing career for shooting arrows at cars or something of that nature.
Bill said he was a very quiet and private person who didn't really come out in the piblic and lived alone until he accepted a WBHOF invite one year, and after that, became more visible.
I know Jackie McCoy got him a job working on the docks after he retired and did Mando as well.
Mando and Jordan got along well Mando told me, and he reiterated that Don was an extremely private guy.
Hell yes, a movie could be made about him.
Good, not a great fighter that was about on the level of the welterweight champions of today that spoke fluent Spanish that he learned in the barrios of LA.
Sharp looking kid as well who would have been a pretty big media star in today's time as he spoke as good Spanish as he did English, probably could have been as big as Fernando Vargas, which was real big at one time.