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jim glen
06-10-2006, 03:18 AM
I was thinking about Real Life Chauney's, you know 'Chuck' Bronson in Hard Times (excellent), are there any noted "Chauney's"...

In Britain there has been a long history of 'illegal' fights and men like Roy Shaw and hardman cum actor the late Lenny McClean and of course the Gypsie fighters, Bartley Gorman and Co. The one time 'Tossing' schools (illegal gampling) were said to also host fights...

Last though, years ago when I was a young lad making my debut into the working world, outside the safety of the parental home I found myself in Northern Ontario, Canada. The place was called Sturgeon Falls and I was there for a weeked of 'partying' with some workmates from not too far away Elliot Lake. Anyhow, one day walking through the town center there was this lad about 19-20, about 5'10 well built, good looking and he had a 'mystic' about him that just didn't suit this one horse 'hick' town.

So after the company we were in finished all their small talk and 'crack', I asked my mate from work what's his story? My mate replies he's a Fighter, a bareknuckle fighter. Bob, my mate goes on to tell me that wealthy business people in the area "back" him, pay him and take him all over the place for illegal fights! You know I've never forgot that, I've always related him to "Chauney", a Real one and often wonder what happened to him! How good was he, could he have made it in the ligitimate sport and last but not least...

How many more like him, Real Life NOTED Chaney's?

jim glen
06-10-2006, 11:08 AM
Sorry lads, got the name wrong...CHANEY.

any 'noted' CHANEY's?