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Cisco Andrade vs Carlos Ortiz

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Seems like yesterday we were celebrating Bobby Andrade's birthday at a lively bash in one of the better Mexican restaurants on Olvera Street, heart of L.A.

The kid had many of his early bouts matched by me, during which time he went undefeated. In fact, Andrade never lost a fight in our Legion Stadium, although he was stopped by Art Aragon in a Wrigley Field bout promoted by the Legion after I had left the place.

Nice fellow, some talent, unorthodox style, as one might gather from the uncommon boxing stance shown here. He was managed by veteran fight man Ralph Gambina, and, for publicity purposes, by Frank Sinatra.

Cisco had a good business head; sadly he died at a young age.

hap navarro

02-08-2007, 04:28 PM
I met Cisco Andrade in 1956 when he was working at the Chevrolet dealership in Whittier Ca. and I was working next door at the Ford dealership, we started having lunch together and when he found out I was boxing amateur he ask me if I would like to workout with him, I told him yes so he introduce me to Ralph Gambina at the Hollywood Legion Stadium, I trained with them for about 3 months.
Years later I used to run into Cisco every now and then when he was working at the Fred C.Nells School for Boys in Whittier Ca. where he worked for many years. my parents used to live around the block from the school and when I visited my parents I would try to visit with Cisco also.