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06-10-2006, 01:27 PM

Joey Archer

06-10-2006, 01:33 PM

Joey Archer

Born: February 11, 1938 New York, NY
Manager: Jimmy Archer
Height: 5-8
Professional Record: 46-4 (8 kayos)

Oct 7 Donald Bibbs Philadelphia W 4
Nov 8 Danny Jones New York W 4
Dec 21 Danny Jones New York W 4

Mar 8 Whitey Porr New York KO 4
Apr 8 Rocky Ford New York W 4
Apr 29 Rocky Ford New York W 4
May 13 Hiram Vale New York W 4
Jul 8 Bernie Raines New York W 4
Aug 2 Johnny Lissy New York W 4
Sep 9 Danny Jones New York KO 4
Sep 30 Jimmy Landerson New York KO 4
Nov 11 Paulie Griffin New York W 6
Dec 20 Joe Lissy New York W 6

Feb 14 Eddie Prince New York W 6
Mar 17 Joe Lissy New York W 6
Jun 2 Julie Jamison New York W 6
Jul 28 Bernie Raines New York W 6
Nov 5 Ray Sheppard Miami Beach W 8
Nov 25 Willie Estes Hooouston W 4
Dec 1 Willie Estes Dallas KO 1
Dec 9 Ruben Flores Houston W 4

Feb 11 Ken Biggs Houston KO 3
Mar 10 Tony Dupas Houston TW 7
May 12 Tony Dupas Houston W 10
Jul 4 Ralph Lucas Bandera, TX KO 4
Nov 9 Henry "Kid" Burton Tyler, TX W 10
Nov 24 Aman Peck San Antonio W 10

Jan 19 Babe Vance Amarillo, TX W 8
Jun 16 Cheffy Reyna Pensacola, FL KO 2
Oct 24 Joe Rubino New York W 8

Feb 4 Don Fullmer New York W 10

Jun 23 Joe Gonzalez New York L 10
Aug 25 Joe Gonzalez New York W 10
Nov 10 Mick Leahy New York W 10

Jan 5 Denny Moyer New York W 10
Feb 16 Blair Richardson New York W 10
May 18 Victor Zalazar New York W 10
Jul 13 Farid Salim New York W 10
Oct 15 Rubin "Hurricane" Carter New York W 10

Feb 7 Holly Mims New York W 10
May 9 Johnny Torres Boston W 10
May 27 Gaylord Barnes Richmond, VA W 10
Jun 24 Willie James Pittsfield, MA KO 9
Jul 30 Gaylord Barnes Pittsfield, MA W 10
Oct 16 Dick Tiger New York W 10

Feb 20 Johnny Torres Paterson, NJ W 10
Nov 10 Ray Robinson Pittsburgh W 10
Dec 13 Don Fullmer Boston L 12
(For WBA American Middleweight Title)

Jul 13 Emile Griffith New York L 15
(For World Middleweight Title)

Jan 23 Emile Griffith New York L 15

06-12-2006, 02:23 PM
Joey Archer. Hey I remember the guy well. Steel chinned, fast, great jab. Smart smart fighter who Joey G KNEW he couldnt beat at that advanced period of his career when he opped to fight Carter instead of the number one guy who was Joey. Still he IMO beat Griffith the first time and the second one was a pick em. He rated with the best of a great era and was certainly on a par with Griff, Tiger, Carter, Rodriguez, Joey G etc...

Ron Lipton
06-12-2006, 08:24 PM
I agree wholeheartedly with the Rock on this.

I watched the entire Griffith V Archer II fight last night.

Man oh man was Archer pissed off at the decision. Freddie Brown who was in his corner said something to Emile and Emile went balistic. Don Dunphy could not get Emile to come over for the interview at first, but Syd Martin and Clancy finally got him over as he tried to get back and say something back to Archer and Brown.

Emile tried to congratulate Archer for a good fight and Joey turned his back on Emile and it ignited a spark there for awhile.

Now, I don't mind telling you that the hiding of Joey Archer and seclusion he is kept in has disturbed me for a long time. He has been literally hidden away like Anne Frank in an attic from all boxing people by his brothers and family.

What the hell is with that. If he is sick why can't people reach out to him. This is been going on for years, no pictures, no news, no whereabouts with his brothers always hiding him from the public.

Does anyone know the truth of what is going on there?

06-14-2006, 07:58 AM
Archer can thank Teddy Brenner for not getting a shot at Giardello. Right after Joey beat Tiger, Brenner said Giardello would probably fight Archer because he was the lightest puncher of the contenders. Since when did Giardello have to pick a guy because of punching power.
Another reason Giardello didn't meet Archer was because Giardello wasn't and hadn't been licenced in New York since 1956 because manager Tony Ferrente had a criminal record. Even after Ferrente released Joey in '63, the NY commission was reluctant to reinstate Joey. After he won the title NY sent out feelers and Joey at first was stubborn because he wasn't going to kiss up to them.
Joey wanted the Carter fight because he thought Carter would draw more money than Archer in Philadelphia. Archer was no draw in New York, let alone Philly. He did 8.000 paid for Carter and Tiger, hardly numbers to entice Giardello who was looking for one big money match. Everybody in Philly knew he had lost his reflexes after the second Rivero fight. Only his guile let him edge Carter, when they fought. Plus Giardello knew that Archer would have a hometown advantage at the Garden where he would run and land two jabs and get the decision.
I still think Giardello would have beaten Archer as easily as Holley Mims did (even though Mims didnt get the nod he deserved). And Giardello was aware of the Archer-Mims decision.
I had a lot of respect for Archers boxing skills but to say that he was a lock to beat Giardello is really a stretch Rocky. You think he would have won, I think Giardello would have won.
By the way Archer was featured in RING Magazine around 2,000 right after "THE HURRICANE" came out. He said he was doing well. He also mentioned he was at Phila. Convention Hall the night Giardello and Carter met and had Giardello winning 10 to 5 in rounds. I was also at Convention Hall that night but had I and 4 of my friends had it a lot closer. I was 8 to 7 for Joey.
I truly believe had Carter fought the same fight that he did against Georgie Benton he would have won over the faded Giardello that night but he let Joey dictate the later rounds and lost. In their primes a properly conditioned Giardello would have taken Carter and Archer to school.

Chuck H.

09-05-2008, 07:36 PM
I never did know what to make of Archer. On one hand, he definitely was a difficult fighter and a bit of a "spoiler", but on the other hand, he was known to get away with a lot of questionable decisions on his home turf in New York. His "win" over Holley Mims was a definite robbery, and his win over Tiger (which I never saw) was considered questionable as well. Still, he probably did deserve a shot against Giardello, or Tiger after he unseated Giardello.

Incidentally, does anyone know any details about his loss to Don Fullmer (which apparently derailed him from getting a shot at Tiger)? Also, who was ranked higher in early '66, Archer or Benvenuti?


Ron Lipton
09-05-2008, 08:29 PM
Once and for all does anyone on earth know where Joey is, how he is doing, can he speak, is he as ill as Ali? Why does his brother hide his whereabouts for so long. What is the true story there, and does anyone in the NJ Hall of Fame know where Joey himself truly is, not his brothers but him?


01-04-2009, 02:58 AM
The RING magazine ran a story by Robert Cassidy on Joey Archer (May 2001).
"Today, Archer lives quietly in upstate Newq York, near Albany."

"After leaving the ring, Archer invested his earnings and purchased three taverns in New York City. He also was a member of the International Longshorman's Association..........Today, he is retired and lives quietly and comfortably with his wife Joan in Latham, New York."

Ron Lipton
01-04-2009, 02:35 PM
Thanks for the infor.

I think if anyone could find him it would be Henry Hascup, I am of the belief that no one has seen Joey and his brother reportedly has kept his status, whereabouts and Joey's state of health a verly heavily guarded secret for a long amount of years or so it seems. Not one picture of him as he is today, not one interview, absolutely nothing that I have seen or heard.

01-04-2009, 09:21 PM
one of the pictures in the RING 2001 article showed Jimmy and Joey as they attended the Third Annual Boxers Luncheon at the downtown Athletic Club in NYC the previous month and Joey looked terrific. A description from the story:

"Archer, 62, looked trim and not far off his fighting weight of 160 pounds. His good health and appearance can be attributed to a walking regimen that reaches 10 miles per day. At the luncheon, he moved among the fighters in the Heisman room with an unassuming dignity that seemed to set him apart.
*** Archer seemed to be in great shape for this affair 7 years ago. ***

Ron Lipton
01-05-2009, 12:29 AM
That is wonderful news to me.

I met Joey only once back at ringside in MSG at one of the big fights. He sat almost next to me with one guy in between us.

He was very regal, respectful and sharp. He was very nice to me and we talked boxing as much as I could with him without disturbing him.

Can anyone on the Zone find a picture of Joey attending that dinner at age 61, I would love to see it. I would love to write to him too if possible.

Thank you,


01-05-2009, 11:34 AM
I would be interested to know in what order you guys would rate the following three fighters.

Joey Archer.
George Benton.
Holly Mimms,

Tough call in my opinion, made even harder if you believe the talk that Benton & Mimms we Mob controlled and often boxed to order.

01-05-2009, 02:18 PM
Benton was NOT mob controlled. It was well known in Philly that his manager, Herman Diamond, would not play ball with the mob, thus Benton never getting a national TV shot until 1963. Archer's brother Jimmy, who managed him, was said to have stayed clear of the mob to an extent but had a very cozy relationship with Teddy Brenner of the Garden, so for that reason he was able to get some big bouts. Mims was managed by Benny Trotta of East Baltimore, who was a big man from "the Strip" and had some "associations" but was said to be a fine man who was well liked by Mims and most of his other fighters.

01-05-2009, 02:22 PM
Benton DID get one nationally televised fight before '63, losing to Mims in 1958
at Miami Beach. Sorry for missing that in the last post.

Ron Lipton
01-05-2009, 07:42 PM
All three of them were exceptional experienced class A+ ring warriors whose like is not in the world anymore.

The bout with Archer and Mims is one I watched about a month ago studying it very closely especially where Mims almost dropped Archer.

Joey's chin, his will power and pride were top shelf, as was his balance, jab, timing and ring generalslhip. Many argue he was given gift decisions as a Garden fighter which is hard to argue with in some fights.

The left hook Rubin hit him with in the 10th round of their bout was a wallop that would have dropped most anyone for a 10 count. Joey had iron balls and came to win with a fierce mental attitude.

Mims was so cagey and crafty, a sneaky puncher who was always in the gym and took fights like Archie Moore on short notice. He would fight anyone and had a very sneaky and deadly right hand when he was on.

Benton was the strongest of the three and was more of a solid boxer puncher with a rock hard jaw and had a great one-two down the middle knocking out some good guys with that combination. His legs and shoulders were strong and he was a solid big midldleweight.

All of them were capable of beating the other on a given night. I rate Mims very high for experience and craft, Benton high for rugged durability and boxing ability on defense with power in both hands, and Joey as a winning fighter with great determintion, puzzle solving abilities and a jab which he made work against the big punchers like Tiger and Carter. He was low on power but could time a guy and drop you or hurt you badly with his great timing and snap.

He staggered Dick Tiger better than Carter, Hank, Fullmer or Fernandez believe me I saw it live. I grew up watching them all and they have my undying respect.

Ron Lipton
01-05-2009, 07:54 PM
Benton was NOT mob controlled. It was well known in Philly that his manager, Herman Diamond, would not play ball with the mob, thus Benton never getting a national TV shot until 1963. Archer's brother Jimmy, who managed him, was said to have stayed clear of the mob to an extent but had a very cozy relationship with Teddy Brenner of the Garden, so for that reason he was able to get some big bouts. Mims was managed by Benny Trotta of East Baltimore, who was a big man from "the Strip" and had some "associations" but was said to be a fine man who was well liked by Mims and most of his other fighters.

Reply: I agree. I boxed with him in D.C. for about 2 weeks staying with a friend. Mims that is, and he treated me great, like a big brother. He also was bigger than I thought he was in person as was George Benton when I first met him and stayed friends. It is hard to believe they were 160lbs althought look at Pavilik today and Hopkins. Mims and Benton, even Archer had big frames on them, very rugged skeletal mechanics as I like to say.

09-16-2012, 08:51 PM
My uncle, Joey Archer, is alive and healthy. He's just a private person. After my dad died, (my dad and Joey were best friend), he helped our family- he's like a second father to me. He's a wonderful man and I hope he's around forever.