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All this lovely young lady needed was exposure and I don't mean bikini style!

The first time I even heard of Virginia Mayo was when she was appearing as one of the vaudeville acts at the old Orpheum Theatre, between 8th and 9th streets on Broadway, in L.A. Must have been around 1946.

The poor thing had to endure a half hour bit where she played the part of a female horse trainer putting a "stage horse" (comprised, front and back ends of her two brothers in a "horse" suit), through its paces.

That was it! And it wasn't exactly a bore unless you took your eyes off of Virginia and tried to make sense out of what was going on with the horse and gorgeous trainer.

The next thing I heard, Virginia Mayo was starring with Danny Kaye in major comedies.

Her best bit was probably with James Cagney in "White Heat".

hap navarro

In those days, newcomers like Mel Torme (and the Mel-Tones), Frankie Laine, Savannah Churchill, (the most beautiful black girl I ever saw) Benny Carter,
Louis Jordan's Band, Lucky Millinder, Moke and Poke, and Lena Horne would appear regularly on stage----and you got a movie or two in the bargain!

hap navarro

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AGREED!!!!!!!!!! "The Best Years of Our Lives" one of the greatest movies ever made in America gave her a great part. She was a beauty in a age of many beauties.