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Steve Coughlin
06-28-2005, 04:53 PM
I only wish I was viewing from the Cheap Seats ...

Greetings CBZ fans! I just got back from the Gatti - Mayweather assualt and I thought I'd share a few highlites of the fight / trip that I thought you'd find interesting:

Foot is a dish served best in Atlantic City or A few random thoughts on what may well be my last trip to the Reno of the East coast:

#1) Maybe it's just that I haven't found a single decent one in my 10+ visits there, but how can a place that calls itself a "CITY" have worse food in EVERY restaurant than the Disney theme parks? Seriously, McDonald's is the best restaurant in AC. As we were pulling out of town I saw a sign for a new Morton's Steak House (Chicago's, and perhaps the world's, finest) that will open in August at Caesar's Palace. Kind of AC's way of giving me the finger on my way back to Chicago thru Philly.

#2) I don't care if it were 150 degrees and you were the only "hotel" with air conditioning - I'm not giving a Comfort Inn $450.00 for a single room for one night. Seriously. $450 for the evening. And trust me when I say this - it may be the worst & sleaziest of the Comfort locations nationwide.

#3) I KNEW that Gatti was finished on Friday when I saw him at the weigh in.* He looked like a corpse and that he'd collapse at a moment's notice.* When he made the weight, after I believe was his 4th attempt, Roger Mayweather said that he didn't see the scale balance.* Gatti had a bottle of water taken from him before he got a sip so he could get back onto the scale and make 140.* I thought he was going to cry when the water was taken away.* Even if he wanted to cry I doubt that his tear ducts would have been able to accommodate him he was so dehydrated.

#4)*It's hard to take advantage of a puncher's chance if you physically can't punch someone anymore.* Gatti's right hasn't been the same since the second Ward fight and he abandoned his pre fight plan of pounding Floyd everywhere but the head.* From where I was sitting I doubt that he landed 10 punches the entire fight.* Yes, it looked MUCH worse live than it did on TV.
#5)*I don't think the 1st round knockdown was a factor at all.* Sure, the ref was a boob, but Arturo has no one to blame but himself for that.
#6)*Gatti WILL fight again; he means too much to the Atlantic City economy - see $450 Comfort Inn rooms.* Trust me, he sells out the town every time he laces 'em up.* If they MUST use him, be merciful about it.* Give him a VERY easy fight or two at Welter and call it a career.* The town will make millions and*that would give them time to find another star to use as a draw and allow that fighter to get exposure on the undercard of Arturo's last two fights.

#7) I hadn't noticed until my buddy 'Bucket made mention of it, but Gatti IS slurring his words now. I checked back to the Ruelas fight and even though he had just finished a brutal fight he spoke much clearer after that one. Arturo has done serious damage to himself with all of the weight cutting as well. Every medical professional will tell you that yo-yo dieting and weight cutting causes severe damage to the heart. Even though Arturo's heart could fill the Boardwalk Convention Center by itself, he's still human. And not for nothin', but get that right hand treated already! He hasn't been able to throw it with bad intentions since the second Ward fight.

#8) Ricky Hatton is a really cool dude. You should of seen the smile that I brought to his face when I got the guys in line singing 'Blue Moon' with me as he passed the entrance. My brother Mike chimed in with Ric ky - Hat ton!!!! He LOVED that allmost evryone knew who he was and seemed to be a fan of his too! Hatton can win over the US easily and win big over here. Can you say Hatton - Mayweather @ MSG in July 2006?

#9) A guy sitting next to me had a five-way parlay bet that featured Brock, Calderon, JC Chavez Jr., Maussa and Gatti that would have paid out $15,000 on $100. And I thought I was hurt that Arturo got beaten!

#10) Television DOES add at least 10 lbs. When I got home I watched the Maussa - Harris fight again. Vivian almost looked human on TV. I swear I thought his legs were going to snap during his ringwalk they were so freakishly thin. He made Tommy Hearns look like Butterbean.

#11) If Calvin Brock is the future of the Heavyweight division we're all in for a long drought at the top. And thank your lucky stars his was an off-TV bout. I got up to go for a walk after three rounds of the alleged fight to make sure I didn't fall asleep. I was awaken last night from a nightmare - the thought that Ruiz vs Brock is a real possibility in the near future.

# 12) I went to 2 bookstores in Philly and am happy to announce that Mike Delisa's Cinderella Man was proudly displayed in both. In fact, his book was face first on the shelf, while Jeremy Shapp's book of the same title was spine facing in both stores. I'm reading my copy now as I purchased mine through Powell's, one of the great Indy bookstores in the nation.

At least the next two fights I'll attend - Rahman v Barrett and Vargas v Castillejo - will be held in Chicago. At least I'll be able to find something to eat at home!

07-01-2005, 12:58 AM
Clever post.

07-14-2005, 01:48 AM
LOL, great stuff.

After reading your assessment of Brock, I'm guessing that's why Klitschko has now signed to fight him. Someone on that staff must have stayed awake through the Brock fight.