06-06-2005, 10:46 AM

I don't know if my messages got through to you on the proper thread, so I'm sorta repeating at least one of them, just in case.


It would take the proverbial month of Sundays to give you even a little information on each of the many boxers you mentioned. All I can tell you is that I knew most of them personally, matched many of them personally, and I still believe that some of them were among the very best developed during my time in the game.

Several were schooled from a very early age by guys like Johnny Forbes (Teran, Northrup, Velarde, Bobby Woods); by Al Barnes (Paulie Armstead) and by Sal Baca-Hugle Hutson (Al Cruz). Bob de la Fuente and Louie Jauregui developed a classy Hank Aceves from the time he was about 9 years old. Bob was the father of Orlando who went on to box as many mains or more than Hank Aceves.
Little Hank, when I first saw him at the old Teamsters' Gym on 7th and Stanford, looked like a pocket edition of Enrique Bolanos, with many of the same moves.

I booked Dave Gallardo into a double main event show at Mexicali, where he boxed Baby Franco while Rudy Cruz boxed Bobby Brewer, who was Canto Robleto's protege. I think that was back in the early 1950s.

Many of those kids you mentioned were kept from really hitting the top when the two managers' associations began a war that resulted in boycotts at several of the leading boxing venues in the state, especially in southern California. My Legion bosses decided to stick with the original managers' group, while a spin-off group tied in with the International Boxing Club (the James Norris outfit).

That's when all hell broke loose and the fans started to stay away from some of the arenas. I began to develop my own talent and barely survived at the Legion, although the bigger, more powerful Olympic Aud. drew large gates only when they went with special shows without television. The first such strike came about in 1948, the second and most damaging happened in the early 1950s.

Baby Ike, I recall, was a pupil of class act Georgie Latka. I imported Jose Luis Cotero and his big brother Armando along with Bobby Romo, Oscar Torres and Ramon Tiscareno, and turned them over to Manuel Dros. They all came to my home from El Paso, Tx., where Manuel picked them up the same day. Of the lot, Jose Luis was the real star, drawing something like $95,000 in an outdoor show put on by the Legion, after I had resigned and recommended my assistant Jackie Leonard for the matchmaker's job.

I'll try to give you more infor later, depending on how my head feels, Mr. B.


hap navarro

06-06-2005, 12:55 PM

It was nice hearing from you , you mentioned Louie Jauregui who was my trainer when i boxs in the G.G , Joe Kelly uesd to run the teamsters gym, my sons Frankie and Tony Baltazar boxedfor the teamsters boys club ,later on they box pro.,i ran the JR. G.G for 10 years for Louie and the teamsters,Bob De La Fuente has passed way ,Orlando lives close to me here La Puente Ca.,he is working with kids at the Baldwin Park Boys Clubs,thank you for the info.,i did get to see all the guys i mentioned fight ,by the way i was there at the legion when Enrque Bolanos boxed Eddie Chavez you had Keeny and Gil Cadilli in a 6rd, 1951 an i was all of 15 years old

thank you Frank Baltazar Sr.

06-11-2005, 02:58 AM
I have been on a trip to Montana since May 31st and
got back today (June 10thl), so I was shocked to find
that much of the CBZ message board archives may be
lost forever. If a hacker went on some joyride and
successfully destroyed the said archives, it is my
hope that he or she has to answer for it in the
future. It is my hope that we boxing enthusiasts
create a new and better message board.

- Chuck Johnston