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09-06-2008, 01:19 PM
My pal, Cliff Rold, Crold on the board has done it again. Stepped up to the plate when I really needed him. He will give us his usual thorough break down of the card.

Thanks Cliff!

Per usual please keep all discussion of this card to this thread. Redundant threads will be deleted.


09-06-2008, 01:31 PM
I'm surprised that there hasn't been any buzz on here leading up to this bout, no predictions, nothing.......how do you guys feel about this? can the fat slapper discourage Katsidis from wading in and throwing bombs? will Katsidis punches bother Diaz, especially if he concentrates on Diaz fat mid section? can Diaz stop Katsidis on cuts? with both coming off of a loss, who wants it more?

this is a hard one to predict, I hpoe Katsidis wins, I just can't get excited by Diaz, with that yelling when he throws those slaps, pudgy physique, yea, what do you guys think?

09-06-2008, 01:53 PM
I heard about the fight when it was made but was taken by surprise when I saw it advertised for this weekend. Since boxing has been so dead lately, I haven't bothered to look at the schedule knowing the bigger fights are coming later in the month & in October.

Anyway, I hope Katsidis wins to. Much more enterainment potential. I am just as interested in the Barrios/Juarez fight. Barrios always comes to fight & he may have enough spunk to overcome the sometimes uninspired Juarez.

09-06-2008, 03:10 PM
Juan Diaz-Michael Katsidis: The Pre-Fight Report Card

By Cliff Rold

Utilization of the face is not typically taught as proper blocking technique in Boxing. Leading with one’s chin held straight up, feet squared up in front of an opponent, is also not highly recommended. Someone, somewhere early on, forgot to teach that lesson to 28-year old Australian Lightweight Michael Katsidis (23-1, 20 KO). Because those valuable lessons were missed, Katsidis is unlikely to have a lasting career near the top of his division.

Because those valuable lessons were missed, and because he can flat out crack, Katsidis is guaranteed eyeballs in every fight.

This weekend is no different. It’s no different in regards to Houston, Texas’s 24-year old Juan Diaz (33-1, 17 KO) either. Diaz lacks Katsidis’ sensational power; he makes up for it with schooled technique and video game level punch output. Put them together in the ring, both off a loss, and Boxing has a high stakes potential war on tap.

The sport is often criticized for the modern game’s structural (or lack thereof) inability to keep its best fighters actives. However, one of the bonuses is every fight matters more. The scarcity of TV dates means winners almost always get first dibs and losing streaks get ESPN (with a rare exception on the undercard of this one…more on that later).

Let’s go to the report card.

Speed: Athletically, Katsidis might be faster but Diaz gets off in combination in ways few other fighters can. His approach can wear down opponents mentally because he throws those combinations both first and in counter. It puts the onus on opponents to try to get in front of Diaz’s offense but places a high premium on accuracy to stop Diaz’s return fire. The only fighter in recent memory who was able to stay with Diaz, starting and finishing, was Nate Campbell and Campbell left the ring in March with Diaz’s IBF, WBA and WBO belts. Katsidis doesn’t have the ring smarts of Campbell, but he might be able to get physical on the inside in search of blind hooks and snapping body shots to slow Diaz down. To do it he has to shorten his wide shots and try at least the occasional tucked chin. If he does not, Diaz will carve his face up something ugly. Pre-Fight Grades: Diaz B+; Katsidis B

Power: If Katsidis is going to win this weekend, it will be by knockout or some serious knockdowns. It’s his most logical path to victory. For all his technical deficiencies, the kid can crack and he can do it with both hands. In the tenth round stoppage loss to World Lightweight champion Joel Casamayor in March, his power almost put him over the top, rocking the Cuban veteran repeatedly in the middle rounds and dropping him in round six. Unfortunately for him, his aggression led to impatience and attempts to finish the wounded champion resulted in too many wild, telegraphed shots and abandonment of the jab. Diaz doesn’t come looking for the big knockout, instead opting for a cyclone of offense including a brutal body assault. He forced seasoned pros Acelino Freitas and Julio Diaz to retire of their stools, a sign that a lack of single punch power does not equal to a lack of pain dished out. Pre-Fight Grades: Katsidis A-; Diaz B

Defense: If the grades were too high here, would this be the fight everyone is so eagerly anticipating? Of course not. Playing off an old cliché, for these two young men offense often is defense. For Diaz, defense can be defense too though. The Texan employs effective head movement when outside and blocks well on the inside, also using his shoulders well to roll around hooks. Campbell was wise enough in March to vary the angles he pitched from; whether Katsidis has the ability to be that creative remains to be seen. Katsidis’ defense? It’s just a liability, as is his proven propensity to cut and swell. Against Casamayor, he was dropped three times with his hands down and chin hanging open almost with a sign on it reading “Yes, it’s really this open.” Even without single punch power, Diaz can collapse the Australian with such blatant openings. Pre-Fight Grades: Diaz B; Katsidis D+

Intangibles: Dealing with defeat for the first time is tough in any field, but it’s especially hard when defeat was as definitive as it was for both Diaz and Katsidis in March. Diaz took a distance whooping from Campbell; Katsidis got knocked senseless. Even worse for him, Casamayor raised what should be lasting concerns about Katsidis’s chin. In his memorable war with Graham Earl in early 2007, Katsidis was rocked badly walking without remembering that opponents punch back as well. He’ll have that to think about as well as the memory of being so close and failing. Diaz lost for sure, but his was the kind of first loss many fighters have, the kind that teaches and can be shaken off quickly with the right mindset. Given the maturity and class he’s always displayed, Diaz shaking it off like a man should be a given. Pre-Fight Grades: Diaz B+; Katsidis B-

Overall Report Card: Diaz B+; Katsidis B-

The Pick: There is no doubt that this fight, housed at home for Diaz at the Toyota Center in Houston, will bring people out of their seats. The style clash equals violence and it’s got storylines to boot. Someone is seriously back to the drawing board on Sunday morning and while there is a clear favorite, the underdog is big-punch live. Katsidis will have his chances and if he can land, this thing has a chance to evolve into a classic.

Whether it does or does not, look for Diaz to pick up the win on a late stoppage, potentially on a cut.

Bonus Coverage

On the HBO undercard which kicks off Saturday at 10:15 PM EST/PST...
Read the rest at: http://www.boxingscene.com/?m=show&id=15739


Rocky Juarez - Losing His Way Into Position

By Cliff Rold

What do you call a weight division which loses Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Joan Guzman, (probably) Juan Manuel Marquez, and Manny Pacquiao all in the span of less than two years?

Less interesting? Sure, in an immediate sense.

Less wealthy? No doubt.

There are other answers as well.

If one is a fan of fresh matches, it might be called intriguing. As great as the fabulous foursome up top has been, against each other and in ignoring the existence of Guzman, there’s always room for new blood.

If one is a fan of Houston, Texas’s Rocky Juarez (27-4, 19 KO), the facelift at 130 lbs. just comes as a relief. Two losses to Barrera in 2007 and a decisive loss to Marquez last fall didn’t bode well for Juarez’s hopes of getting a title fastened around his waist. With the titans aged or grown beyond his reach, he is suddenly in an enviable position most guys with four losses in eight fights rarely get into.

Put plainly, Juarez has lost his way into prime real estate. No he doesn’t have a belt, but he’s got something that can draw beltholders to him. Juarez has name recognition, a tradable commodity in the big business of Boxing. How many other current Jr. Lightweights can say the same? He needs a big win this weekend to make the whole picture come together.

He’s got the sort of opponent on tap this Saturday who can give him one.

Jorge Barrios (47-3-1, 34 KO) is a nightmare in the ring but great for TV. The former WBO titlist from Argentina just doesn’t do bad fights. He first came to prominence in the U.S. in a wild Showtime main event against Acelino Freitas in 2003, dropping the Brazilian icon twice before getting stopped miracle style in the final round. Since then, he’s gone 8-1 with his lone loss coming in a nail biter against Guzman in 2006.

Juarez’s losses haven’t come solely as a result of living legends across the ring. The losses to Barrera and Marquez, as well as his first loss to Mexico’s Humberto Soto in August 2005, all held a similar pattern. Juarez waits…and waits. He too often employs a methodical strategy which would have served him well in days of unlimited rounds brawling but cuts off his chances in the twelve round era.

Barrios won’t let him do that. He comes to fight right away, at close range, and within shooting distance of the Juarez left hook. The punch that made Juarez one to watch on the way up will determine his future this weekend.

He couldn’t have been afforded a better stage for the chance. Not only is he in the featured spot on the undercard of HBO’s best fall non-pay per view fight, Juan Diaz-Michael Katsidis, but he will be in front of a Houston crowd. Juarez-Barrios should have the sort of action that brings the bloodlust out in the paying mob and a violent victory combined with rabid crowd response would make him look like a bigger deal than he might really be right now.

After all, Juarez has had his cracks at the top of the division and failed. His bout with Soto and first shot at Barrera were close; the Barrera rematch and bout with Marquez were not. Most fighters in his position would be working the ESPN circuit right about now. Juarez has advantages others do not.

The biggest current advantage in getting onto Saturday’s card is obvious: he’s promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. Juarez-Barrios was originally intended as a hardcore inducement for purchase back in the Spring of this year on the undercard of the ultimately cancelled Shane Mosley-Zab Judah card. Had the fight happened there, it would have been seen by just enough people to vanish no matter what happened in the ring. When the card fell through, Golden Boy still had a good little fight made and the Diaz-Katsidis date gave them a home for it, meaning literally millions more potential eyes.

Another advantage comes at the foundation of Juarez’s career. Loyal readers might have seen comments in recent weeks from some about how the Olympics don’t matter anymore; about how some fighters just skip them for the pros. Some might do just that but Juarez is proof of how valuable Olympic exposure remains. His 2000 Silver Medal performance put him on Showtime for his pro debut, made him a centerpiece of Main Events NBC afternoon broadcasts a few years back, and allowed him enough notoriety to merit a crack at Barrera less than a year after his first loss. While he’s kept on losing to his best foes, those foes come with such impeccable credentials that he remains an easy sell.

If he can add Barrios to his ledger as a win this weekend, the sell gets easier.

Quick, name the reigning alphabelt titlists at Jr. Lightweight? Off the top of your head…without looking it up.



Read the Rest at: http://www.boxingscene.com/?m=show&opt=printable&id=15721

Juan C Ayllon
09-06-2008, 04:28 PM
I'm curious to see how this one plays out. Katsidis can bang as well as catch, Diaz can really catch and punches in bunches. It should be a barnburner!

My hunch is Diaz will pull it out, but would be curious to see what happens when and if Katsidis nails him flush with some flush shots.

Karl Hegman and his buddy, Kevin Keane, will be covering this fight for the CBZ Newswire page from ringside.

I'll be at a birthday party, but will be recording this on DVR.



Mike DeLisa
09-06-2008, 08:02 PM
Guys -- if you are going to be watching the bouts, you can score online in realtime -- here are our links -- it is easy to sign in, so let's give this idea a shot:

Diaz vs. Katsidis
Launch Scorecard

Juarez vs. Barrios
Launch Scorecard

09-06-2008, 08:29 PM
I'm surprised that there hasn't been any buzz on here leading up to this bout, no predictions, nothing.......how do you guys feel about this? can the fat slapper discourage Katsidis from wading in and throwing bombs? will Katsidis punches bother Diaz, especially if he concentrates on Diaz fat mid section? can Diaz stop Katsidis on cuts? with both coming off of a loss, who wants it more?

this is a hard one to predict, I hpoe Katsidis wins, I just can't get excited by Diaz, with that yelling when he throws those slaps, pudgy physique, yea, what do you guys think?

I'm with you 100% on everything you said about Diaz.

09-06-2008, 10:21 PM
We start off tonight with Top Ten Jr. Lightweights (based on my own BScene ratings): http://www.boxingscene.com/forums/view.php?pg=boxing-ratings

#6 Jorge Barrios (47-3-1, 34 KO)
#8 Rocky Juarez (27-4, 19 KO)

Scheduled for 12

Mike DeLisa
09-06-2008, 10:21 PM
I am going to score online -- anyone else?

Juarez vs. Barrios
Launch Scorecard

09-06-2008, 10:27 PM

Both men working hard right jabs early...short hook from Juarez misses...Barrios wide left...body right for Barrios...two Juarez jabs...two Barrios body...two more Barrios shots glance off the body...Juarez bodies a left...clean left hook ends round for Juarez.

Juarez 10-9


I'm scoring online as well Mike...Juarez staying with the jab...Barrios left hook just blocked by Juarez...Both just miss uppercuts...Barrios lands right upper...Juarez with a lead hookercut partially blocked...Barrios left off glove but Juarez takes a step back.

Even 19-19


Barrios landing some of the wild stuff...nice overhand left...Barrios low blow loses a point...quick draw from the referee...Barrios right to the gut...Juarez snaps a jab...Sharp right by Juarez and a glancing counter from Barrios...Barrios right eye swelling...Barrios round even with the deduction.

Even 28-28


Replay showed the low blow deduction sorta blew...Barrios with a left-right...Juarez rides away from a right...Two lopping lead lefts from Barrios blocked...Juarez left hookercut just misses off the glove...Juarez jab...Barrios with three lefts; one lands body...Juarez with a left to the ribs and another to the chin...left body from Barrios...right body from Juarez...Juarez blocks two lefts.

Barrios 38-37

09-06-2008, 10:33 PM
I have it split after 2 and I'm using the online thing...

09-06-2008, 10:44 PM
Juarez opens with four jabs, avoids a counter combo...blocks overhand left...Barrios with two body, one blocked head...Barrios left...Barrios double left...Juarez with a body right, left to the chin...Another short Juarez left inside...Barrios lands another left...left-right downstairs for Barrios...Juarez jab...Juarez left to the ribs...left upstairs in an exchange...slips a Barrios jab but takes two lefts against the ropes as the round ends.

Barrios 48-46

Juarez with a short right inside...Barrios with a right off the hip...Juarez doubles jabs and has the right to the chin blocked...Juarez lands a lead left hook...Jab-right to the body for Juarez...Barrios with three, lands the last to the head...left to the body...trade lefts inside...Juarez with a left-right hook combo...left to the body...best Juarez round of the night.

Barrios 57-56

Juarez with a multi-punch hook combination gets a hometown cheer...Barrios left downstairs...Barrios looking fatigued, mouth open...Nice exchange at mid-ring...Juarez left hook...right to the body...left from each to the face...Barrios with a right to close...Argentine activity hard to overlook.

Barrios 67-65

Juarez long right hand starts it off...just misses lead left hook...Barrios lands a left hook...Barrios right...Juarez right...It's a Juarez fight; lots of waiting...Juarez right to the body...Juarez counter left hook; Barrios steps back and jumps in with a body right...Juarez just not throwing enough.

Barrios 77-74

Barrios right...Juarez left...another ref warning to Barrios evcen though Juarez has a high belt and that's where the shit is landing...you'd almost think it's in Juarez's hometown...oh, wait...Barrios triple jab...how the hell does Barrios outbox someone...Juarez left hook...another point deduction for a low blow against Barrios (have to see replay)...two more Barrios body shots...and a left upstairs...Juarez with a counter left off the ropes...Barrios opens up on the ropes and Juarez's face is swelling up...replay shows the low blow was right on the belt...9-9 round.

Barrios 86-83

Barrios all over Juarez for the first 45 seconds...Juarez starting to counter but no snap on his short stuff...that left hook snapped...Juarez right upper...Barrios gassed as Juarez starts landing clean...Barrios firing back...eats a right...Juarez hook...and four more but Barrios moves his arms to back Juarez off...Barrios lets both hands go to finsih the round, not landing much but eating Juarez's punching room...best round of the fight.

Barrios 95-93

Barrios winging shots, winning round on sheer guts halfway...Juarez hook to the body, right to the head...Juarez eats a right, lands a right upper...Juarez left hook forces Barrios back...Barrios moving hands in combo, Juarez landing a left to the body, another upstairs...another...AND A HUGE LEFT-RIGHT COMBO AND A RIGHT DROPS BARRIOS WITH BLOOD FLOWING FROM HIS MOUTH...His friggin' lip is split Joker's cheek style and the fight is stopped...TKO Juarez I presume.


Juarez TKO 11 Barrios

Holy shit...one judge had Juarez ahead by four points...another by two...one even. Wow.

09-06-2008, 11:14 PM
Its a shame. Barrios has still not learned how to condition himself for 12 hard rounds. It was his fight to lose. Credit to Juarez for being slow & steady. Barrios still needs to work on his defense. Barrios takes whatever chances he has to & never runs. That has to count for something. I have a ton of respect for him. Barrios has nothing to be ashamed of. Tricky & unorthodox fighter. The ref had some serious home cooking going on. They should really do a background check to prove he isnt 7 degress of separation from Juarez.

09-06-2008, 11:14 PM
My bloods pumping for the main event, only boxing gets me this amped!!!

09-06-2008, 11:16 PM
wow cliff. scary

09-06-2008, 11:21 PM
Dig: It's not conditioning as much as fighting in the wrong class; he's too big for 130 and cuts insane weight on the way to the scale

Next up, the MAIN EVENT.


Scheduled for Twelve

#3 Juan Diaz (33-1, 17 KO)
#8 Michael Katsidis (23-1, 20 KO)

Given the first fight, keep in mind Juan is in his hometown as well.

Laurence Cole is the referee.

09-06-2008, 11:32 PM
at some point he has to make a proper business decision. Either the short money or the longevity. It's no secret he's had weight problems....

09-06-2008, 11:39 PM
Katsidis sprints out, lands a right body...trade jabs...Cole warns Katsidis already for his head..Katsidis right to the body, eats a Diaz jab, landing his own jab...trade uppers inside...Diaz right...Katsidis hard jab...both miss rights...Diaz blocking well.

Diaz 10-9

Both guys keeping their hands high...Heavy trading inside, Kats to the body, Diaz two upstairs...Big Diaz left hook...Kats with his own at the end of a flurry...Diaz left to the body...Kats right to the ribs..lot of shots missing...Kats right doesn't nor do two rights for Diaz...Kats cut over the left eye.

Diaz 20-18

Kats right to the body...lands a hard jab but etas two Diaz lefts...Diaz right...another...two hard Kats lefts to the body...Slicing Diaz right upper...Kats left to the gut...Diaz jab befuddling and just keeping Kats moving where he wants him to...Kats counter left but this thing may be getting away early.

Diaz 30-27

Diaz right just whips across...Kats with a right-left...trade body shots...Diaz right out of a clinch...wild excahnge and Diaz just blasting around Kats' gloves...Kats right eye moused up...two hard jabs from Kats...just misses an attempted sucker left...Diaz looking like, well, himself.

Diaz 40-36

Dig: Agreed on Hiena

Kats circling, praying for an opening and lands a combo...takes a left hook...Diaz right body...right left for Diaz and another right upper...Diaz right...two more body shots...Kats getting outlanded some 3-1...Kats now cut over both eyes.

Diaz 50-45

Kats face looks like raw meat...Diaz big right...Stuns Kats with a right and this thing is ugly...Kats fighting better than he did with Casa and getting rolled...Kats on the back foot looking for a miracle counter...trade jabs...right to the body for Kats...Kats left hook brings some beast out of Diaz who rips in combo.

Diaz 60-54

Rinse...repeat...Kats punches before and after Diaz, meaning Diaz lands in between...oh, and when Kats is circling.

Diaz 70-63

Even terms for two minutes...Kats lands two rights...and two body shots...best round of the fight for Kats...still lost it.

Diaz 80-72

Kats right eye almost swole shut...Kats right...Kats left to the body...Kats right-left and Diaz not snapping shots...timeout for Kats glove tape...two hard lefts for Kats brings a flurry from both...two more to the body for Kats...trade lefts...two more lefts for Kats...right upper Diaz...right Kats in flurry...fight breaking out...Diaz right...Diaz left to end but by God Kats won a round.

Diaz 89-82

Cole summons the ref to look at kats right away, but doc says no prob...Diaz right, eats two lefts to the ribs...two more body for Kats...Kats right but Diaz snaps with a right upper...Kats jab...Kats flurry mostly blocked, eats a flush left hook...Kats upper...Diaz two rights...Kats relentless but not landing enough clean stuff.

Diaz 99-91

Kats circling and trying to counter again...big left for Kats...Diaz hooks body...another glove tape timeout...Diaz jabbing anf lacing with the right...Kats upper...good trading at mid-ring...Kats right...Diaz with a jerking left hook...Diaz just ripping him with an assortment of shots.

Diaz 109-100

Kats needs a KO...do Aussies pray to Obama Christ too?...another glove timeout...Kats corner told him he's winning and he's not going hog wild like he needs too...Kats throwing well, Diaz landing timed counters and jabs...big Diaz left...Kats right hook...two Kats uppers...awesome exchange and Diaz lands a hurting right...an exchange of hooks and Diaz slips to the floor on the ring paint.

Diaz 119-109

Good fight but the class gap was too wide for it to become the classic hoped for.

Official Scores
115-113 Katsidis
116-112 Diaz
115-113 Diaz

Glenn hamada scored for Kats...time for Glenn to check the eyes. Dear God. These scores were nuts.

Ron Lipton
09-07-2008, 01:03 AM
I have never seen a more corrupt score in my life, it defies any explanation, and none will suffice. The continuation of giving Cole the main events is now 5 light years beyond Nepotism whether his father is no longer Commisssioner or not.

How can they allow that for every Texas main event in existence especially after what he did in telling the fighter he was ahead on the scorecards sometime back and not to quit. Anything and everythng is ok down there?

Dan Gunter
09-07-2008, 01:04 AM
Anyone see what caused the cut to Barrios's lip? I had to leave the room right after the fight (the four-month-old needed attention), so I didn't see if the HBO crew identified the cause. It was definitely one ugly cut.

I felt that Barrios was tiring as early as round 6. It appeared that the second very questionable point deduction led Barrios to believe (rightly, it turned out) that he needed a KO to win. It appeared that he expended too much energy in rounds 9 and 10. Juarez--not having expended much energy previously--was able to take advantage of Barrios's flagging energy level and, I suspect, reduced punching power.

09-07-2008, 01:14 AM
Ron: I thought the Juarez scores were even worse.

09-07-2008, 01:14 AM
I had it 11-1 Diaz too.

Dan Gunter
09-07-2008, 01:25 AM
Cliff, I agree with you about the Juarez scores. I wasn't keeping tabs, but I recall that Lederman had Barrios well ahead, and I thought that his card looked pretty fair.

I do question whether the really questionable point deductions resulted in Barrios putting his foot on the accelerator.

09-07-2008, 01:54 AM
Man oh man the judging and the refereeing in the Juarez-Barrios fight were bad. That ref should be barred for life, the two point deductions were BULLSHIT and after the 2nd one Barrios clearly amped up his work-rate which eventually led to him being more careless =the KD, cut and stoppage. Juarez still looked his usual plodding, I'm in a shell-self and I don't wish to see him fight again.

Katsidis-Diaz was a letdown, although not a bad fight. Katsidis started figuring in the 8th and 9th rounds that going to Diaz's body would pay dividends but it was WAY too late in the ballgame. Katsidis seemed to think he could just bullrush his way to a victory early (literally, as in shoving Diaz around the ring) which was simply a stupid gameplan. I think Kellerman selled Katsidis well short in his pompous post-fight commentary. Katsidis is definitely better than an Arturo Gatti. Gatti got blown away when he faced the A class fighters. Michael was a punch away from putting Casamayor to sleep for good and went the distance with Diaz and gave him a tough fight although from a scoring perspective it was lopsided. He needs better training but he has the tools to at least win a major title at 135.

Mike DeLisa
09-07-2008, 02:00 AM
I had it 11-1 Diaz.

09-07-2008, 08:30 AM
I have never seen a more corrupt score in my life, it defies any explanation, and none will suffice. The continuation of giving Cole the main events is now 5 light years beyond Nepotism whether his father is no longer Commisssioner or not.

How can they allow that for every Texas main event in existence especially after what he did in telling the fighter he was ahead on the scorecards sometime back and not to quit. Anything and everythng is ok down there?


It is Texas after all...

Dan Gunter
09-07-2008, 02:52 PM
I watched the last few rounds of Juarez-Barrios again this morning and saw the punch that laid open Barrios's lip. It was a big left hook a few seconds--maybe 8 or 10 seconds--before the knockdown.

09-07-2008, 03:18 PM
Remember Referee Robert Gonzalez's performance in the bout between Rocky Juarez and Zahir Raheem with the latter getting the shaft? In the bout between Juarez and Jorge Barrios, the former got some breaks due to the actions of an incompetent and/or biased referee again.

- Chuck Johnston

Juan C Ayllon
09-07-2008, 06:55 PM
Here's Karl Hegman's ringside report from Houston:

Link to Karl's Writeup (http://www.cyberboxingzone.com/news/archives/00004733.htm)

Kevin Keane's photos haven't arrived yet and will be posted up later.



09-07-2008, 11:44 PM
why is it when boxing has a chance to get back some of the fan base it has lost to MMA something like this happens ?

we were treated to a couple of very good fights last nite yet here we are discussing the officiating. that biased ref took the life out of barrios. it was enough to have to fight rocky in front of his home boys but to carry the ref on his back the whole way was too much. i am not saying rocky would not have caught up to him anyway because the body shots were wearing him down and rocky should be commended for opening up ... at last. still jorge had to be effected, at the very least distracted fighting the the whole of a corrupt establishment.

thats the case for the juarez fight and thats what puzzles me about the diaz fight. where it seemed determined to get rocky a win the other homie got some different treatment....

judge hamada is from wash st. and i have seen him many times and never questioned his judging to this point. he seems a stoic individual in person which is something i appreciate in a judge. he was off his game last nite.

the corner of kasidis reminded me of bagdad bob in their take of how the fight was going. you should not try to be tony robbins when your fighters face is coming off.... during the interview i was yelling "look at their faces"

good fights. the right guys won. the officiating was irritating.


09-08-2008, 10:21 AM
Barrios was going no matter the scoring. It was just a matter of time before Juarez got to him and KO'ed him. His punches were hurting Barrios, he just was not throwing enough of them. Also, Barrios was not hurting Juarez.

Barrios workrate was great, but he was tiring and I think that is what lead to he taking the shots he was taking before he went Down.

Kasidis, needs a new corner, period. I hate to see a game fighter with a lying corner. A couple times I thought it might have been a good time to stop the fight, or not let him come back out for another round. Diaz handing out a pure beating with no end in sight, and not taking much in return.

Guys like him can take it all night. Mix that with a lying corner, and a skilled opponent with a chip on his shoulder, you could get a death in the ring.

09-08-2008, 02:11 PM
Juarez Survives and Diaz wins easily (except on the Scorecards)

by Tom Donelson

Rocky Juarez challenged Jorge Barrios for the WBO Latino Championship but for Juarez, this was a crossroad fights. Juarez is one of those fighters who never seem to quite follow up on his past amateur experiences. A former Olympic silver medalist, nothing but championship glories was predicted but unfortunately for Juarez; he fought in an era where superstar Hall of Fame fighters dominated the featherweights and junior lightweights. Names like Pacquiao, Morales, Barrera and Marquez stood atop and Juarez found himself as a very good fighter in an era of great fighters.

Jorge Barrios was one of those awkward tough fighters, who love to throw punches at his opponent and never seem bothered being hit back. As for Juarez, he was always a reluctant warrior. Juarez biggest weakness has been his unwilliness to throw punches and always appeared to look for the perfect time to throw his combination. Juarez was a technically sound fighter with nice defense for a slugger and short crisp punches but he often hesitated to throw volume of punches and in many of his defeats, he was often outworked. He often threw one or two punches less per round.

Barrios had a surprise, he turned boxer. For the first six rounds, he dominated as he jabbed, threw punches in bunches and moved out of the smaller Juarez’s range. Barrios, normally a crude brawler, moved and forced Juarez to follow. For every punch that Juarez threw, Barrios threw two or three back. Juarez punches were the crisper and more accurate but Barrios had the volume of punches in his favor. The only round that Juarez may have won was the one round that the referee deducted a point from Barrios for a low blow. Juarez biggest advantage was the home town judges, who gave him an easy margin on the scorecard before the fight was stopped and the man in the ring, who consistently warned Barrios for low blows on punches that hit the belt line.

The good news for this fight was that Juarez won the fight with a eleventh round TKO for the judges appeared to be watching a different fight as they were giving Juarez the fight in a fight that he was being outhustled.

In the tenth round, Juarez turned the tide with ferocious left hooks to the body. Barrios, showing exhaustion from the volume of punches thrown in the previous rounds, winced from Juarez body attacks. Juarez followed his left jab with sharp accurate rights and left hooks to the body moving those hooks to the head. Juarez came out for the eleventh fearing that he needed to knock out his opponent. Juarez started the eleventh where he left the tenth with vicious body shots which open Barrios for Juarez head shots. With a minute in the round, A Juarez right hand sent Barros down and busted his lips. Blood spurted out of Barrios mouth and with blood flowing freely from Barrios’ mouth, the judge brought in the ring physicians. The fight was stopped as Barrios lips were cut and blood was not just flowing out from Barrios jaws but some dripped in his windpipe. Barrios was drinking his own blood and another round, he could be literally drowning in his blood.

Rocky Juarez dodged a bullet and kept his career on track for future big money fights and even title shots. Manny Pacquiao and Juan Marquez have moved out of the division, Erik Morales has retired and Marco Antonio Barrera is not far behind. Juarez now has his opportunity for a very good fighter no longer is competing with Hall of Fame fighter.

Juan “the Baby Bull” Diaz and Michael Katsidis were recovering from disappointing losses. The Baby Bull was worked over by Nate Campbell and Joel Casamayor stopped Katsidis.

Juan Diaz was never a big puncher but he threw punches in volume and had deceptive solid defense. He was facing a heavy handed puncher in Katsidis but both men loved to fight off other fighter’s chest. Both men showed themselves to be warriors as they did not recover from their lost by fighting tune ups but each other.

Diaz began the fight by using his jab to move inside and when Katsidis tried to bully Diaz, Diaz circled away from Katsidis. Diaz style featured a nonstop barrage of punches and while his power did not compare to Katsidis, he was strong fighter who could take punches. From the opening bell, Diaz jab and body punches proved decisive as he won rounds after rounds against Katsidis. Going in the final third of the fight, this action fight was essentially one sided affair as Diaz out punched his Australian opponent.

In the ninth round Katsidis went to the body of Diaz as to open up Diaz defenses. In the early rounds, Katsidis went head hunting but in the ninth, the body shots allowed Katsidis to nail with a seven punch combinations. In the tenth, Diaz returned to the pattern of the rest of the fights as his punch volume often overmatched Katsidis and from there, Diaz out punched Katsidis. Diaz won a split decision but the score did not match what actually happened in the ring.

What detracted from this card was some very bad judging. In the first fight, the referee affected the fight with two point deduction for low blows that were debatable and the judges had the wrong fighter ahead. Barrios lost because Juarez stopped him but there was no doubt who was winning and who needed a knock out to win. Juarez’s corner knew the truth if the judges did not.

As for Diaz fight, the judges had the fight far closer that it should have been. Diaz connected on nearly two punches for Katsidis one punch. Diaz punches were more accurate and while Katsidis is a hard puncher; he never hurt Diaz and Diaz punches often sent Katsidis head back. Katsidis face told the real story as his right eye was swollen shut and his left eye was cut. Diaz was nearly robbed of a decision that he won easily and Juarez sparred the judges in his fight from embarrassment.

Juan C Ayllon
09-09-2008, 09:19 AM
I noticed a very telling interaction in the corner of Katsidis last night as I watched the replay of Katsidis-Diaz.

Jim "Strick" Strickland -- an excellent cutman who appears everywhere in boxing and MMA and coincidentally is former WBC Lightweight champion David Diaz's manager -- was working Katsidis' corner as a cutman and started giving Katisidis some feedback when Katsidis returned to his corner. Katsidis' chief cornerman told him loudly, "I don't want you giving him any advice, and I don't want to tell you again," or words to that effect, and then proceeded to praise Katsidis' efforts.

Later, prior to the 10th or 11th round (I believe), Strickland tried dropping a hint to Katsidis to pick it up by saying, "It's a close fight" -- which it clearly wasn't, but wasn't the rosey outlook Katsidis' corner tried presenting to their charge.


By the way, I'm wondering if the judge who scored the bout for Katsidis scored it that way based on Katsidis' aggression and hard (but mostly blocked) punches thrown in bunches. Maybe he thought they landed or that his were the more effective? Just a thought.

Wladimir Klitschko Sucks
09-10-2008, 02:57 PM
I notice Diaz failed to mention Nate Campbell after the fight was over but instead calling the Casamayor v Marquez winner. He wants no part of that beating again,


09-10-2008, 09:26 PM
It would be nice if Katsidis' trainers took advantage of his many gifts in there. I can't understand why they have him jumping all over and fighting like an amateur. He should be planting his feet and taking advantage of his natural power.

Diaz did a helluva job of turning Kats all night. That's Ronnie Shields, right there.

Juarez only looks for left hook counters and the very occasional right hand counter. Barrios noticeably opened up the final two round and gave Juarez the best possible circumstances. Turns out he couldn't have won anyway because of some fishy judging.

09-10-2008, 10:45 PM
I notice Diaz failed to mention Nate Campbell after the fight was over but instead calling the Casamayor v Marquez winner. He wants no part of that beating again,


I think it's more of a matter of wanting no part of Don King again.

09-11-2008, 12:51 AM
Speaking of Campbell . . . where's Robbie Peden these days? Two KO's over the lightweight champion of the world and he's not campaigning hysterically for a shot? Strange. PeteLeo.