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10-10-2008, 11:05 PM
A little change of pace for the rankings area (unless GorDoom sees a better place for it) and a little insight into what makes "us" tick. At least that's the plan...if you're interested.

Mine, in no particular order, five best.

1. Thomas Hearns KO4 Juan Roldan (1987): I carried a picture of Tommy in my wallet even after highschool so to say I was a fan was an understatement. In my mind, at the time, beating Roldan was the equivalent of beating Hagler in the rematch. It also made history in my personal life as it was the springboard to my one and only cartwheel. (OK, I was drunk and flipped over a pool table but I landed on my feet. Sue me).

2. Nebraska 24, U of Miami 17 (1994): I spent most of my life living in PA and it was an annual event for my phone to explode late New Years Day as my friends would call to mock the latest Huskers failure in a major bowl game. Beating the hated Canes in Miami and finishing #1 over Penn State was euphoric (So you like the Nittany Lions? Think they got robbed being dropped from #1 after a couple of late Indiana scores? Nebraska beat Wyoming before that and fell from #1 to #3 because thier QB -Tommie Frazier- got hurt. I call the end result justice)

3. Boston RedSox 10, New York Yankees 3 (2004): After years and years of torment, another of my beloved bridesmaids comes through. If they had beaten say the Tigers in the ALDS and the A's in the ALCS, I probably would have been a basket case for the World Series. As it was, the Sawx were down 3-0 in the series and won 4 straight against the Yankees. They could've canceled the World Series for all I cared. Side note: I've never set foot in Nebraska or Massachusetts but have been a lifelong fan of both. Go figure.

4. Erik Morales W12 Marco Antonio Barrera (2000): I had no rooting interest at all and was honestly just hoping Marco could hang with him and make it a fight. Make it a fight? I have serious doubts that Greb-Walker could've touched this. What a magnificent and Herculean disply as these two guys tried to kill each other in the very best fight I've ever seen.

5. Kostya Tszyu KO3 Sharmba Mitchell (2004): Fanatical Tszyu backer and I've never been to Australia either. Anyway, sorry, Sharmba, I have it on tape- you said you couldn't go on in the first fight and spent the next several years saying your corner stopped it, the ref stopped it, the doctor stopped it. Then the rematch is signed and Konstantin gets hurt and I have to listen everywhere how Tszyu doesn't want this fight, knows he's going to lose. Hell, had me wondering. Thankfully Sharmba had a great fight plan,standing and trading with Tszyu; which for him was bringing a plastic fork to a gun fight.

...and five worst, again, no order

1. Miami Dolphins 24, Minnesota Vikings 7 (1974): Actually lived in Minnesota for four years and I was nine when this game was played. I had plastered the apartment with hand-drawn purple posters (after taking a nice beating for coloring a good section of wall in my room purple with crayons and paint) and was certain my team was the best ever. By halftime, with the Dolphins dominant and up by 17, I was crushed. Thirty-three years later, I can still feel how I felt then everytime I see Csonka.

2. Iran Barkley KO3 Tommy Hearns (1988?): As far as I was concerned, this was nothing more than a meaningless title defense and as Tommy kicked the living s**t out of the Blade, I was right. I'm STILL in shock.

3. U. of Miami 31, Nebraska 30 (1984): If you follow college football, you're sick of hearing about this game and probably know it as well as I do. If you don't, picture George Foreman signs to fight Jake Matlala. Jake scores a knockdown early but George comes back although it's obvious Baby Jake is winning. Back and forth, Jake wins 2 rounds and George then closes the gap. At the final bell, you feel that George has done just enough to pull it out but the decision is announced, winner split decision: Matlala. I sat motionless staring at the TV even as the network signed off.

4. Robin Blake KO9 Tony Baltazar (1982 or '83): I'm 42 and to the guys a decade or more younger than me, you missed out-boxing was on network TV every freakin' weekend. I watched Muhammad Ali on Wide World of Sports for cryin' out loud. From the 1st time I saw his energy, I was a Baltazar guy and I knew he was going to smack Rockin Robin around on his way to the lightweight title. Fought his ass off but came up short and I felt a little off until Jimmy Paul stopped Blake a few years later. Sidenote: I can count the positive memories of my father on a thumb and a couple of fingers. Watching this fight with him and both us screaming at the TV, pacing between rounds with excited banter between us is the thumb and might've marked the closest we ever were. Might be why of all the fights I've seen, this one is so vivid. Imagine the gigantic smile on my face when I started posting here and came across a guy that goes by the handle Kikibalt?

5. Larry Holmes TKO10 Muhammad Ali (1980): As kids, we would all watch Ali fight at our respective houses and then haul ass outside to act out everything we'd just seen him do. At just 15 yrs. old, I really had no idea that there was absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g left to mimic. Needless to say, it did take me a little while to take to the Easton Assassin. Finally got over it this morning. ;)

10-12-2008, 11:15 AM
At 42 years of age Husk, we probably share alot of the same memories. I particularly loved Blake-Baltazar because it was one of those rare fights where I loved both guys and just wanted to see a great fight which I did.


1) Leonard-Hagler: Vindication. Plain and simple. For Leonard and for me after years of shooting my mouth off that Leonard would beat Hagler if they ever had fought.

2) Leonard-Hearns: OK, so you guys have it figured out I was a Leonard fan. I've never felt fear for my own fighter like I did that night. I boldly predicted a Leonard victory while closing my eyes every time Tommy threw the vaunted right. One of the rare times a superfight lived up to the hype.

3) Pryor-Arguello: As much as I loved Alex, I'd followed Pryor since his amateur days so for me he was MY fighter. I believed in him from day one and this fight represented his ascension to 'great' fighter.

4) Tyson-Holyfield: This was supposed to be a blowout and through all the Tyson camp's trash talk and bravado, Holyfield prepared himself always maintained and kept his focus then promptly went out and dismantled and KO'd big bad Tyson.

5) Spinks-Holmes: This was supposed to be a gimme. I gave Spinks little chance and figured he would fare no better than Leon did against Larry. Never a big fan of Larry I enjoyed seeing him become the first heavyweight champ to lose his crown to a light-heavy.


1) Ali-Holmes: Yes I knew there was a good probability that Ali would lose, but became a believer (bet $5 on Ali!) when I read what great shape he was in . I figured at worst Ali would lose on points while still making the fight entertaining and worth seeing. My father flat out refused to buy closed-circuit tickets because Ali had 'no chance'. He was right.

2) Camacho-Leonard: This time I knew Ray would lose. Camacho was quick, a southpaw, good defensively and had a good chin. I knew Ray had no chance to win and figured Camacho would run and win a unanimous decision. Geting stalked, dropped, and KO'd by such a safety first feather-fister was just a horrible way for Ray to end an otherwise stellar career.

3) Hagler-Hearns: I contemplated putting this in my 5 best for the sheer excitement, but as a Hearns fan I was left really disppointed. Watching this one and pulling for Tommy was like watching a good friend slowly being drowned.

4) Tyson-Spinks: This one was being plugged as another Ali-Frazier I showdown, a rare meeting between two undefeated heavyweight champs. Truth was, I feared for Spinks and didn't expect the fight to last past 5 rounds. Nevertheless I hoped against logic, purchased two tickets (one for my Dad as his Father's Day gift) and sat in a closed-circuit theatre hoping to see at least a few rounds of entertainment. I didn't even get a few minutes. Complete waste of money.

5) Mancini-Kim: This was a brutal but entertaining fight between two guys who were the mirror image of each other. I was pulling for Mancini all the way and remembered cheering as he KO'd Kim. Then the sinking feeling of seeing Kim removed by stretcher, following his lack of progress then reading about his death.

10-12-2008, 09:00 PM
Of Hagler Hearns....Beyond the oft repeated tale of everyone standing to watch the screen at the RPI field House in Troy NY and some sawed off shit telling me to sit down so he could see ( I was in the 5th row on the "ice" and me sitting down only does one thing......It makes it so I can't see!).

But how my post fight experience showed the absurd denial of a Hearns fan....I'm taking a piss outside in the parking lot and I'm lamenting the loss to my buddy and I drone on about how the punch that put down Hearns didn't look like much and "something" had to be wrong with Tommy.

Some guy over hears me and says to me: "Son, either you are drunk or blind. Hearns got fucking wrecked."

Replays on HBO proved to me that he was correct: I think I was drunk.

4 other "worst" moments.....

*Holmes Spinks I. I boycotted the sport for roughly a month. Got the post fight papers, but didn't read them until the fight was covered in KO and World Boxing...two months later. I just set them aside. I SERIOUSLY was ready to chuck the towel in.

*Curry McCallum. Took me awhile to become a Curry fan and given I was a Starling fan, at one point I thought it impossible (Taped the second Curry Starling bout for a friend of mine and when he called me to ask how it went, told him Starling got robbed. Talk abbout being blind.) Curry's win over Jones made me a beleiver and the win over McCrory had me thinking All Time greatness. Had no issue when mags called him the best in the game.

The Loss to Honeyghan was a sobering experience, and it dissappointed me quite a bit. I thought, Curry let himself down and I saw it as an opp for a fighter at less then his best having the opp to step up and suck up a win. His quitting on stool was a slap in the face to me. Wished at that point I hadn't changed my mind on him following the Jones and McCrory bouts. Then the Montgomery and Santos fights, even though Curry no longer looked the same, had me somehow convinced he was back (I know. Makes no sense.). And in the 2nd round when he buckled McCallum's legs, I "knew" Curry had him and I was ALL THE WAY back in his corner.

Then the Hook that took him out.......I was soooooo Pissed off, I was just a miserable prick that night and pretty much alienated the girl I was seeing and many friends I had in college that night. I was a jerk. Not sulky. ANGRY. I think more angry with myself, for letting myself beleive in Curry agian. I felt Betrayed.

*Rosario W12 Davis. I was working at a restaurant at the time (high school job) and I kept calling a friend of mine whom I made bet with, to see how the fight was going.

Called in the 2nd round when Davis got dropped. Then called back and spoke when Davis staggered Rosario. Called agian around rounds 8 or 9 and heard Davis was looking good. Called the last time at the beginning of the 12 round and got a play by play. My buddy said Davis had it locked up, then boom.....down with 12 seconds to go.

I saw the fight the next day......and was so pissed, (Thought Davis deserved the decision), I refused to pay on the bet. To this day, I owe my friend Phil, $10.00.

*Of course NOTHING compares to the St. Louis Rams losing to the NE Patriots.

That loss SICKENS me physically to this day.

Best memories:

*Holmes Cooney (Felt sooo good for Larry and I loved seeing hundreds of rednecks, at the Closed Circuit theater with nothing to say.)
*Hearns Duran (Huge admirer of Duran. However, I loved Tommy Hearns. What a KO. Even if I'm conviced it never happens agian in a million years.)
*Rams Titans for the SB in 2000. (But it does NOT offsett the loss in 2002)
*Louisville over Duke in 86' (college Hoops. Made up for the Houston loss 2 years earlier in the dunk contest for the ages.)
*Barrera Hamed (Not complete w/o the Turnbuckle slam.)


10-13-2008, 11:44 AM
Allow me to make my contribution to the 42 year old's forum:


1. Hagler-Hearns. Screamed myself hoarse, well worth the 15 bucks to see it on the big screen at the ol' Met Center.

2. Foreman-Moorer. A happy Hollywood ending. I totally expected George to continue to eat stick for the last two rounds then retire gracefully. Not!

3. Holmes-Cooney. No one in my 'hood, not even me or the other two white guys, put any money on Cooney. Old style excitement listening to the round-by-round on the radio.

4. Game 6 of the '91 World Series, Twins vs. Atlanta. Sneaking into the cafeteria at work to watch the world's longest baseball game, even though I'm not a big baseball fan.

5. Leonard-Hearns. The two best in a division actually meeting, fighting, and doing their best. Any comparisons to welterweight fights of the last 20 or so years is wishful at best.


1. Leonard-Hagler. Still pisses me off after 21 years. Vegas judges. 12 rounds. Shoeshine. As years pass, I'm actually blaming Marvin a bit more for this one, but still...

2. Holmes-Ali. Listening to the radio recap the rounds and being young enough and dumb enought to hope Ali still had one miracle left.

3. Any almost successful Vikings season. '98 comes to mind immediately.

4. Spinks-Ali I. I had lost lunch money betting against Ali numerous times. And if Kenny Norton, and monsters like Lyle and Shavers can't beat an aging ALI, how the hell is this Spinks kid gonna do it? Fer chrissakes, he drew with LeDoux...

5. Salvador Sanchez dying. There it was during a prime-time news break. I recognized the pic even before they began speaking, knew it was a shit sandwhich of some sort. Featherweight champ dead in wreck at 23. A month or so later reading Jose Torres' article on Sal in "Ring" damn near brought me to tears.

10-15-2008, 03:02 PM
I love this thread. Great storys guys.

1. Niners-Bengals 88' SBXXIII: Not from Cali, but was a serious Forty-niner fan. Even rooted against the Skins when they came to town. Anyway, This game pretty much started my love of American Football. Montana will aways be the greatest QB or all-time. The Niners timing patterns were nothing short of Einstein.

2. Gatti-Ward I: It started out innocent enough. Gatti banging Ward around. Until Ward let loose a mean combo in the 3rd. After that it became the Terminator versus T2. The 9th round gets me everytime. Gatti goes down as soon as the round start, up at 9, then start taking a helatious beating. Somehow around the middle of the round is hunting Ward. I still cannot believe it.

3. Corrales-Casitilo: Same thing. Two guys shoulder to should all night. No clinching, pure mitt-work. I swear, if I never see another boxing match in my life, I will die happy know that I saw that one. I called my uncle around the 6th round. Huge boxing fan. He had no idea what was happening. We were on the phone in a trance untill the final bell. I swear I did not need to see another fight as long as I lived after that one.

I was on a cloud literally high! I would have sparred Ezzard Charles that night I was so hyped.
RIP Diego.

4. Tarver-Jones II: OMG! You will not believe me but I called it. I knew that with Tarver hieght and range he was going to dail in a fireball. When he did I jumped out of my chair and ran through my buddy's apartment screaming and yelling in pure joy. He was a huge Jones fan.

5. Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem. Chiiiiilllll BUMPS! I did not really care after that who won the game. It was still the best game I had ever seen. Texas/USC now holds that position (Vince on the last play of the game, are you kidding?)


1. Redskins-Giants. Taylor and Thiesman. We have youtube. Any of you can go and re-live that horrible moment, if you have the heart. I don't.

2. Redskin-Cowboys 05'. This is a game that the Skins were doing nothing in. It was Dallas night in Texas. I was so mad at the Skins for not moving the ball and making the Cowboys look good that I turned off my TV and went to sleep. The next morning I turned on Sportscenter and watched Brunell throw to of the Prettiest bombs to S. Moss that you have ever seen. They Gatoraded Gibbs. Rolled the champane back into the lockers for the Cowboys they were honoring (Emmit, and Troy I think). Basically I missed the greatest win that the Redskins have ever had over Dallas in the entire history of the rivalry. I was disgusted with myself. (Editors Note: I still love that we won. Eat it Cowboys)

3. Niners-Giants 90' Playoffs. Three-peat. Niners and Giants are locked and a close battle. I think the Niners (my team) are going to lose. My buddy who is a Giants fan is watching with me. Then the Niner score a touchdown in the around of the last quarter, that sent me running through my nieghborhood screaming in joy. I knew that the game was over. 13-12 was the score. I get back to my chair. The Giants are forced to punt, now I am talk hugh to my buddy. Then the unthinkable happens. Roger Craig fumbles. I am heated but we hold them again. They are forced to punt, but this time they hike the ball to Gary Reasons. He takes it about 15 yards. The final play the Giants kick a field goal and I am sick.

4. Mayweather-Gatti: I picked Gatti. I was smoking I know. I thought he could get inside and do some work. What I did not expect is for him to take the worst beating I have ever seen. Mayweather did a number on Gatti. That last round, was pretty tough to watch.

5. When the Chicago Bulls beat the LA Lakers and Jordan won his first title. I hate that silly move that everyone loves the Jordan did. You know the one, where he jump 300 feet in the air like he is going to flush it, only to then switch hands in mid-air for a uncontested lay up. The amazing thing about that series is that Magic averaged 19 points and 11 assists. Jordan averaged 31 points and 12 assist.

10-15-2008, 09:48 PM
Nice stuff, guys. I have a few comments but it's late, I was just checking in to see what was up.

One quick one I can't resist and it goes to JLP6. On another site, idiot me listed predictions for about a dozen upcoming fights. The one that sticks out in my head is as follows:

Gatti KO 4 Mayweather. My brain was wondering when I'd started smoking crack and why it wasn't told but I just had an overwhelming feeling.

10-17-2008, 04:20 AM
I love this thread. Great storys guys.

1. Niners-Bengals 88' SBXXIII: Not from Cali, but was a serious Forty-niner fan. Even rooted against the Skins when they came to town. Anyway, This game pretty much started my love of American Football. Montana will aways be the greatest QB or all-time. The Niners timing patterns were nothing short of Einstein.

That niners victory was awesome. Totally agree. Wasn't it January 89' that the game took place?

10-17-2008, 01:38 PM
Montana made it look so easy, almost effortless......

Cool Cucumber, never rattled,

I agree the best, (Even though I'm a cheesehead and Favre fan)

10-17-2008, 04:47 PM
remiss in not mentioning Douglas Tyson.

For me, HOW I saw it, was as good as HOW it unfolded.

At a Friends house with the intent of watching a 2 round blow out and then turning it back to TBS to watch the Slam Dunk Competition.

When the "crowd" wanted to bypass watching the "mismatch" and only watch the NBA festivities, I was pushed to the back bedroom to watch the fight on an 8 inch black and white tv.

Saw it alone in the back bedroom of a friends house in whihc there were 15 friends having a rowdy time watching the NBA Dunk Competitiion, made everything surreal.

They turned it over to the fight, but I refused to leave the 8 in B&W. Didn't want to jinx this perfect moment.

It was an AWESOME feeling and I couldn't stop grinning for weeks.


10-17-2008, 08:41 PM
Holyfield-Tyson II deserves mention among my five worst memories. The rematch was settling in to be another action packed fight with Evander looking ready to turn in another career defining fight then Tyson cheats the fans by punking out and getting disqualified. All of us were in a state of shock that Tyson had actually bitten off a piece of Holy's ear. There's not enough room on this forum to list the expletives I hurled at Tyson that night (at the TV screen I mean).

10-17-2008, 08:42 PM

Isn't it ironic that Mike's first lost comes at the hieght of his career to a TOMATO CAN. Mike built his entire career on these guys! At the right moment, just like a sweet apple off the tree, carma picks the fruit, and takes a huge, happy bite. I mean the guy has 42-1 odds over this guy He gets KO'ed.

He does not lose a decision, he gets brutally smashed for the entire fight.

And then what happens? Douglas becomes a can again. Like, over night.


BTW, This fight for me was Mikes finest hour. He fought like a champion the entire night and never gave up. Even rallying to drop this man. Mike lost, but this is the only fight, that when the chips were down he still gave his best.

I'm praying for you Mike T. God Bless.

Michael Frank
10-17-2008, 09:10 PM
Can't cut it to 5 of each, sorry--


1) 1969 Mets going into first place in the NL East (after finishing last every year since their inception except for 9th place (as I recall)--finally not quite LAST place-- in 1968. That was before the establishment of the East and West divisions, which began in 1969.

2) The 1969 Mets winning the World Series

3) 1968 Jets over the Colts in Super Bowl III - Broadway Joe "guaranteed" the huge upset and then made it happen

4) 1986 Mets come back with 2 out in the 9th to win Game 6 of the World Series, otherwise they would have lost the Series

5) Leonard over Hearns in #1 - loved 'em both, but was tired of always hearing how this guy or that would beat Leonard, and this fight was superb; my friends back in college were asking me for days after to play the tape that I recorded that night (I was probably the only guy at my school--a large university-- to have a VCR in 1981; and also access to Closed Circuit TV via a friend's home, where I had brought my VCR that night)

6) Leonard over Duran in #2 - vindication, if not revenge -- tied with Leonard over Hagler, where all 25 people at my place were rooting for Sugar over Marvin

7) Frazier over Ali in #1 - got tired of Ali's low-blow-verbal assaults on Joe for months, and was hoping for a lip-buttoner - that the fight was a brutal classic just made it better

8) 1976 US Olympic boxing team (Leonard, Davis, the Spinks Brothers, Randolph, et. al.) - tuning in each day to see another magnificent performance from a different American, or three, was a pleasure, esp. after seeing the 1972 team

9) Arguello stopping Escalera #1 - had never before then known a "smaller" guy to move up in weight and be favored to beat the bigger guy. And then Arguello did just that.

10) Douglas over Tyson - was driving home from a club in Los Angeles and heard the Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There" on the radio. When the song ended, the DJ said, "That was Mike Tyson's problem tonight, he saw Buster Douglas standing there at the end of their fight." That made me think this must have been a good fight--not a 90-second typical Tyson blowout-- and that Tyson must have won a decision. Got home, watched the VHS tape I had recorded via timer, and was flabbergasted, all alone, at 3:00 in the morning.


1) The murder of the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. Formed my opinion as a boy about Palestinian politics.

2) US Amateur boxers going down in the 1980 plane crash in Poland - heard it on the radio, nearly became sick. Still bothers me to this day.

3) When the two US world-recording-holding 100-meter sprinters (at 9.9 seconds), Eddie Hart and Rey Robinson, failed to show up for their quarter-final heats at the 1972 Olympics, due to a coach's error as to the schedule. They were thus out of the Olympics. They cried on television. The Russian sprinter, Valery Borzov, won the gold a few days later with I believe a 10.14 time. I can't forget this series of events to this day. Showed me, as a boy, that there are a lot of morons who are supposedly "responsible adults," such as the US coaches and US Olympic officials there.

4) Duran beating Leonard in #1 - it didn't seem to me a great lightweight could beat a great welter, and I thought Leonard wasn't Leonard that night

5) 1985 Mets winning the first 2 games in St. Louis at the end of the 1985 season, but needed the 3rd . . . and lost it, so they lost the division despite winning 98 games.

6) Galindez not coming out of the dressing room to fight Rossman in the originally scheduled 1979 rematch, over a crucial sanctioning dispute. I seem to recall Cosell saying that Rossman was crying in the ring.

7) Foreman KOing Frazier in their #1. I had nothing against George, but always liked Joe, and it was depressing to see him clobbered this way. Had Joe instead lost a great battle, it wouldn't have bothered me.

10-18-2008, 06:47 AM
Holyfield Tyson holds a spot as well. First fight that is.

THe old City Hall Pub in Fanueil Hall in Boston. $10.00 cover charge. Sat watching the bout with a bunch of strangers. Said The Patriots that year had a better shot at making it to the SB than Evander did of winning the fight. I LITERALLY and TRUTHFULLY feared for Evanders helath based on his past two performances agianst Bowe and Czyz.

My right hand got mangled as I threw both hands in the air and I was standing directly under an AC that was about 4 feet lower than the ceiling. Left hand went up without issue. Right hand got smashed. Didn't feel a thing. This was when Halpern called the fight.

I drank beer from the floor based on a bet with one of the knuckle heads I was talking with re the Patriots and the out come of the fight. I left those guys convinced I didn't know a fucking thing about the sport of boxing. That felt kinda great considering how wrong I was made me feel so estatic.

I walked home literally 3 feet off the ground through the North end and over the bridge back to Charlestown to my condo.

What a sweet friggen night.

Yeah, that memory is a keeper!


10-18-2008, 11:37 PM
highlites :

1. a teen aged danny lopez ko-ing tury "the fury" pineda in the battle of the teeny boppers at the olympic.

2. spending time with mando ramos and having him answer every question i asked.

3. bobby chacon finely getting ahead of bazooka limon in their 4 fight series.

4. jerry quarry- mac foster.

5. seeing mando ramos and raul rojas in a battle of former stable mates.

lowlites :

1. mando ramos getting crushed by chango carmona.

2. danny lopez in his first career loss to bobby chacon...bobby just had his number.

3. raul rojas and mando ramos both losing title fights because they were out partying a day before the fights.... rojas to saijo and ramos to cruz. dumb dumb dumb.

4. mando ramos getting stopped by tury pineda in his comeback fight after losing to carmona... that was truly the end of mando as a fighter.

5. sitting here knowing that the olympic auditorium has been converted to a korean church....

there are sadly more regrets than highlites but thats what i get off the top of my head right now...


03-02-2009, 01:29 AM
Best- 1986 Mets and how they beat Houston, and Boston...when the ball went through Buckner's legs I ran out of house and ran up the street.
Ali beating Spinks in the rematch... I was too nervous and couldn't watch the fight.
The Rangers winning the Cup in 94. I have never seen so many people in a crowd at a sporting event sick with tension in game 7.
Leonard beating Duran in the rematch, I remembering hearing the result on T.V.- I watched the first fight at Shea Stadium on closed circuit.
Tie, 1980 U.S. Hockey team- Unfortunately the game was not live- I knew the result before the game- they still had to beat Finland on Sunday to win the Gold, and Dan Jansen winning the Gold in his last Olympic race- the Norwegian announcer screaming Oi, Oi, Oi- real drama.

03-06-2009, 12:59 PM
Best, Redsox over Yankees in 2004, I'm the king of Yankees haters. Orioles over the big red machine, Nebraska over Florida 62-21 I loved it. Frazier vs Ali I was rooting for the fight rather who won. Notre Dame over Miami I was so happy. I hate the Canes. Worst, Any game the Yankees or any team from Flordia who wins. Orioles vs Mets, Jets over Colts. Mark Breland, I thought he was the real deal.

03-06-2009, 01:08 PM
I forgot another favorite. Monzon over Valdez twice. I thought Monzon was done because of his age and that the young lion would be too much for him. I'm never been so glad to be wrong.

03-09-2009, 11:12 AM
I just noticed this thread....

1. Nicklaus wins 1986 Masters. This will never be topped for me as a sports memory. Nothing else even comes close. When he dropped that eagle on 15 I jumped straight up in the air and hit my head on the ceiling of my parents rec-room.

2. George Foreman KO10 Michale Moorer. Made all the sweeter by what a complete and utter shock it was.

3. Joe Carter's 9th inning homer to win the '93 world series. My reaction would have made most people beleive i was in the throes of an epileptic seizure.

4. Ali lights the torch. Nearly cried.

5. June 1982, Angels vs. Blue Jays at Exhibition standium in Toronto. I was 13 years old and it was my first major league baseball game. Reggie Jackson, my personal baseball hero, went 3 for 4 with a homer to dead center, one where he just stood at home plate and watched it go. Magical night for one kid in the crowd.

Worst - only two come to mind:

1. Ray Mancini v. Duk Koo Kim. Watch it live at a friend's house, and watched as it all unfolded over the next few days.

2. 1991 Superbowl. I was crushed when Scott Norwood missed that last-second field goal. CRUSHED. In fact, I pretty much haven't given a damn about football since that night.

03-20-2009, 10:42 AM
As Petty as it may seem:

Super Bowl from LAST season, when The Giants (a Team I have NEVER liked btw) beat the 18-0 Patriots in a wonderful and magical upset.

I despise the Patriots and even more so Patriot fans (sorry). I will never get over the loss by the Rams to N.E. in 2002.

And this was the closest I'll ever get to "revenge".

The most vivid memory has to be going to the mall with my wife and three girls during the day and as I was exiting, a tee shirt displayed at a Kiosk, caught my eye: "18 Wins and 1 GIANT loss!"

This was BEFORE the game!

I thought it was really a cool T-shirt.

Didn't buy it, because I'm not a Giants fan and I'm too cheap, but I loved it anyway.

Later that night after the Giants won....Just knowing that every Patriots fan on the face of the earth was suffering miserably and hopefully crying as well.....I have RARELY felt so at peace with myself with a sporting event.

Yes, I have issues.



03-20-2009, 11:08 AM
Leonard - Hearns I - Father took me to this fight even though I was grounded. I remember betting a man sitting beside me that Leonard would win. I bet him my entire $20 allowance. My father told me if you lose your paying him too. I was at a closed circuit showing. Then I remember the entire crowd going crazy, when they had a close up view on his eye in between rounds, when Ray was sitting on the stole. Then Ray won..

Mario Chalmers miracle shot beating memphis last year. Being a ex Ku alumni, and this dramatic comeback from 9 poiints down in 2 minutes, capped off by this miracle shot. Went crazy.... Wow what a shot. What comeback. What a Win.

Leonard - Hagler - Not the best fight when you go back and look at it, but Live the drama, waiting for Hagler to KO him each round, thinking is this the round Leoanrd gets hurt and stopped. Then the decision.

USA beating Russia in ice hockey. Was a little kid, but remember the impact of this game and how special it was being treated.

Kansas winning the NCAA title in 1988. Was up at Ku then in college and this started a nonstop party for the entire 2nd semester. Great memories. Danny Manning and I still to this day good friends. Many of our friends from back then are not around anymore. So thinking back about those days, has mixed emotions.

03-20-2009, 11:18 AM
If The Ville were to win this years Tourney and somehow they realized that Nantz and Packer (adios you overrated clown!) or Nantz and Kellogg or Nantz and Whomever is a Horrid announcing team and they then simply allowed Bill Rafftery call the game with either Dan Shulman or with McDonough and Bilas (Bilas is GREAT with McDonough and Rafftery, not so much with any other combo), then THIS would be added to My Personal Best moments.

The Ville winning alone would get a nomination...but I will have to watch it without the sound.

Which would suck.

Rafftery MAKES any College Hoops better with his calling it.


03-21-2009, 02:24 PM
Best, Redsox over Yankees in 2004, I'm the king of Yankees haters. Orioles over the big red machine, Nebraska over Florida 62-21 I loved it. Frazier vs Ali I was rooting for the fight rather who won. Notre Dame over Miami I was so happy. I hate the Canes. Worst, Any game the Yankees or any team from Flordia who wins. Orioles vs Mets, Jets over Colts. Mark Breland, I thought he was the real deal.

What can I say but I love ya man. No Yankees? No thug FL teams? Beautiful.

Btw, Tommie Frazier's run against the Gators is to this day, one of the 5 most ridiculous things I've ever seen on a gridiron. How the hell he got out of that pack is just silly (Granted, by then Florida was beaten and exhausted but still...the 2008 Detroit Lions tackled better) and I could watch it daily.

03-21-2009, 04:37 PM
Lundquist and Rafftery are the best combo, IMO. Partly because NO ONE is better at calling more varieties of sports better than merely well than Verne.

Rafftery was awesome well over a decade(s) ago.. and continues to be the best color man for hoops, imo.

Unless somehow you get Dick Stockton to call it with Raf, gimme Vern. Bilas stinks, IMO no matter who he is with. I don't need to hear the subtle disdain of potential, unknown as of yet, non-existant dissention in every word from my announcers. Or in other words, he talks like he is in an argument.

03-21-2009, 08:55 PM
On Verne.

Got to hear him and Raf for 3 mins last night prior to them switching over to USC BC for the rest of the evening.



03-23-2009, 05:27 PM
Verne and Raf for what I got to see of Ville Siena.

As it was with what they showed, only the GOOD parts (for me) of the game.

It's not too late CBS!


03-23-2009, 07:06 PM
I'd take that duo for ech game and be very happy..

I think they have tremendous chemistry, and they couldn't seem more comfortable and relaxed. Oh, and good and not lecturing, over-analytical and allow the game to flow with what you see. True pros.

That said, totally pissed Siena even got close enough to make me upset they lost. Their helter-skelter game should not have worked, at all against the no set plays, seat-of-pants Cards.