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11-20-2008, 02:15 PM
This might be better suited here:

I was doing a Google search on Bernard Mays and I came accross this piece posted on another Boxing message board. It reads as though this was taken from another source as well so I am quite certain I am not giving proper credit to who compiled the information.

This was posted in Sept of 2007 but I do not know how old the original piece is. It reads as though this was put together prior to Hearns's comeback a year or so ago.

Regardless, it is all very interesting information nonetheless as it pertains to fighters from the Kronk Gym.


Kronk Fighters "Where are they now?"

Where are they now?

In the wake of the last summer’s deaths of two former Kronk boxing champions, The Detroit News attempted to find out what happened to each of the 96 fighters and promoter/managers who built Kronk into an international powerhouse in the 1970s ‘80s and ‘90s.

The outcomes were dramatically different, The News found, between those who were born in Detroit or moved here permanently, and those who came in from out of town to train at Kronk, then left Detroit. Of the original 61 Kronk stable of boxers, the record shows:

Four are wealthy
Thomas Hearns – wealthy, promoter
Hilmer Kenty – executive of Metro Detroit construction firm
Jimmy Paul – Owns Detroit HUD properties
Emanuel Steward – wealthy trainer/promoter/TV announcer

35 are working
Leeonzer Barber – Detroit, still boxing
Bernie Boldon – works in Detroit
Oba Carr – still boxing
Rob Clemens – hospital worker
Lanny Edmonds – working in Detroit
Jim Ferrari – insurance agent
Ali Haakim – Detroit schools public safety officer
Billy Hearns – Kronk trainer
John Hearns – Las Vegas casino host
Rick Jester – Detroit, master plumber
James Johnson Jr. – after boxing was employed by Detroit Police Department
Joe Johnson – Detroit businessman
Lionel Johnson – Detroit truck driver
Darnell Knox – working in Detroit
Arthel Lawhorn – Detroit postal employee
Joe Manley (a.k.a. Bilal Ajani Sekou) – Consumer’s Power employee.
Milton McCrory – employed at Chrysler Corp. tech center
Roderick Moore – truck driver
Michael Moorer – making comeback as boxer
Danny Paul – works in Detroit hospital
Aaron “The Hawk“ Pryor – minister, Cincinnati, beat drug problem
Farris “Killer” Purify – boxing trainer
Jerry Reese – Detroiter, job unknown
Kenny Ringo – working in Washington, D.C.
Darnell Seals – plant foreman
Hurley Snead – Detroit, training to fight
James Steward – the original Kronk; Emanuel’s brother, auto plant worker
Bret Summers – fireman
Frank Tate – in Texas, recently retired from ring
Benny Ray Trusel – Detroit construction worker
Rodney Trusel – Northwest Airlines supervisor in Houston
Robert Tyus – Detroit transit policeman
Keith Vining – Steelworker in Monroe, trains young boxers
Eric Williams – in Atlanta, training boxers
Andrey Wynn – Los Angeles policeman

Four suffered setbacks
Dwaine Bonds – While bodyguard for a Motown star, turned to drugs. Career ended. Now recovered.
David Braxton – Lost title after positive drug test, but stopped using, now working in construction.
Gerald McClellan – Blind and paralyzed from brain damage in fight, living with sister in Illinois.
Tony Tucker – became drug abuser, but made recovery.

Eight went to prison
Nathanial “Gator” Akbar – sentenced 10 to 20 years for arson in 1984; denied parole 5 times so far; next parole hearing June 2002.
Darrell Chambers – sentenced to life for drug conspiracy in 1994; has appeals pending; in prison at Terre Haute, Ind.
Alvin Hayes – sentenced to 5-to-20 in 1987 for armed robbery, released, committed three more armed robberies, sentenced in 1994 to three terms of 612 to 40 years. At Detroit’s Ryan Correctional Facility, possibly until December 2040.
John Johnson – retail fraud, served less than two years, released in 1999.
William “Caveman” Lee – went to prison three times for bank robberies, the last time July 2000, when he began a 7-to-15-year federal sentence; first parole date December 2006.
William “Stanley” Longstreet – sentenced for drug conspiracy with Chambers in 1994, released August 1997.
Rickey Womack – armed robberies, assault, did 15 years in prison, paroled last fall.
John Yopp, promoter – sentenced to 30 years in 1994 for drug conspiracy, later reduced to 15 years; in Milan federal penitentiary.

10 have died
Wilson Bell – murdered, 1989
Collier Bishop – killed in car-jacking incident, 1994
Johnny Compo – died in a car crash at 42 last October
Leslie “Lemonade“ Gardner – Drug overdose in 1983, age 26
J.L. Ivey – Murdered by drug dealer, 1990, age 26
DuJuan Johnson – murdered, age 28, over $200 debt, 1984
Bernard “Superbad” Mays – died of alcoholism at 33, 1994
Steve McCrory – dead, age 36, undisclosed illness, 2000
Duane Thomas – shot and killed at 39 in drug dispute, 2000
Darius “Dollbaby” Wilson – shot to death, age unknown, early 1980s

Other fighters who trained at Kronk
Another 35 fighters came to Kronk from the suburbs, other states and other countries to be trained by Steward, and left. None is dead or in jail.
13 are well-off:
Dennis Andries – runs physical fitness progam in England.
Jesse Benavides – runs home for elderly in Tex.
Mark Breland – actor, dog trainer, wealthy
Julio Cesar Chavez – retired in Mex., wealthy
Oscar DeLaHoya – still fighting
Jeff Fenech – TV commentator, Australia
Naseem “Prince” Hamed – current featherweight champ
Jemal Hinton – retired undefeated for religious reasons, in Washington, D.C.
Evander Holyfield – Atlanta, restaurateur, still fighting
Ole Klemetson – still fighting
Lennox Lewis – current world heavyweight champion
Welcome N’Cita – manager, Capetown, South Africa
Graciano Rocchigiani – still fighting

22 are working
Doug “Big Bird” Ahonen – engineer in Calumet, Mich.
Davey Lee Armstrong – civil engineer
Jackie Beard – boxing trainer
Donald Bowers – youth boxing trainer
Orlando “Gaby” Canizales – youth counselor, Tex.
Johnny de la Rosa – youth counselor
Fadi Faraj – still fighting, Dearborn
Floyd Favors – Wash., D.C., policeman
Frank Goodwin – engineer
Mickey Goodwin – trains fighters at Dearborn Sports
Lindell Holmes – opened barbershop
Biff Humphries – cement contractor
Danny Humphries – now Steward’s insurance agent
John David Jackson – still boxing, Calif.
Lee Lamphere – foreman of tree company
Mike McCallum – trainer, Las Vegas
John Mooney – school teacher
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad – trainer, Las Vegas
John O’Neil – teacher, Garden City
Todd Riggs – union official
Tarick Salmaci – still fighting, Dearborn
Leon Spinks – former world heavyweight champion, went broke, but working

Mike DeLisa
11-22-2008, 12:04 AM
Ricky Womack committed suicide in Jan 2002 after having been released in 2001.

Alvin Hayes is also dead -- drug OD in 2004 after being released and making a comeback in 2003. Many others listed as still fighting are not. Leon is broke and basically incapacitated.

8 years is way too old to get a good idea now. It would be interesting to do an update on this list.

Seems though, at least 20 of the original 60 are dead or in jail. Only 3 fighters -- and Steward -- have any money.

11-26-2008, 11:41 AM
Which three fighters did you have in mind? I'm sure there are more than that who are doing very well indeed.

11-26-2008, 02:42 PM
Thanks for pointing that out. Obviously this list is older than I first imagined.

I agree re a more updated list would be nice.

Far too many sad stories.

As for who is financially sound, with this list being as old as it is, I don't personally know how Paul and Kenty are doing. But if you include Sugar Ray Leonard who trained out of Kronk as an amateur for a period of time, I think we can only be certain that Ray, Manny and Tommy are the only ones who are with out any doubt financially well off.

Others who trained there in later years, Oscar, Evander, Lennox and Chavez are doing well. But from the original group, you are probably right. Only a few bright spots.


11-30-2008, 07:56 PM
Errol Christie did some training at Kronk after turning pro, and fought a fight or two in their colours if i remember correctly.

Always wondered if he had been pulverised by Hearns in a sparring session, considering how awful his chin was as a pro.

12-01-2008, 08:37 AM
of the stay of some of these on this list, I wonder if a Fighter like Marlon Starling would be considered?

We all know Mooch fought out of Hartford. But he did work as a sparring partner for Tommy Hearns for Tommy's prep for the SRL fight.

StarlingStomps's Errol Christie comment had me thinking of this as his namesake had his jaw broke when sparring with Hearns.

Anyone have any details other than the eventual outcome of this session? IE How long was Moochie in camp with Hearns and did he work out of Kronk previously?


01-26-2009, 12:32 PM
I remember when Marlon went to KRONK to spa with Tommy...that was in 1981. Marlon didnt TRAIN at Kronk, though, he just went there once to spar Tommy. Marlon had an impacted wisdom tooth, though, and got his jaw broke there. Also, Sugar Ray trained at the Kronk the same way any fighterr might end up at another gym and get some sparring in or something. But Ray never repped the Kronk or fought for them or anything like that. You DEFINITELY cannot count either Ray or marlon as former "Kronk fighters."

01-27-2009, 09:50 AM
I would totally agree with you.

The reason I even threw this out there is that I have been reading more than a few quotes from Manny about how Leonard was the first Prodigy or Superstar at Kronk. As though he's taking credit it for his success in someway.

There seems to be to many "pass through" fighters and I would think that Moochie and Ray would fall into that category.

I was Devils Advocating Starling, as it seemed to me, his time there was akin to Ray's time spent there.

Manny's comments though, make it seem as though Ray was part of the fold.

Then agian, in another conversation, you will hear Manny state that Bernard Mays was the first true prodigy or Superstar at Kronk. And if the conversation is about Tommy, then it was Tommy.

I guess in a way, my comments about Starling being a "Kronk fighter" was more about poking fun at Stewards incosistant stories.


01-27-2009, 03:47 PM
I tell you...about 9 months ago I talked to Manny for quite a while in the gym...I brought up Bernard's name and, man, Manny brightened up so much..he talked A LOT about Mayes...it was obvious he was very proud of Bernard having been in the Kronk, etc...he was even going to send back to Detroit for some tapes of him for me to watch but the place we were staying at didnt have VHS capabilities.

As far as Starling and Ray go... Marlon was definitely just a guy who went there to be a paid sparring partner, nothing more...Ray may have went there to train as an amateur when he and Tommy were world class amateurs but that thing is common in amateur boxing...back in the 80's I used to go OFTEN to Marvin Hagler's gym (Petronelli Brothers Boxing) and spar with, among others, Robbie Sims and Steve Collins, but I would never try to pass myself off as a "Petronelli Brothers product," you know what I mean.

03-20-2010, 11:33 PM

Can you help me identify this boxer please?
I'm trying to identify this boxer I met several years ago at a boxing gym. He said he boxed out of Detroit, held a belt (possibly a minor one), was white, lower weight classes (possibly lightweight), first name Brad, (he was probably active in the 80s or early 90s).

03-20-2010, 11:50 PM
It wasn't BRETT Lally was it ? I think he boxed out of Kronk for awhile and he was an NABF (or something) 154 lb. champ a short rugged guy that fought about 15 to 20 years ago.

03-21-2010, 04:57 PM
It wasn't BRETT Lally was it ? I think he boxed out of Kronk for awhile and he was an NABF (or something) 154 lb. champ a short rugged guy that fought about 15 to 20 years ago.

Chuck, I believe you are correct. He made an ill advised comeback in 2003.

Brett Lally

Alias Irish
Country USA
Global Id 2157
Hometown Northville, Michigan, USA
Birthplace Westland, MI, USA
Division Light Middleweight
Born 1963-01-14
Stance Orthodox
Height 175cm

Career Record ©www.boxrec.com

Date Opponent Location Result
1981-12-05 Dale Dickerson Davison, USA W TKO 2
1981-12-16 Dan Montalvo Lansing, USA W KO 1
1982-02-15 Jeff Gibson Kalamazoo, USA W KO 4
1982-03-26 William Collins Clarkston, USA W KO 4
1982-04-05 Tony Taylor Kalamazoo, USA W PTS 4
1982-04-22 Earl Stringer Detroit, USA W KO 3
1982-06-11 Kenny Smith Detroit, USA W PTS 6
1982-10-01 Kenny Smith Westland, USA W PTS 8
1982-11-17 Alvin Hayes Ann Arbor, USA L KO 1
1983-01-28 Dan Montalvo Wyandotte, USA W TKO 3
1983-02-23 Anthony Travis Romulus, USA W PTS 8
1983-04-16 Clinton Harris Detroit, USA W KO 5
1983-05-11 Dave Odem Youngstown, USA L PTS 8
1983-08-25 Willie Floyd McIntosh Waterford, USA W TKO 7
1983-09-28 Greg Netter Southfield, USA W TKO 7
1983-10-28 Greg Netter Oak Park, USA W TKO 7
1983-11-30 Charles Triplett Oak Park, USA W TKO 4
1984-02-07 Roberto Mendez Atlantic City, USA W SD 6
1984-04-30 Clinton McKenzie Mayfair, United Kingdom L PTS 10
1984-07-11 Gary Hinton Atlantic City, USA L MD 12
USBA Light Welterweight Title
1984-09-11 Aaron Brown Honolulu, USA W PTS 8
1984-12-27 Norberto Velez Atlantic City, USA W UD 8
1987-03-24 Milton Seward Cleveland, USA W TKO 1
1987-05-12 Danny Thomas Hillsboro, USA W PTS 6
1988-06-04 Charles Oosthuizen Johannesburg, South Afric W TKO 9
1988-10-29 Walter Cowans Saint Louis, USA W TKO 3
1989-05-31 Larry McCall Cleveland, USA W TKO 5
1989-07-11 John Scully Atlantic City, USA W UD 10
1989-09-26 Tomas Perez Las Vegas, USA W UD 10
1989-12-26 Donald Curry Las Vegas, USA L TKO 2
1990-02-17 Nate Stewart Janesville, USA W KO 4
1990-06-25 Robert Hines Atlantic City, USA W TKO 4
vacant NABF Light Middleweight Title
1991-01-15 Art Serwano Reno, USA W TKO 4
NABF Light Middleweight Title
1991-04-20 Willie Montana Stateline, USA W TKO 6
1991-06-11 Anthony Ivory Livonia, USA W UD 10
1991-08-17 Terry Norris San Diego, USA L TKO 1
WBC Light Middleweight Title
1992-05-29 Wayne Powell Amarillo, USA L UD 12
vacant NABF Light Middleweight Title
1992-07-15 Rafael Williams New York, USA W SD 6
1992-11-24 Tyrone Trice Auburn Hills, USA W MD 10
1993-03-02 Vinny Pazienza Mashantucket, USA L RTD 6
1993-08-03 Otis Grant Las Vegas, USA L TKO 4
NABF Middleweight Title
1994-03-15 Dana Rosenblatt Boston, USA L TKO 9
2003-01-29 Kevin Butts Warren, USA L TKO 5
2003-08-01 Chad Dawson Hampton Beach, USA L TKO 4

Record to Date

Won 32 (KOs 19)
Lost 12
Drawn 0
Total 44

03-22-2010, 04:34 PM
Boxed out of Kronk from 1982-1985 or 86.

Lightweight, with black/brown hair.

I recall Manny Steward used to run a full page add in the RING that would show his entire Kronk Team and one of the pics in add was of Brett Summers who was anywhere from 11-0 to 18 or 19-0 during his time there.

I remembered the name, as at the time the add was run, only he, Mickey Goodwin and Diamond Jim McDOnald were the only caucasian fighters who fought out of the Kronk. It just kinda stood out in the ad.

Summers lost his first bout in 1985 to Chris Calvin.

Hope this helps.


03-22-2010, 04:46 PM
I just clicked on the link to Eastside and went to page two of the thread and saw the pic and it is definitely Brett Summers.

THe pic of him in the add run in the October 1983 issue of Ring magazine (page 37 for those of you playing at home. And its the Hagler Duran Preview issue http://boxrec.com/media/index.php/File:83Oct.jpg )definitely resembles a much younger "version" of the pic on the other boxing site. The face and particularly the mouth and the smile are identical.

Much fuller head of hair in 1983, almost a pageboy cut with bangs down to his eyebrows.

Definitely it was Brett Summers.


03-23-2010, 08:03 PM
Thanks for straightning that out Hawk, I always used to get Lally and Summers mixed up all the time. I remembered seeing one of the Brett's wearing the Kronk colors for awhile and both had some Detroit area history. Just couldn't remember who was who.