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I was wondering if there were any other Yuki Nakai fans on here? What an awesome story this guy has! At the Vale Tudo Japan in 1995, there was an 8 Man Tournament that Yuki Nakai enetered. In the first round he fought Gerard Gordeau. (Name sound familiar? Check UFC 1!) During that fight Gordeau relentlessy illegally eye gouged Yuki Nakai to the point where he went blind. Yuki Nakai took a serious pounding in this fight, especially when he went for a heel hook in round 2. After 4 Rounds Nakai finally got Gordeau in a heel hook, and made him tap! With vision in only one eye Nakai went on to the next round to submit a wrestler that was almost twice his size. In the finals Rickson Gracie got him but man what an impressive night for Yuki Nakai. Yes, this was all in one night!... After that though he had to retire because of Gerard Gordeau's eye gouging, to this day he's still blind in one eye. He still competes in BJJ matches though, but that's it. He started training BJJ because of how impressed he was with Rickson Gracie. . . Is anyone on here familiar with Shinya Aoki? He's trained by Yuki Nakai, you can see Nakai cornering Aoki in all of his fights. Everyone on here should check out Yuki Nakai. A true legend in MMA. Before the 1995 Vale Tudo Japan event, he slapped a heel hook on someone in just 20 seconds. To this day I think he still holds the record for fastest heel hook win in MMA history. Look up Yuki Nakai folks!


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Yeah, I've heard of him. The only fight I ever saw was the Hickson fight, which was total domination by Gracie. I didn't know he trained Aoki--Aoki's a bad ass. I just watched him wipe out Eddie Alvarez. People who think the UfC is eevrything ought to check out Dream and Senghoukou---They have some terrific lighter weight fighters. And a feew excellent big guys like Overeem, who's coming to the UFC, so it's rumored. Overeem would be a tremendous challenge to any UFC heavy.

Off The River
01-26-2009, 11:09 PM
Living in Korea, I watch every single event. Overeem is indeed a serious force. Great stand up game. He destroyed Badr Hari in the last K1 card.

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Yeah Rickson Gracie definitely made mince meat out of Yuki Nakai. They are both legendary fighters. CHOKE is the best documentary ever made.

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Badr Hari fight. Overeem is serious. I'm really hoping that match him with Lesnar. That'll be a test. But maybe Mir takes care of Brock....

Choke is an awesome film. I don;t know about best docu ever--that takes in a lot of turf--but certainly it's the best film of its type. The way Gracie works out, excersizing all those little balance muscles, it was a revelation to me.