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  1. Re: Wilfred Benitez is Fine, Recovering From Mild Stroke

    I'd say poor Wilfred has been, and is, FAR from fine. That said, I'll send positive thoughts to him.
  2. : Re: The CBZ Board Will Close Down Today, December 31, 2012

    I would just like to thank Gor, Mike and Scribbs for allowing me to be a part of what was the absolute best boxing board on the internet. I have received an education in the sweet science that would...
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    Re: Espn's 2012 Boxing Awards

    Thanks for the links, scribbs. Can't say that I can argue with any of the picks noted.
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    Re: Joe Calzaghe - Fighter of the Decade ???

    Gotta go with Pac. He single-handedly brought back mainstream interest in the sport every time he fought. He ducked no one and put on some great performances.
  5. Re: Adamek-Cunningham II: Too Late, Too Soon, Or Right On Time?

    This one is notable only if one is a fan of either or both of the fighters. As far as its importance to the heavyweight division...there is none. Adamek is a crowd-pleasing, aggressive guy who is a...
  6. Re: Gary Shaw gets Peterson V Holt for $50,000

    In the old days of the IBF (under Bob Lee), all one had to do was shove a thick envelope full of cash under the door to receive sanctioning/ranking/promotional rights....
  7. Re: Who Would You Like to See on the IBHOF Ballot?

    While we tend to remember Mr. Lennon fondly as a boxing announcer par excellence, he had some other credentials, too. I can recall watching the wrestling shows from the Olympic Auditorium in L.A. on...
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    Re: Marciano vs Patterson 1959

    This one really does make the imagination run wild, if only because no matter what kind of shape Rocky came in, or how many steps Father Time stole from him during the layoff, would Floyd be able to...
  9. Re: Thirty Years Ago Today: Tex Cobb Meets Larry Holmes By Sharon Cobb -Article/Video

    While I enjoyed watching Tex both in the ring and on the silver screen, his bout (I can't bring myself to call it a fight) with Holmes was one of the worst things I've ever seen. It's on a par with...
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    Re: Pac v. Marquez 4

    Youtube pulled the vid of KO referenced above; try this one for now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL1fctFBIGw

    WOW, what a fight! These guys are just FOTY machines. Kudos to JMM for the win. But...
  11. Re: Who Would You Like to See on the IBHOF Ballot?

    The highly-underrated Gus Lesnevich should be on there, and I'm gratified to see hometown boy Jeff Smith is on the ballot (as is Jersey City's Frankie Burns), but it's a damned shame he hasn't been...
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    Re: Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis RARE TV 1951

    Wow. Just when I think I've seen it all, what a GREAT clip of two of the legendary names in HW history! Thanks so much for the link, PD.
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    Re: A point about the CBZ message board.


    Thanks so much for the kind thoughts; they are appreciated. I will certainly be hooking up soon with the CBD page on FB. Have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving...that goes for ALL of the...
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    Re: Carmen Basilio passes away.

    Carmen was always a top 10 welter in my book. Just the heart, aggressiveness and durability alone that he possessed made him an ATG. I was fortunate enough to meet him and talk to him up at Canastota...
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    Re: A point about the CBZ message board.

    While I am sad to see the discussion boards closed down, I certainly can empathize with the frustration that Gor, Dig and Cribbs must feel. It is a thankless job keeping this thing going, especially...
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    Re: Hector "Macho" Camacho

    The latest news is not at all good for Camacho. He was taken off all life-support and declared brain dead by the physicians at the hospital.

    Prayers to him and his family. Such a tragic waste of a...
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