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Thread: R.I.P Clarence " Gatemouth " Brown

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    R.I.P Clarence " Gatemouth " Brown

    Brown the singer and guitarist who
    built a 50 year career playing blues
    country, jazz, and Cajun music, died
    Saturday in Orange Tex., where he had
    gone to escape Hurricane Katrina, he was 81

    Frank B.

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    This is sad. I've seen Brown play many times in New Orleans and he was a helluva performer and guitarist.


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    Roberto Aqui
    I always liked how he refused to be pigeonholed into a category. He played country, blues, zydeco and many blends of those. He was fiesty and tough and did things his way.

    I imagine he could whup 10x his weight in Dylans and Mikey Jacksons or any of those big stars who made all the money.

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