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Thread: 141 KOs: The Amazing Archie Moore

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    141 KOs: The Amazing Archie Moore

    141 KOs: The Amazing Archie Moore

    Paul McCreath from Eastside Boxing

    Before we go any further let us clarify one thing. The number 141 is not universally accepted as the total number of KOs in Archie's career. In the 1940's, 50's and 60's when Archie Moore did most of his fighting record keeping was not nearly as accurate as today when we have the benefit of computers to help us keep track .For this article I consulted 4 different respected sources of boxing records,namely Boxrec, Fight Fax, Wikipedia and The Ring Record Book and Boxing Encyclopaedia. None of these agree on the same numbers regarding wins, losses or KOs. Two of them agree he had 11 draws. It is safe to say that it is possible that none of the records is 100% accurate. In those days some fights just never were recorded, especially when a fighter fought all over the world like Archie did. One thing is clear whether you accept 129 or 141 or some other number in that range, the Old Mongoose as Archie was called scored more KOs than any other fighter in the history of the sport.For the sake of argument let us use the Fight Fax numbers, 194 wins, 23 losses, 11 draws and 141 KOs. Nobody can prove otherwise one way or the other..

    It should be understood from the beginning that Archie did not achieve this record by knocking over a bunch of stiffs. After turning pro in September 1935 he climbed into The Ring's annual top 10 ratings by 1943 and remained there in one division or another until 1962 when he was still #9 at heavyweight. During this time he fought an unbelievable number of top ten fighters including at quick count a total of 11 future Boxing Hall of Fame members over a total of 22 fights.I might have missed one or two. He scored 5 KO's over these fighters and many more over top ten ranked men. Oddly enough he was not known as a slugger but was more of a boxer puncher. He would outpoint his foes until he saw the chance to lower the boom. He did certainly have plenty of punching power.

    Archie began fighting at around the welter limit of 147 pounds. By 1936 he had moved up to middleweight although he usually weighed only around 155 pounds. There was no lightmiddleweight division back then. By 1940 Archie was rated #1 at 160 pounds by The Ring. He never got a title shot and by 1944 he had moved to lightheavyweight at 175 pounds and became rated #1 in 1946 at that weight. He remained in the top 3 until 1952 when he finally got a title shot and became the champion by defeating future Hall of Fame member Joey Maxim over 15 rounds. He would repeat this win twice more and hold the title until February of 1962 when he was finally stripped of his title by the last organizations to recognize him. His last defense had been in June of the previous year against Guilio Rinaldi in New York, a 15 round decision for Archie. The NBA had vacated his title in October of 1960 for refusing to give top contender Harold Johnson a rematch .Moore had already defeated Johnson in 4 out of 5 matches including a KO in a title match in August 1954. Johnson would soon win NBA recognition as champ by stopping Jessie Bowdry in 9 rounds in February 1961. Before that Archie was the undisputed champion.

    One of the most famous of all his bouts was Archie's title match with the Canadian Yvon Durelle in Montréal in December 1958. The rugged new Brunswick fisherman put Moore down 3 times in the first round and once more in the 4th before Archie came back to stop Durelle in the 11th. In a rematch the next year he again stopped Durelle this time in 3 rounds. All told Moore defended his title 9 times and held it the longest in the history of the division, a little over 9 years .Among others he defended against middleweight champ Bobo Olson with a 3rd round KO. He also challenged for the heavyweight crown twice ,the first time against Rocky Marciano in September 1955. He knocked Rocky down early but was stopped in the 9th round. The next year he met Floyd Patterson for the vacant title after Rocky retired and was stopped in the 4th.Before meeting Patterson he faced James J.Parker in Toronto in front of 19,832 fans at the old Maple Leaf Stadium ballpark and won the Ontario version of the world title. Nobody else recognized this as a title fight.

    During his nine years as lightheavyweight champion Archie fought far more often as a heavyweight. In those days most heavyweights were only around 185 to 200 pounds so it was not a big jump in weight to move up. Moore often outweighed his opponents for these fights and usually came in at around 195 pounds yet he could easily get back down to 175 for title defenses. He claimed he did this by a method taught to him by an old aborigine while Archie was on a tour of Australia. The secret according to Moore was to chew your meat but never swallow it.After you got all the juice out you spit out what was left.

    During his days as a heavyweight Archie defeated many top heavyweights including #1 ranked Nino Valdes twice, Bob Baker, and Alajandro Lavorante plus a draw with Willie Pastrano who went on to drop back to 175 and become a belt holder there. Earlier he had met such greats as Jimmy Bivins 5 times, Bob Satterfield, and Ezzard Charles 3 times, all fighters who fought at both 175 and heavyweight. Against Bivins he was stopped the first time but won the last 4, 3 of them by KO. Between 1958 and 1962 Ring Magazine broke with their usual policy and rated Moore in the top 10 at heavyweights and also recognized him as the 175 pound champion at the same time.

    One of the things that was always in dispute about Archie was his age. Moore claimed he was born in Benoit Mississippi in December of 1916. His mother insisted the year was 1913. Most historians believe his mother. If we accept her date as a fact then Moore was almost 39 years old when he won the championship from Maxim. He would have been 47 when he made his last defense against Rinaldi. Remember that there was usually only one champion at each weight class in those days and only 8 weight classes. A world champ was a real champion. His last major bout against Cassius Clay was in November 1962. He lost that one in 4 but had drawn with Pastrano in May of the same year at age 48. He had one last fight in March of 1963 against wrestler Mike DiBiase and won by KO in 3 rounds. Clay of course later became the one and only Muhammad Ali.

    Archie Moore was truly one of the most remarkable fighters I have seen in my lifetime and I did see him fight many times. He was not my favorite back then since he defeated my favorite fighters on more than one occasion but I have come to greatly respect his achievements as the years have gone by. I doubt if we will ever see another fighter like him.He passed away in December 1998.

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    Re: 141 KOs: The Amazing Archie Moore


    By GorDoom

    It did this crusty ol’ scribe's heart good to see the enormous flow of tributes, from virtually all over the world, after the death of the “Old Mongoose”, Archie Moore.

    Archie was the Philosopher/Warrior King of boxing. An erudite & street wise man, Moore was boxing’s Ambassador At Large to the world. A world that saw him fighting & traveling from Australia to Argentina, Rome to Tasmania, Stuttgart
    to Uruguay, Manila to Hope, Arkansas.

    Wherever Archie wandered, he spread his message of good cheer, hope & his innate human decency. Archie was a world class raconteur, who over the years held millions of people spellbound with his charm & sly wit.

    The man had the patience of Job. Like his contemporary, Jersey Joe Walcott, he wandered in boxing's wilderness for almost twenty years; before finally being given an obscenely overdue title shot against Joey Maxim, in 1952.

    Though he won the title at 39 (with Archie, you never knew, he quite possibly was as much as 2-5 years older), he held on to it for almost 11(!) years. Mind you, Archie didn’t defend against stiffs, as among his victims were Hall Of Famers, Joey Maxim (W-15, W-15), & Harold Johnson (KO 14), as well as top contenders like Tony Anthony (KO 7), Yvon Durelle (KO 11, KO 4) & Guilio Rinaldi (W-15).

    His first fight against Yvon Durelle was one of the greatest wars in boxing history, right in there with the “Thrilla In Manila”. Archie was blasted to the canvas four times, twice in the first round.

    That first knockdown was one of the most brutal the Ol’ Spit Bucket has ever seen. If it had happened today, the fight would be stopped immediately. But he somehow staggered to his feet, survived another knockdown & was battered by Durelle’s blitzkrieg for the rest of the round. He then courageously persevered for another 10 rounds, before finally knocking out Durelle in the 11th.

    This my friends, is a Champion ... When the Bucket hears Roy Jones being touted as the greatest light heavyweight of all time ... It is to laugh ... At the absurdity, of these supposed “experts”.

    Archie Moore defined courage & heart. He was boxing at its best, but he was much more than that ... Archie was a true humanitarian, who at president Eisenhower’s behest, established a youth foundation in 1956 that is still in operation to this day. In the subsequent 40+ years, the Ol’ Mongoose influenced thousands of disadvantaged youths in a positive way.

    The details of his career are well known: The only man to fight both Marciano & Ali, The “Aborigine” diet he picked up in Australia, his famous remark to President Eisenhower, after he was asked if he was a Re-Pug-Lick-Can or a Democrat (his answer was, “I’m a diplomat”), the innumerable appearances on TV & radio talk shows, knocking out men young enough to be his sons ...

    There is almost no end to Moore’s legend. The mystique he created around himself was unique. The Old Mongoose, like Muhammad, was his own PR machine. Two matchless athletes who were giants in 20th Century sports culture that transcended sports to become icons of American culture.

    So where in the Big Picture does Archie rank in the boxing pantheon? Right up there, bub. It is of course impossible to quantify boxers from different eras, but I’m sure Archie ranks in the Top Ten of any knowledgeable fans list.

    His critics say he was knocked out a lot, but look at who he was facing & in most cases at a severe size & age disadvantage: Ezzard Charles, Rocky Marciano, Floyd Patterson & Cassius Clay. Hall Of Famers one & all ...

    You want stats? Archie’s got ‘em up the ying-yang ... But the magic # is 145, as in 145 knockouts. I don’t see any fighter in this or any future era having 145 fights. 145 KO’s? They just don’t make men like that anymore...

    The outpouring of accolades has been surprising, not because they weren't well deserved, but for the true sentiment & affection displayed for Archie, from people as diverse as Governor Pete Wilson of California, Regis Philbin, Tony Randall, Larry King & myriads of sports writers & columnists the world over.

    The morning after his death I was channel surfing & happened to catch Regis Philbin waxing forth about Archie. Regis said that the very first interview of his career was with Archie. After the interview, Philbin thought to himself that this new interview gig was gonna be a breeze. “But, I quickly learned that there is only one Archie Moore.”

    He was right & Moore was a regular, favorite guest on all the major talk shows & game shows from the 50’s through the 70’s. As boxing’s “Elder Statesman”, the Ol’ Mongoose was a magnificent symbol of our sport at its best.

    After all the reams of copy generated after his passing, the Old Mongoose is still the one who put his life & career best. In a 1961 article in the New Yorker, written by the late, great, sports writer, Jack Murphy, Archie was quoted as saying:

    “One of these days, the law of averages, or maybe the law of gravity, will catch up with me. I can’t last forever. I’ve been thinking about how I want to go: I want to be respected. When I’m finished, I want people to say only one thing of me. I want them to say, There goes a man”.

    Archie, you need not worry, respect you will always have... What a man. What a warrior. What a life well lived.

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    Re: 141 KOs: The Amazing Archie Moore

    Archie Moore
    (Archibald Lee Wright)
    (the "Old Mongoose")

    BORN December 13 1916 (or 1913); Benoit, Mississippi (Recent sources report Collinsville, Illinois)
    DIED December 9 1998; San Diego, California
    HEIGHT 5-11
    WEIGHT 145-206 1/2 lbs
    RECORD 185-22-11 (130 KO, 1 NC)

    Kid Bandy, George Wilsman, Cal Thompson, Felix Thurman, Jack Richardson, Jimmy Johnston, Charley Johnston, Jack Kearns


    Jack Burns

    RIP Old Mongoose

    AP Obituary for Moore

    Moore was a clever and crafty boxer who knew how to fight; His boxing "savvy" was uncanny; He could box and punch and was game beyond belief; During his career, he won the Light Heavyweight Championship of the World and challenged Rocky Marciano for the Heavyweight Championship

    He is most famous for his many bouts against Jack Chase (6), Howard King (6), Harold Johnson (5), Jimmy Bivins (5), "Oakland" Billy Smith (4), Ezzard Charles (3), Joey Maxim (3) and Eddie Booker (3); He also had two bout series with a number of other men

    He defeated such men as Chase, King, Johnson, Bivins, Smith, Maxim, Clarence Henry, Jimmy Slade, Bob Baker, Nino Valdes, Carl "Bobo" Olson, Holman Williams, Lloyd Marshall, Albert Lovell, Yolande Pompey, Eddie Cotton, Yvon Durelle, Alabama Kid (Clarence Reeves), Cocoa Kid (Louis Hardwick), Bert Lytell, Jack "Buddy" Walker, George Kochan, Nate Bolden, Kenny LaSalle and Johnny "Bandit" Romero

    Herb Goldman ranked Moore as the #5 All-Time Light Heavyweight; Charley Rose ranked him as the #7 All-Time Light Heavyweight; He was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1966, the St. Louis Boxing Hall of Fame in 1985, the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1900 and the California Boxing Hall of Fame in 2006

    Nov -Moore was released from Reform School

    Apr 3 Julius Kemp St. Louis, Mo L 3
    Julius Kemp KO 3

    Feb 7 Dale Richards Poplar Bluff, Mo KO 1
    Feb 18 Ray Halford St. Louis, Mo W 3
    Feb 20 Willie Harper St. Louis, Mo KO 3
    Feb 21 Cortland Schultz St. Louis, Mo L 3
    Apr 15 Peter Urban Cleveland, Oh W 3
    Apr 16 Frank Nelson Cleveland, Oh LK 3
    May 4 Tiger Brown St. Louis, Mo L 3
    May 18 Thurman Martin St. Louis, Mo W 3
    -The previous 8 bouts are believed to be amateur contests

    -Moore climed he fought under the name
    "4th of July Kid" for some amateur bouts


    Sep 3 Billy Sims Poplar Bluff, Mo KO 2

    Jan 31 Kid Pocahuntas Hot Springs, Ar KO 3
    Jul 14 Murray Allen Quincy, Il W 6
    Aug 4 Speedy Schaeffer Quincy, Il D 6
    Sep 30 Murray Allen Keokuk, Ia KO 2
    Oct 9 Sammy Jackson St. Louis, Mo W 5
    Dec 8 Sammy Jackson St. Louis, Mo D 5

    Jan 5 Dynamite Payne St. Louis, Mo KO 1
    Jan 18 Johnny Davis Quincy, Il KO 3
    Jan 29 Sammy Jackson Quincy, Il D 8
    Feb 2 Joey Huff St. Louis, Mo KO 3
    -Some sources report "KO 2"
    Mar 23 Ham Pounder Ponca City, Ok KO 2
    Apr 9 Charlie Dawson Indianapolis, In W 8
    Apr 23 Karl Martin Indianapolis, In KO 1
    Apr 26 Frank Hatfield Cincinnati, Oh KO 1
    Aug 19 Nathan "Deacon" Logan St. Louis, Mo KO 3
    Sep 1 Billy Adams Cincinnati, Oh L 8
    Sep 9 Sammy Slaughter Indianapolis, In W 10
    Sep 17 Charlie Dawson St. Louis, Mo TK 5
    Nov 9 Chuck Vickers Fort Wayne, In KO 2
    Nov 16 Sammy Christian St. Louis, Mo W 5

    Jan 7 Carl Lautenschlger St. Louis, Mo KO 2
    May 20 Jimmy Brent San Diego, Ca KO 1
    May 27 Ray Vargas San Diego, Ca KO 3
    Jun 24 Johnny "Bandit" Romero San Diego, Ca L 10
    Jul 22 Johnny Sykes San Diego, Ca KO 1
    -Some sources report "KO 4"
    Aug 5 Lorenzo Pedro San Diego, Ca W 10
    Sep 2 Johnny "Bandit" Romero San Diego, Ca KO 8
    Sep 16 Frank Rowsey San Diego, Ca TK 3
    -Some sources report 2/22/38
    Sep 27 Tom Henry Los Angeles, Ca KO 4
    Oct 1 Bobby Yannes San Diego, Ca KO 2
    Nov 22 Ray Lyle St. Louis, Ca KO 2
    Dec 7 "Irish" Bob Turner St. Louis, Ca KO 2

    Jan 20 Jack Moran St. Louis, Mo KO 1
    Mar 2 Domenic Ceccarelli St. Louis, Mo KO 1
    Mar 16 Marty Simmons St. Louis, Mo W 10
    Apr 20 Teddy Yarosz St. Louis, Mo L 10
    Jul 21 Jack Coggins San Diego, Ca NC 8
    Sep 1 Jack Coggins San Diego, Ca W 10
    Sep 22 Bobby Seaman San Diego, Ca KO 7
    Nov 12 Freddie Dixon Phoenix, Az D 8
    Nov 27 Billy Day Phoenix, Az KO 1
    Dec 7 Richard "Honeyboy" Jones St. Louis, Mo W 10
    Dec 29 Willis "Shorty" Hogue San Diego, Ca L 6

    Mar 30 Jack McNamee Melbourne, Vic, Aus KO 4
    Apr 18 Ron Richards Sydney, NSW, Aus KO 10
    May 9 Atilio Sabatino Sydney, NSW, Aus KO 5
    May 12 Joe Delaney Adelaide, SA, Aus KO 7
    -Some sources report "KO 2" on 5/18/40
    Jun 2 Frank Lindsay Hobart, Tas, Aus KO 4
    -Some sources report 5/27/40
    Jun 27 Fred Henneberry Sydney, NSW, Aus TK 7
    Jul 11 Ron Richards Sydney, NSW, Aus W 12
    Oct 18 Pancho Ramirez San Diego, Ca KO 5

    Jan 17 Clay Rowan San Diego, Ca KO 1
    Jan 31 Willis "Shorty" Hogue San Diego, Ca L 10
    Feb 1 Clay Rowan San Diego, Ca KO 1
    Feb 21 Eddie Booker San Diego, Ca D 10

    -Moore announced his retirement from the ring
    following several operations for stomach ulcers
    (only to return later)

    Jan 28 Bobby Britt Phoenix, Az KO 3
    Feb 27 Guero Martinez San Diego, Ca TK 2
    -Some sources report "Al Globe"
    Mar 17 Jimmy Casino Oakland, Ca TK 5
    -Some sources report 3/18/42
    Oct 30 Willis "Shorty" Hogue San Diego, Ca TK 2
    Nov 6 Tabby Romero San Diego, Ca KO 2
    Nov 27 Jack Chase San Diego, Ca W 10
    Dec 11 Eddie Booker San Diego, Ca D 12

    May 8 Jack Chase San Diego, Ca W 15
    -Middleweight Championship of California
    Jul 22 Willard "Big Boy" Hogue San Diego, Ca TK 5
    Jul 28 Eddie Cerda San Diego, Ca KO 3
    Aug 2 Jack Chase San Francisco, Ca L 15
    -Middleweight Championship of California
    Aug 16 Aaron Wade San Francisco, Ca L 10
    Nov 5 Pedro "Kid" Hermosillo San Diego, Ca KO 5
    -Some sources report 11/04/43
    Nov 26 Jack Chase Hollywood, Ca W 10

    Jan 7 Amado Rodriguez San Diego, Ca KO 1
    Jan 21 Eddie Booker Hollywood, Ca LT 8
    Mar 24 Roman Starr Hollywood, Ca TK 2
    Apr 21 Charley Burley Hollywood, Ca L 10
    May 19 Kenny LaSalle San Diego, Ca W 10
    Aug 11 Louis Mays San Diego, Ca KO 3
    Aug 18 Jimmy Hayden San Diego, Ca KO 5
    Sep 1 Battling Monroe San Diego, Ca KO 6
    Dec 18 Nate Bolden New York, NY W 10

    Jan 11 Joey Jones Boston, Ma KO 1
    -Some sources report "TK 2"
    Jan 29 Bob Jacobs New York, NY TK 9
    Feb 12 Napoleon Mitchell Boston, Ma KO 6
    Apr 2 Nate Bolden Baltimore, Md W 10
    Apr 23 Teddy Randolph Baltimore, Md TK 9
    May 21 Lloyd Marshall Baltimore, Md W 10
    Jun 18 George Kochan Baltimore, Md TK 6
    Jun 26 Lloyd Marshall Cleveland, Oh TK 10
    Aug 22 Jimmy Bivins Cleveland, Oh LK 6
    Sep 17 Cocoa Kid (Louis Hardwick) Baltimore, Md KO 8
    Oct 22 Holman Williams Baltimore, Md L 10
    Nov 12 Odell Riley Detroit, Mi KO 6
    Nov 26 Holman Williams Baltimore, Md KO 11
    Dec 13 Colion Chaney St. Louis, Mo TK 5

    Jan 28 Curtis Sheppard Baltimore, Md W 12
    Feb 5 Georgie Parks Washington, DC KO 1
    May 2 Verne Escoe Orange, NJ TK 7
    May 20 Ezzard Charles Pittsburgh, Pa L 10
    Aug 19 Jack "Buddy" Walker Baltimore, Md KO 4
    Sep 9 Shamus O'Brien Baltimore, Md TK 2
    -Some sources report "Jimmy O'Brien"
    Oct 23 "Oakland" Billy Smith Oakland, Ca D 12
    Nov 6 Jack Chase Oakland, Ca D 10

    Mar 18 Jack Chase Los Angeles, Ca KO 9
    Apr 11 Rusty Payne San Diego, Ca W 10
    May 5 Ezzard Charles Cincinnati, Oh L 10
    Jun 16 Curtis Sheppard Washington, DC W 10
    Jul 14 Bert Lytell Baltimore, Md W 10
    Jul 30 Bobby Zander Oakland, Ca W 12
    Sep 8 Jimmy Bivins Baltimore, Md TK 9
    Nov 10 George Fitch Baltimore, Md TK 6

    Jan 13 Ezzard Charles Cleveland, Oh LK 8
    Apr 12 Solomon "Dusty" Wilkerson Baltimore, Md TK 7
    Apr 19 Charley "Doc" Williams Newark, NJ KO 7
    May 5 "Oakland" Billy Smith Cincinnati, Oh W 10
    Jun 2 Leonard Morrow Oakland, Ca LK 1
    Jun 28 Jimmy Bivins Baltimore, Md W 10
    -Some sources report 8/28/48
    Aug 2 "Tiger" Ted Lowry Baltimore, Md W 10
    Sep 20 "Oakland" Billy Smith Baltimore, Md KO 4
    Oct 15 Henry Hall New Orleans, La L 10
    Nov 1 Lloyd Gibson Washington, DC LF 4
    Nov 15 Henry Hall Baltimore, Md W 10
    Dec 6 Bob Amos Washington, DC W 10
    Dec 27 Charley "Doc" Williams Baltimore, Md KO 7

    Jan 10 Alabama Kid (Clarence Reeves) Toledo, Oh KO 4
    Jan 31 Bob Satterfield Toledo, Oh KO 3
    Mar 4 Alabama Kid (Clarence Reeves) Columbus, Oh KO 3
    Mar 23 Solomon "Dusty" Wilkerson Philadelphia, Pa TK 6
    Apr 11 Jimmy Bivins Toledo, Oh KO 8
    Apr 26 Harold Johnson Philadelphia, Pa W 10
    Jun 13 Clinton Bacon Indianapolis, In LF 6
    Jun 27 Bob Sikes Indianapolis, In TK 3
    Jul 29 Esco Greenwood North Adams, Ma TK 2
    Oct 4 Bob Amos Toledo, Oh W 10
    Oct 24 Phil Muscato Toledo, Oh KO 6
    Dec 6 Charley "Doc" Williams Hartford, Ct KO 8
    Dec 13 Leonard Morrow Toledo, Oh KO 10

    Jan 31 Bert Lytell Toledo, Oh W 10
    Jul 31 Vernon Williams Chicago, Il KO 2

    Jan 2 "Oakland" Billy Smith Portland, Or TK 8
    Jan 28 John Thomas Panama City, Panama KO 1
    Feb 21 Jimmy Bivins New York, NY TK 9
    Mar 13 Abel Evaristo Cestac Toledo, Oh W 10
    Apr 26 Herman Harris Flint, Mi TK 4
    May 14 Art Henri Baltimore, Md TK 4
    Jun 9 Abel Evaristo Cestac Buenos Aires, Arg KO 10
    Jun 23 Karel Sys Buenos Aires, Arg D 10
    -Some sources report "D 12"
    Jul 8 Alberto Santiago Lovell Buenos Aires, Arg KO 1
    -Some sources report 7/07/51
    Jul 15 Vicente Quiroz Montevideo, Uruguay TK 6
    -Some sources report 7/14/51
    Jul 26 Victor Carabajal Cordoba, Arg KO 3
    Jul 28 Americo Capitanelli Tucuman, Arg KO 3
    Aug 5 Rafael Miranda Argentine, Arg TK 4
    -Some sources report "Comodoro Rivadavia, Arg"
    Aug 17 Alfredo Lagay Bahia Blanca, Arg KO 3
    Sep 5 Embrell Davison Detroit, Mi KO 1
    Sep 24 Harold Johnson Philadelphia, Pa W 10
    Oct 29 Chubby Wright St. Louis, Mo TK 7
    Dec 10 Harold Johnson Milwaukee, Wi L 10

    Jan 29 Harold Johnson Toledo, Oh W 10
    Feb 27 Jimmy Slade St. Louis, Mo W 10
    May 19 Bob Dunlap San Francisco, Ca KO 6
    Jun 26 Clarence Henry Baltimore, Md W 10
    Jul 25 Clinton Bacon Denver, Co KO 4
    Dec 17 Joey Maxim St. Louis, Mo W 15
    -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World

    Jan 27 Toxie Hall Toledo, Oh KO 4
    Feb 16 Leonard Dugan San Francisco, Ca TK 8
    Mar 3 Sonny Andrews Sacramento, Ca TK 5
    Mar 11 Nino Valdes St. Louis, Mo W 10
    Mar 17 Al Spaulding Spokane, Wa KO 3
    Mar 30 Frank Buford San Diego, Ca TK 9
    Jun 24 Joey Maxim Ogden, Ut W 15
    -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
    Aug 22 Reinaldo Ansaloni Buenos Aires, Arg TK 4
    Sep 12 Dogomar Martinez Buenos Aires, Arg W 10

    Jan 27 Joey Maxim Miami, Fl W 15
    -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
    Mar 9 Bob Baker Miami Beach, Fl TK 9
    Jun 7 Bert Whitehurst New York, NY TK 6
    Aug 11 Harold Johnson New York, NY TK 14
    -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World

    May 2 Nino Valdes Las Vegas, Nv W 15
    Jun 22 Carl "Bobo" Olson New York, NY KO 3
    -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
    Sep 21 Rocky Marciano Bronx, NY LK 9
    -Heavyweight Championship of the World
    Oct 22 Dale Hall Philadelphia, Pa EX 4

    Feb 2 Dale Hall Fresno, Ca EX 4
    Feb 20 Howard King San Francisco, Ca W 10
    Feb 27 Bob Dunlap San Diego, Ca KO 1
    Mar 17 Frankie Daniels Hollywood, Ca W 10
    Mar 27 Howard King Sacramento, Ca W 10
    Apr 10 Willie Bean Richmond, Ca TK 5
    Apr 16 George Parmentier Seattle, Wa TK 3
    Apr 26 Sonny Andrews Edmonton, Alta, Can KO 4
    Apr 30 Gene Thompson Tucson, Az TK 3
    Jun 5 Yolande Pompey London, Eng TK 10
    -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
    Jul 25 James J. Parker Toronto, Ont, Can TK 9
    Sep 8 Roy Shire Ogden, Ut TK 3
    Nov 30 Floyd Patterson Chicago, Il LK 5
    -Heavyweight Championship of the World

    May 1 Hans Kalbfell Essen, Ger W 10
    Jun 2 Alain Cherville Stuttgart, Ger TK 6
    Sep 20 Tony Anthony Los Angeles, Ca KO 7
    -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
    Oct 31 Bob Mitchell Vancouver, BC, Can TK 5
    Nov 5 Eddie Cotton Seattle, Wa W 10
    Nov 29 Roger Rischer Portland, Or KO 4

    Jan 18 Luis Ignacio Sao Paulo, Brazil W 10
    Feb 1 Julio Neves Rio de Janeiro, Brazil KO 3
    Mar 4 Bert Whitehurst San Bernardino, Ca TK 10
    Mar 10 Bob Albright Vancouver, BC, Can TK 7
    May 2 Willi Besmanoff Louisville, Ky W 10
    May 17 Howard King San Diego, Ca W 10
    May 26 Charlie Norkus San Francisco, Ca W 10
    Jun 9 Howard King Sacramento, Ca W 10
    Aug 4 Howard King Reno, Nv D 10
    Dec 10 Yvon Durelle Montreal, Que, Can KO 11
    -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World

    Feb 2 Eddie Cotton Vancouver, BC, Can EX 4
    Feb 5 Eddie Cotton Victoria, BC, Can EX 4
    Mar 9 Sterling Davis Odessa, Tx TK 3
    Aug 12 Yvon Durelle Montreal, Que, Can KO 3
    -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World

    May 25 Willi Besmanoff Indianapolis, In TK 10
    Sep 13 George Abinet Dallas, Tx TK 3
    Oct 25 -Moore was stripped of the NBA Light Heavyweight Championship
    Oct 29 Giulio Rinaldi Rome, Italy L 10
    Nov 28 Regan "Buddy" Turman Dallas, Tx W 10

    Mar 25 Regan "Buddy" Turman Manila, Philipines W 10
    May 8 Dave Furch Tucson, Az EX 4
    May 12 Clifford Gray Nogales, Mex KO 4
    May 13 Billy Harlen Bisbee, Az EX 4
    May Freeman Harden Phoenix, Az EX 4
    Jun 10 Giulio Rinaldi New York, NY W 15
    -Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
    Oct 23 Pete Rademacher Baltimore, Md TK 6

    Feb 10 -Moore was stripped of the Light Heavyweight Championship
    by New York state and the European Boxing Union (EBU)
    Mar 30 Alejandro Lavorante Los Angeles, Ca TK 10
    May 7 Howard King Tijuana, Mex KO 1
    May 28 Willie Pastrano Los Angeles, Ca D 10
    Nov 15 Cassius Clay Los Angeles, Ca LT 4

    Mar 15 Mike DiBiase Phoenix, Az TK 3

    -Moore announced his retirement from the ring
    (only to return later for an exhibition)

    Aug 27 Napoleon Mitchell Michigan City, Mi EX 3
    -Moore knocked Mitchell out

    -Moore was presented with the key to the city of San Diego, Ca

    -Moore was named Man of the Year by Listen Magazine

    -Moore was presented with the key to the city of Sanpoint, Oh

    -Moore was presented with the Rocky Marciano Memorial Award
    in New York, NY

    *** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

    Kneibert Davison KO 2
    Ray Brewster KO 3
    Johnny Leggs KO 1
    Furman Burton KO 1
    Billy Simms KO 1
    H. Posey KO 6
    Dick Putnam KO 3
    Sammy Christian Quincy, Il D 6

    Al Dublinsky KO 3
    Sammy Jackson Jackson, Mo KO 8

    Dec 5 Willis "Shorty" Hogue San Diego, Ca L 6

    Dec Freddie Dixon Phoenix, Az KO 5
    Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization

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