I just got the XBOX 360 Kinect sensor last night and the thing is nothing short of fucking amazing.

I went straight to the boxing mode and had so much frigging fun. Hooks, jabs, overhand shots, body shots, you name it.

Later on I bowled, played ping pong and then some volleyball.
I almost put my hand through the ceiling like 10x from spiking virtual volleyballs.

I was a sweaty and actually tired mess after doing all the above for an hour or 2.

My girlfriend has been playing dance central all morning while she's supposed to be working from home. She is absolutely loving it and is terrified of the idea that this thing is available to her all day at home while she works.

This thing is just a steal for the $150 I paid from Gamestop.com.
It reportedly blows away the Wii, and I can see why.

Its based totally on free-form movement and has pretty good voice recognition software to boot.
No mats to stand on, no wands to hold or anything to wear, nothing.
You just stand in front of the sensor.

It works so good that it's actually creepy.
This is the first time in a while that technology actually blew me away.