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Thread: Arturo Gatti vs Harold Brazier at 140

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    Arturo Gatti vs Harold Brazier at 140

    I'm a big Brazier fan but I don't think his style gets it done here. Gatti's larger moves get the judges attention and the points for the win.

    I think this is one of those times where a fighter (Brazier) can win the fight but lose the decision.

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    Re: Arturo Gatti vs Harold Brazier at 140

    The Gatti that fought Tracy Harris Patterson was more of a boxer-puncher. With the strong leanings to boxing, while the Gatti that fought Micky Ward was more of a warrior/slugger. Braizer was a good technical fighter with good pop... an all around good fighter, but not quite elite level. I don't remember his fight with Roger Mayweather, but apparently lost a close decision... even having Mayweather hurt. What I remember about Braizer is at times he could be out hustled because he could be economical with his punches. If Gatti(big if) would fight along the lines of boxer-puncher.... then I agree with you thewonderful134 and Gatti wins by decision, but if Gatti got into a slugging match, then that plays right into Brazier's counter-puncher/defensive style and Gatti gets picked a part late.... loses by tko on cuts. Kind of like his loss to Angel Manfreddy. Either way, it would have been an interesting fight.

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    I'm the one in the middle.

    I thought

    The decision Mayweather recieved over Brazier was a blatant out and out robbery.

    I had Harold winning at least 8 rounds.

    HATED that decision.


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