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Thread: How good was james j corbett to you?

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    Anybody read Roar of The Crowd? Embellished in his favour or not, Corbett's account of his fight with Jackson is compelling stuff. If accurate, Corbett's ability to assess his opponent's style and then modify his own to best advantage, all during the heat of battle, was really something else.

    Without checking, I think Corbett actually weighed around 180-185 to Jackson's 210. Could be wrong though.

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    Mr E

    Re: Corbett

    I've seen Corbett's weight for the Jackson fight quoted at 168 in several places, including Patrick Myler's excellent biography, "Gentleman Jim Corbett-- The Truth Behind A Boxing Legend." Jackson, if I recall a'right, was 198.

    And, not sure that was the "twilight" of Jackson's career, either. Recall, his spectacular win over Frank Slavin was still a couple of years away.

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    Re: Corbett

    Jackson was 29 and not past his best. He was more than likely a very slight bit past it but still an extremely tough fighter at the top of his game.

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