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Thread: Andy "Hawk" Price

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    Andy "Hawk" Price

    I just watched his bout with Cuevas and while the tape is not in good condition you can see what a smooth boxer Price is.
    I see he fought Harold Weston to a draw.anybody see that bout?and did anyone see Price box?He seems like he could have been champ.He beat Palimino and Cuevas!!!

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    Price was a good boxer/puncher, though a little inconsistent. Leonard's brutal first round blowout of him put his abilities into perspective. PeteLeo.

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    pendleton: Weston won that fight in a good fight-he outslicked Andy. Price was good-but didn't have a great set of whiskers. his mentor and Idol was Hedgemon Lewis-and he wasn't as good defensively as Hedgemon was nor as good an all around fighter. Pete got it-inconsistent. He had a real good fight with Dave Boy Green in England that Green won in a thrilling slugfest. Price never got a title shot, though-so that shows you he was avoided perhaps by the Champs. He couldn't ahve beaten Carlos after Palomino won the title; but I think should have received a shot vs him or Cuevas.

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    olympic auditorium
    The winner of the Cuevas vs Price fight was promised a shot at Espadas.Someone who worked the Cuevas vs Price fight told me after the fight Espadas walked in Cuevas dressing room and offered him the fight.Cuevas wooped Espadas.

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    Hey Stingerkarl-Do you know of anyone who has a copy of Weston-Price or any of Price's bouts when he was in his prime?I have Cuevas -Price but the tape is horrible.

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    I used to trade with a guy that had the Dave green fight but i haven't talked to him in years.
    I saw Price fight in Houston once live and he won but didn't look that hot. The great singer Marvin Gaye used to manage him and also Burt Reynolds and Ryan O'Neal owned his contract for awhile. He is a youth counselor in LA now and not that hard to find and from what I hear is very responsive to boxing fans.

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    One of the Great Dave Boy Green Mysteries for me was how he remained standing after receiving that Hawk Hook-cum-uppercut in the 8th ( ?? ) the replay slo-mo "rotation" of Green Head as he Blow struck was nasty, unlike the Palomino Fight Green somehow stayed upright, weathered the storm, then came back at the Hawk, who stayed rather Muted until the final bell as i recall, ( i must dig it out and watch it again)

    It tends to show how sharp a young/pre champion Leonard was.

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    i saw andy price fight a lot. also saw him spar. he was considered a natural in the main st. gym and was told by people there when it was time for him to turn pro.

    after turning pro his biggest claim to fame was holding wins over both reigning welterweight champs carlos palomino and cuevas.

    interesting side note on this guy is that one time CBZ poster rick farris caught the talented price in the amateurs with a body shot and hung a KO on andy.

    i have no tape on this guy but remember him as one of the casualties of being a good black fighter that was over looked for too long by the pro latino olympic crowds and management. add him to the list that include dwight hawkins and thurman durden has talented black fighters that could have used more support from LA promoters.

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    Hawkins was a tough guy, Greg.
    Tougher than Price, IMO.
    Price was a good fighter-nothing more and nothing less.
    But no one can ever take those two wins away from him.
    Price to me had some slick moves that made him look real flashy: he looked better than he actually was-kind of like Billy Graham back in the 50's. Andy didn't put his body behind his shots, and brought his left back real low. He was a good contender in a brutal era of Champions, and I wish he would have at least received one title opportunity. He was certainly more deserving than Ryu Sorimachi, Mohamad Mohator, and Scotty Clark.

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    Dan Hanley
    Tell you guys a funny story I heard regarding Price. The night he was beating Pipino Cuevas, reigning WBA welter champ Angel Espada and his manager Yamil Chade were at ringside. After Price outclassed Cuevas, Espada stated to Chade, "Him, I want to fight him next." Chade stated, "Oh, you want to defend against Andy Price?" Espada looked at him and said, "No, I want to defend against Cuevas". Absolutely ridiculous defending against the man who was just outclassed, but the WBA approved the 'easy' title defence and history was made. I ran into Price a couple of years ago and related this story to him and he remembered hearing the same story. Like you guys said, he just came along during a tough era in boxng.


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