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Thread: Tancy Lee

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    Tancy Lee

    What can you tell me about him and how complete (or incomplete) is his boxrec record? I loved the name and the fact he fought Jimmy Wilde, but I'd like to know more about the man, especially since I spent 60 quid on his autograph on e-bay this week!

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    jim glen

    post subject

    there's a book called "Box On" written by Scotland/Britain's leading referee Eugene Henderson who was influenced by, idolized, trained and eventually got to know Tanny Lee...

    Tancy Lee was the "real deal as they say and Eugene Henderson talks about him a lot, and Henderson should know, in his lengthy career he officiated over such greats as Sugar Ray Robinson, Red Burman, Roland LaStarza, Jackie Jurich, Gus Lesnivich and countless others, including of course the best of Britain, Farr, Tarelton, Roderick, Kid Berg, Jock McAvoy, Harvey, Mills, Lynch, Gilroy, Ginger Sadd you name them he handled them in contests.

    I have a Booklet entitled Scottish Boxing Hall of Fame, if you post your email address I can Scan the section on Tancy Lee and email it to you.

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    Thanks Jim -- that would be great -- I'm at ptomlinson@leelaw.com

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    jim glen

    Tancy Lee...

    Sorry but your email address isn't excepting the scan/file... (?).

    Can I send it to the cbz and someone can post it?

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