First off, apologies to Gordoom: With commitments to two leagues already, I couldn't accept an offer to run a third. That said, the draft in my "major" league just ended and, as usual, I'm shocked by my roster. I got exactly three guys I set out to pick and I selected two that I swore would never be on my roster.

QB: Mike Vick, Jay Cutler
* I despise Vick, but even missing 5 games last year, he was the 2nd highest scoring player in our league.
RB: Chris Johnson, Ryan Mathews, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Goodson, Jason Snelling, Jacquizz Rodgers
* Johnsons tweet to the fans made me sick, but Tennessee is looking to work screens into the offense, putting him in space.
TE: Jermichael Finley, Greg Olsen

WR: Hines Ward, Chad Ochocinco, Bernard Berrian, Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown
* Bernard Berrian is my 2011 #1 sleeper pick. With Childress gone, Minnesota is back to using Berrian the way he should be- deep flies and posts.
DL: Trent Cole, Elvis Dumervil

LB: Brian Urlacher, James Laurinaitis

DB: George Wilson, Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu
* If your league doesn't have IDP, you're probably wondering who the heck George Wilson is. If you use IDP, then you know why I'm starting him over two household names.
K: David Buehler