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Thread: Right On Roberto - S.I. June 30/1980

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    Right On Roberto - S.I. June 30/1980

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    Re: Right On Roberto - S.I. June 30/1980

    "The terms, basically, were these: Leonard would receive the $3.5 million paid by the Olympic Installations Board to stage the fight, plus all the money for the delayed home television broadcast rights—between $500,000 and $800,000. Leonard would also get 80% of the $500,000 to $700,000 from the sale of foreign TV rights, with the promoters getting the rest. Finally, Leonard would receive 80% of the closed-circuit TV revenues—with the promoters getting the remaining 20%—after the first $2.5 million of those revenues came off the top. From that $2.5 million, Duran would get his $1.5 million, and the remaining $1 million would go to the promoters to cover expenses. All in all, the package virtually assured Leonard more than $7.5 million."

    No wonder Duran fought in a "rage" as he said. Leonard, perhaps justifiably, got nearly all the money. I guess Roberto could feel content, perhaps, in that he made more money than he'd ever made before. (I believe he got the lion's share of the money, as defending champ, in the rematch later that year.)

    Good article. Terrific boxing article, actually, reminding me of SI's good boxing coverage 31 years ago.

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