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Thread: name your 3 most memorable ringside fights ever ?

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    name your 3 most memorable ringside fights ever ?

    What were your three most memorable fights you saw ringside. ? I'll start.
    1- Billy Arnold vs Rocky Graziano .In 1945 Billy Arnold a tremendous young ko puncher from Philly fought a young tough street fighter Rocky Graziano at MSG. Graziano an 8-1 underdog, took a tremendous beating from the "new joe Louis" as Arnold was called, in the first round. Rocky was staggering around, but just barely survived the referee stopping the slaughter. In the 2nd round Arnold continued his murderous attack, until young Graziano unleashed a right hand bomb on Arnolds chin hurting Arnold very much. The next round the 8-1 underdog Rocky flattened Arnold ,and the crowd in NY went crazy. Arnold was never the same and went downhill,while Rocky Graziano became the biggest sensation in boxing..
    2- July, 1951,Randy Turpin vs Ray Robinson rematch at the old Polo Grounds,NY
    Ray Robinson in the rematch with tough Randy Turpin, was very badly cut on his eye,late in the match, and the referee was close to stopping the bout,when in the 10th round, Robinson unleashed a do or die attack,shooting all his marbles on the tough Turpin,until the referee stopped the slaughter in the 10th round.What a night that was.
    P.S. I and my buddy was sitting about 10 rows in back of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.
    3- March 8,1971 MSG. I and a buddy saw the FOTC between Ali/and Frazier. I was sitting in the end balcony with binoculars that night.What tension in the air that evening.! Before the bout I saw Sinatra, Burt Lancaster
    by the ringside. And when Frazier dropped Ali, i and much of the fans went crazy, rooting for the much insulted Frazier. My regret was I never saved the ticket stubs for every important bout I saw except one, the Robinson / Turpin rematch in 1951..
    And your favorite three ?

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    Re: name your 3 most memorable ringside fights ever ?

    my three may not be the most memorable fights ever but i had become aquainted with the paricipants so they stand out for me.

    1. the second ernie "indian red" lopez fight with jose napoles. red was a great guy and i really thought this night he had a chance to win over the fading champ. the early going was tight but napoles was cut and bleeding badly and i thought the fight might be stopped in ernies favor until in the 7th round when napoles landed an uppercut right and ernie was counted out, changing his life forever.

    2. the battle of the teeny boppers between danny "little red" lopez and arturo "tury" pineda. a great pairing of two young rising stars at the olympic auditorium. i spent several days at the old main st. gym watching both prepare for their fight. the gym was buzzing and both looked in top form. i was a lopez fan but scared for him as pineda was looking like a young ruben oliveras in sparring. to my surprise the frail looking lopez had too much power for tury who was ko'd in the fourth.

    3. the saddest night of boxing for me was seeing a drug wasted mando ramos being pounded into submission by chango carmona at the L.A. coliseum. they say it is no sin to be beaten by a better fighter but you should never beat yourself and that is what the party going playboy mando ramos did that night. leaving the ring on a strecher he was never the same again.
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