Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone in Talks to Film Boxing Movie GRUDGE MATCH Early Next Year
by Brendan Bettinger,

We havenít heard about Grudge Match since October 2010. It was an exciting time, when the rumor surfaced that the stars of the two greatest boxing movies of all time would face off as two retired fighters who step into the ring for one final match. Robert De Niro vs. Sylvester StalloneóRaging Bull vs. Rocky. Here in 2012, The Wrap confirms that De Niro and Stallone are in negotiations, and the production is tentatively scheduled to shoot early next year under director Peter Segal (Get Smart). Even though Segal was tapped as a director, I donít think we knew this is a comedy before today. But thatís clear now that Warner Bros. hired Entourage creator Doug Ellin to write the most recent draft. (Kind of. Entourage wasnít funny, but it was nominated for Best Comedy Series three times, so Ellin is purportedly funny. Letís focus on the talent in front of the camera.)

Stallone is definitely in fighting shape. And Iíd love to see De Niro method his way back into shape (if the role even requires). Hit the jump for clips of the men in their boxing primes.

Grudge Match will have to fight for space in De Niroís schedule given the dozens of projects heís attached to. A sample: another old fogey comedy Las Vegas; a sequel to Midnight Run; the Sean Penn-directed drama The Comedian. He also has Freelancers, The Wedding, The Silver Linings Playbook, Killing Season, and another boxing movie Hands of Stone to promote over the next year or so.

Stallone is no slouch, with Bullet to the Head, The Expendables 2, and The Tomb on the horizon.