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Thread: How Republicans Cheat Democrats - and Democrats Cheat Themselves

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    How Republicans Cheat Democrats - and Democrats Cheat Themselves

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    Re: How Republicans Cheat Democrats - and Democrats Cheat Themselves

    This article was not so great for me until I got to the following, at which point it merely confirmed what I've observed for YEARS. Republicans cheat, big.

    "The pattern, every time it repeats, leaves Democrats in agony. How is it possible, Democratic partisans ask, that 36 percent of voters in union households went for the union-busting Walker?

    It is kind of like the question we asked in 2000: How is it possible that Bill Clinton's vice president lost when Clinton had just delivered the nation eight years of peace and prosperity?

    And in 2004: How is it possible that George Bush won reelection after lying us into a massively unpopular war in Iraq?

    And in 2010: How is it possible that all those Democrats lost in Democratic districts against all those Tea Party weirdos?

    Well, at a certain point in these "How is it possible?" discussions, you have to get down to the nut cutting: Republicans win because Republicans cheat. They cheat in each and every election, systematically and predictably. They crap out last-minute turnout-killing lies: in this last, for instance, that people who signed recall petitions automatically had their vote recorded against Walker and so didn't have to go to the polls; and in 2006, in at least fifty different congressional races, an overwhelming volume of calls that appeared to be from the Democratic candidate, dozens in a row, designed to so anger potential Democratic voters that they'd stay home from the polls.

    They render Democratic phone lines useless: In 2006, pundette Laura Ingraham did it by telling her radio listeners to deluge a voter protection hotline with calls; this last week by blasting out text messages inviting the same for Tom Barrett's campaign headquarters. They intimidate voters on Election Day in minority precincts, wearing scary uniforms and warning those with outstanding warrants to stay away if they don't want to be arrested. They push out horror-show media – like the Scott Walker TV commercial with the baby who was beaten to death, a crime somehow laid at Tom Barrett's feet; or the mailers the Republican National Committee sent out in 2004 to Arkansans and West Virignias that the Bible would be "banned" if "you don't vote." More prosaically, they retail statistical lies: in 2000, that Bush's proposed tax cuts would not predominantly benefit the rich; last Tuesday, that the federal government said Wisconsin added 30,000 jobs.

    This kind of stuff doesn't really get reported, or noticed: it happens too late to get into the news before the polls open (that's the point of the tactics), and then, once the polls close, all the media oxygen is taken up with horse-race stuff (the bad guys know that too). Bringing this stuff up also violates a sort of unspoken faux-macho journalist code: "That's politics," they say; "both sides do it" (they don't); and if the victimized campaign brings it up, they're just whining. The bad guys work with this bias very effectively, for instance keeping a handy mental file of isolated, occasional Democratic abuses – the one incident you hear about over and over was the tire-slashing of Republican get-out-the-vote vehicles in Milwaukee eight years ago, for which four Democratic campaign workers including the son of a congresswoman went to jail – to feed journalists' both-sides-do-it brain-deadedness.

    Someday, some clever political scientist might figure out a way to quantify just how many points on election day Democrats have to make up to bring things to square. Until that point – or probably even after that point – we can expect the usual Wednesday morning diet of earnest reflections on what the polling just past "says" about the electorate. Republicans will keep pushing, pushing, pushing their vision for what kind of world they want to live in – union and public-employee free. Democrats, free of any particular vision for society at all, will go into "battle" retailing themselves as the nicer fellows in the contest, and earnestly hope the electorate goes along.

    The answer is not for Democrats to cheat. But it begins with the Democratic establishment doing business in a way that doesn't make their most devoted partisans feel like slapping them upside the head.

    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/national-affairs/how-republicans-cheat-democrats-and-democrats-cheat-themselves-20120612#ixzz1yFOfvbkc"

    How about Watergate?

    How about Republican paid campaign workers and volunteers, every four years, going to minority neighborhoods and distributing flyers that voters with odd-number i.d.'s (or license plates) vote on Tuesday and the others vote on Thursday-- two days after the election was over.

    One of the MANY reasons I simply dislike Republicans, generally speaking. Whereas I respected the old, moderate Republicans like Rockefeller and Javits, but not today. They don't exist today.
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