My God, thank you for that post. The "Good times, good times" made me freakin' howl.
I think Sullivan would be too crude and would pick Frazier to quite possibly kill him.
I admittedly don't know a lot about Fitz but I've read a damned lot about his vaunted power. No pick.
Tunney was crazy smart in the ring and moved so, so well but Frazier at his best was better than the Dempsey Gene beat and he got dropped. Quite possibly behind on points, Frazier gets him at some point. Frazier KO13
Dempsey-Frazier would have to be about as exciting as watching grass grow and I guess Jack would win, say TKO6 after five plus rounds of absolutely nothing. (I'm actually going to watch Klitscko-Brewster 2, thinking about Jack and Joe is going to make it that much harder).
Frazier beats Jeffries but in Jeff's era, they go well into the night. Like a 20inning baseball game.
I like Johnson to beat Frazier but I'm not overly sold on it. Jack was probably every bit as tough as Joe but style-wise they couldn't have been more different. I just think a relentless force like Joe would push Jack and we'd see the very best of him. Johnson W dec.
Louis-Frazier? Flip a coin, imo. I wouldn't want to walk up to Louis bobbing and weaving and I wouldn't want to have Louis chin with Frazier in front of me. Tough call, imo.
Marciano-Frazier. I lean towards the Rock but I simply can't make my mind figure out how this would end conclusively. I absolutely refuse to believe Rock gets KO'd by Joe and I'm not sure with this taking place in the 50's that Joe gets stopped, either.