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Thread: Muhammed Ali (1974, '75) vs Larry Holmes (1982)

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    Muhammed Ali (1974, '75) vs Larry Holmes (1982)

    Who would win if Ali, in the same shape as the night in Zaire,
    or in Manila, faced the Larry Holmes who thrashed Gerry
    Cooney in 1982? What a battle of legends!

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    Roberto Aqui


    I maintain Ali was greatly diminished after Zaire and 82 Holmes could have beat him. The Zaire Ali is another story, but then again that was a tough fight for Ali that he really didn't look good in and was lucky enough to have favorable circumstances in.

    Holmes was as well trained as any point of his career against Cooney. Their styles would produce a boring but sporadically exciting type of fight that Holmes could win on his marginally higher work rate. Basically they'd be grappling and exchanging jabs, rights hands, and taunts the whole fight. It's possible Holmes could be hurt by one of those rights, so I guess Ali as strange as it sounds has a puncher's chance. Thing is Ali could be outboxed at that time though it's not PC to admit to such a thing in certain circles.

    Prime Ali would box circles around Holmes, but not this version.

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    Mr E

    1970s Ali v. Holmes

    I think Holmes beats the Ali of 1970-1975 [i.e., Quarry(I) through Frazier(III)] by a close, competitive UD.

    I think Holmes beats the post-Manilla Ali by a mile. No contest.

    But I think the Ali of 1964-1967 [i.e., Liston(I) through Folley] wins a comfortable decision.

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    If it was Ali vs most other fighters, I would go for Ali, but I think Larry would beat him comfortably on a unanimous decision.

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    Re: 1970s Ali v. Holmes

    I would say a fight between Ali of '74/'75 against the '82
    Larry Holmes would have been a great fight. Holmes was
    indeed as good as he ever was that night vs Cooney. Ali
    in the time from Foreman to Frazier III was as crafty as he
    had ever been and I believe hit harder than ever as he was
    flat-footed more often. The hand speed was still there, and
    vs Holmes it would have been a battle of the fast jab vs the
    heavy jab. I would give Holmes a hell of a shot at a win, but
    Ali might have surprised him also. A toss up here.

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    Re: 1970s Ali v. Holmes

    A prime Ali would have beaten Holmes, no doubt about it.

    But the Ali that fought Foreman had already lost to Norton, and wasnt the same.

    Holmes UD.

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    Re: Muhammed Ali (1974, '75) vs Larry Holmes (1982)

    Given the career stages noted, I like Holmes. As noted by others, I'd switch and favor Ali of 1965-67.

    Also, I thought Holmes's prime was about 1978-79, not 1982, despite the mastery of Cooney in 1982. Holmes appeared to slip a bit in most bouts after beating Norton in 1978, despite some later blowouts (e.g., Marvis, Leon, Tex).

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