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Thread: Ron Lipton Training Video

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    Ron Lipton Training Video

    Hello to all board members. My name is Matt Greer,and I am from St. Louis, Mo. I've been in boxing off and on since 1998. I've had a few pro fights in the last few years going 6-2 with almost all my wins coming against very limited opponents. I've recently decided to get more serious about training. I have not had a trainer since 2000,so I contacted Ron Lipton a few weeks ago about putting together a instructional video for me. Let me first say what many of you already know, and that is Ron Lipton is one hell of a fight teacher. I wanted the tape to cover alot of basics, but also how to put a little of Joe Louis's balance and combination punching into my style. The first part of the tape is Ron in the gym taking me througth the basic postion and punches. You can see and feel the intensity in this guys eyes and body language just when he is talking. After the basics were covered he moved into Joe Louis and how he executed his punches on balance. After demonstrating a move clearly he edited in fight footage of Louis and other fighters to show what it looked like in real time. This was done for every move he showed on the tape so that I knew how, when, and where to use and execute the moves. He also discussed diet, roadwork, condtioning, and the proper mind set of fighting and training, for example thinking into the muscle and telling yourself this punch is going to be hard. I can't give away all the tips Ron gave me, but if your interested in learning to fight, shedding a few pounds or just want to learn some self defense you can contact Ron at his email Blkleopard21@aol.com. For those interested in self defense I believe Ron was a police officer, SWAT, and a BlackBelt in Judo, so you know this guy knows how to avoid situations but also how to take them out fast.
    As a fighter I cannot put a price on the info and techniques he showed me, but it was money VERY WELL SPENT and I plan on having more tapes made.
    Matt Greer

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    Re: Ron Lipton Training Video

    Just got a call from Heavyweight Matt Greer who fought tonight in Missouri.

    He knocked his opponent down 4 times and won a 4 round unanamous decision.

    So glad the training tape helped Matt, and the most pleasing thing to me of all was that after the fight, both guys shook hands and became friends.

    Matt Greer on the way to becoming a hard hitting contender and always a gentleman and great sport.

    The President of the Association of Boxing Commissioners was there, and all went well.

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