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Thread: Teofilio Stevenson vs Mike Tyson

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    Teofilio Stevenson vs Mike Tyson

    Could Mike have derailed Teofilio at the amateur level?

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    Not in the amateur's, b/c of the amateur rule's
    but yes in the pro's

    Frank B.

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    Ronald Lipton


    Goodbye Uncle Filio

    he would go as fast as Carl The Truth Williams and Mike Spinks on the best day either Mike or Stevenson had.

    In the pros.

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    I like Stevenson by KO inside of 2 rounds.
    Little short Mike would never know what hit him.
    Stevenson knew how to use his height and reach and ring presence to his best advantage.
    Stevenson would jab, and extend that jab and Mike would be bombed out like Woody Clark was with the loong and letha right hand.
    I think Stevenson could have gotten rid of Ali as well-circa 77-78.
    Felix Savon also would have also taken Mike out early-IMO.

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    Roberto Aqui


    Tyson would not be able to handle Teo on the amateur level. On the pro level Tyson would've KOed Teo within the amateur limit.

    The real question is what a 77 post Olympic gold medal Teo could have done with 77 pre 78 Spinks Ali. I'd take Teo by KO. Duran was wrong and Castro didn't know boxing.

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    Steve McV

    Re: pro

    Stevenson by UD at the amature level.

    Tyson by KO round 7 at the pro level.

    One of the great "oh I wish, what could have been..." is the thought of Teo turning pro. Man, I think he would have been champion after Foreman/Ali and before Holmes. I think he would have beaten an older Ali, as well as Norton, Spinks, Young...

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    If Teo was a sure pro, how would his nemesis, Vysotsky, have performed as a professional?

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    Dragnet 69


    If Igor didn't have the severe cut/bleeding problems he would have been hell on wheels as a pro. Talented guy with enormous Shavers type power. TIP

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