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Thread: Rocky Lockridge v Naseem Hamed.

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    Rocky Lockridge v Naseem Hamed.

    Lockridge would have the durability and the corresponding collection of skills to frustrate the unorthodox prince IMO.

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    Rocky v Naseem

    I like Rocky here. i think he would handle
    Hamed just like Barrera did , to me Hamed
    is the lousyest fighter i seen in my more
    them 50 years of watching fight.

    Frank B.

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    Re: Rocky v Naseem

    but he was fun to watch

    It took balls the size of grapefruits to dance behind a screen while all of MSG was screaming in outrage.

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    Bum or No Bum :-)

    Lets put it this way if you was the promoter you would have put Hamed on your show quick as a flash.

    Like him or hate him he was a promoters dream, he put bums on seats as they say.

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    Re: Bum or No Bum :-)

    Puting bums in the seats does not make him a good fighter

    Frank B.

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    Re: Bum or No Bum :-)

    Hamed was a good fighter.Highly flawed and overrated but still a dangerous world class featherweight.

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    Re: Bum or No Bum :-)

    Say what you will about his antics, the little SOB could punch like a crapload of bricks. Rocky would make a very interesting opponent for him, however. PeteLeo.

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    Rocky can do it over cocky Naz....

    Rocky Lockridge always reminds me of Kevin Kelly and visa-versa - (like Meldrick Taylor & Mike Dokes or Buster Drayton & Mike Weaver - lookalikes, Fightalikes ? ) and like kevin is fully capable of frustrating Hamed with his moves and tighter sounder technique, Although Rocky went the distence and was extemely competitive with Messrs Chavez and Gomez ( many felt Rocky Robbed against Gomez !) Neither threw the weird angle, unanticipatable bomb that Hamed could throw...which if landed.....And Rocky was not immune from putting his chin offer on occassion, the Laporte blastout being the most obvious, but floorings later in his career (ok he was a bit slower) against such as Harold Knight Boza-edwards indicate he can be reached, especially if he is not fully respectful, particularly in the earlier stages, of course if Naz turned up in his Jose Badillo Box mode Rocky may have a struggle on his hands on the technique front as well, generally there is little doubt that Rocky is the much more rounded, conventionally talented fighter, this may lend him a bit of predictability for Naz, but Naz will not Recepricate on the predicability front for Rocky...

    I can see an early knockdown each with them settling down to move and counter move, both looking for openings, but being a little loath to fully commit forfear of being countered, as we go into the last 3rd, with both perhaps being a little tired, and Naz starting to apply pressure looking for the breakthrough, does Rocky get caught, or does Naz get Sloppy and countered...

    I tend to think the Rocky, as well as being technically sound is a proven stayer, Laporte mishap aside, and feel he could ride out the storms and Box Naz back out to Range - the Jab is the Key for Rocky, if he makes it his primary weapon i think, allied with his intelligent movement, he can come home on points, but any Gungo disrespect for naz could be severly punished.

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    Steve Coughlin

    Naz By KO

    Lockridge was a solid fighter but, in my humble opinion, Naz is one of the most under rated champions ever - largely due to his antics & personality. It took Marco Antonio Barrera to beat Naz and if I can paraphrase Loydd Bensten "Lockridge is no MAB"!

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    Re: Naz By KO

    what is hamed now ..31? the guy could punch for sure...just wonder at the heart of a guy who quits after 1 defeat. whats he got left? anybody think he will fight again? him and pac-man would be fun to see....anyway i go with rocky...more technically sound and tough enough.

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    Re: Naz By KO

    Well, he's a multi-multi-millionaire, and it's a little difficult to keep the fighting juices flowing when you're that rich (unless your name is Holyfield, of course). Naz won a bunch of title fights and made a buttload of cash at a relatively young age, so I wouldn't really question his heart for retiring -- officially or not -- at this point in his life. Actually, there are a number of guys who would do well to follow his example.
    He did have one bout following the Barrerra schooling. I forget the opponent's name, but Naz was floored and looked awful in winning a probably undeserved decision, which also did its part in convincing him that his career was in the past.
    Following the near-miss with Kelley, his selection of opponents became a good deal more deliberate, but I still think that his overall ring legacy is a fine one, and few people who ever saw the little son of a gun during one of his outrageous ring entrances will ever forget him. PeteLeo.

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