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Thread: W. Klitschko v Peter, Prefight Press & Predictions

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    W. Klitschko v Peter, Prefight Press & Predictions

    On Sept.24 who will win W.Klitschko or S. Peter ?

    Frank B.

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    Re: Predictions,W. Klitschko v Peter

    I like Peter here by KO.

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    Re: Predictions,W. Klitschko v Peter

    Karl I hope you are right because I am tired of the Klitscko's for the most part. I guess if everyone weren’t talking about how great they are (most people on this site excluded) I guess I would like them but I guess I am tired of the HBO publicity machine. Anyway I have an intuition that Klitschko is going to get it done in this fight and Peter's face first style will catch up to him. By the way if Peter wins I am sure in a year or two I will be sick of the Peter Machine.

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    Re: Predictions,W. Klitschko v Peter

    Wlad, by TKO after 5 or 6 rounds of keeping his jab in Peter's face, and dropping an occasional right hand in. Peter's a one-dimensional fighter who only knows one way--straight in.

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    Re: Predictions,W. Klitschko v Peter

    I kind of favor Vlad in this one. Hes got the equipment and Manny must be sure of him to risk a bout with Peter. I think Vlads Simon Pure experience will help in this one. He wont be overwhelmed by Peters personna. He just has to box and move. Vlad in a upset nod.

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    Re: Predictions,W. Klitschko v Peter

    I've gotta go with Peter here. Wlad's lack of chin and stamina more than outweighs his pop and boxing skill. Especially with a guy like Peter trying to take his head off, I doubt Lil' Klit will really feel comfortable enough to sit down on his punches the way he'll have to in this one.

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    Hitman Heitzie

    Re: Predictions,W. Klitschko v Peter

    I think Little K will win the 1st 3 rounds but it should be only a matter of time until Sam catches him. Peter by KO, somewhere around rounds 4-6. Wlad doesn't have a chin and his stamina won't last long against an aggressive opponent. Should be fun while it lasts though.

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    Michael Moorer says...

    Moorer was on FNF last night, and he's calling Lil' Klit to win in 9 rounds.

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    TKO Tom

    Re: Ukraine vs. Nigeria

    I'm going with Wladimir Klitschko in this one. I've seen Samuel Peter fight in person, and while he has excellent power he is crude and wild swinging. One step to the left or the right by his opponents throws Peter totally off balance. Many will call me crazy, but I still think Wlad can go a long way in this moribound heavyweight division.

    Emanuel Steward wouldn't put Wlad in there with Peter if he didn't think he could win. Steward is about the most cautious guy out there when it comes to matching his fighters - but he is also a very accurate judge of talent and style matchups. On pretty much every card that Manny calls for HBO he picks the proper winner nearly every time. He has an uncanny ability to see how styles and fighters will match up against each other and then who will win.

    If Manny can get Wlad to relax and pace himself, I think it will be a surprisingly easy fight for the young Klitschko.

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    Re: Ukraine vs. Nigeria


    You'd have to use a bell curve to even say Peter has poor footwork. He's got brontosaurus legs and he really needs them to get in position to land or even throw. If wladimir doesn't wade in and makes peter come to him he really has zero % worries about the guy cutting off the ring. He's a short plodder that just follows and really doesn't even have the footwork of tua and like tons of recent heavyweights--doesn't do anything off his toes. I really think larry holmes could come out of retirement and could make him look real real bad if not outright win a decision against sam peter right now.

    The other factor in this bout is the superior corner of klitschko. I used to like team duva when george benton was there and he had all those boxers. They used to do an excellent job w/ everyone. Since benton, it's been guys like tommy brooks and roger bloodworth and Lou Duva just doesn't have that midas touch anymore. More like a medussa touch if you think about it, since his guys always seem to lose the big one's recently.

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    This is the lesser of the 2 klits. I think peter catches him with a haymaker and knocks him out. I'm going to this one.

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    Roberto Aqui


    You cannot overestimate the strength of Peter. That may prove fatal in close. When this guy throws and misses the follow through is enough to knock a fighter back. The ultimate of ironies would be if Wlad played the matador and took Peter into the later rounds and KOed him. He's going to have to have a 20' ring to do it though. No details of the ring size, but Wlad faired poorly in that 16' ring against Sanders and Peter was brutal in his 16'er against Diaz.

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    who win

    Come Saturday 9/24/05 who is going to win
    this fight?

    Frank B.

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    Re: who win

    All I know is that suddenly a lot of people are starting to side with ol Wlad in this one. I think its a free for all but if Peters doesn't take this one seriously, he may learn something the hard way.

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    Kid Achilles

    Re: who win

    I'm going with Sam by early round KO or stoppage.

    Though I wouldn't be shocked if Wlad outboxed and stopped him late, or even early for that matter.

    Not a good fight to bet money on. Too many x factors (Sam's chin vs. true knockout power and Wlad's mindset on Saturday night to name a few).

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    Re: who win

    If the chin doesn't decide this before 5 rounds, then it's going to be all about stamina. I don't have faith in either of these guys in regards to stamina!

    I'm sticking with Peter by KO before 6. Can't wait to see it, an interesting bout between heavyweight contenders.... wow. Maybe some other guys in the division with grow some stones and risk a little.

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    Re: who win

    man...some of the opinions from guys that i have so much respect for...making me doubt my gut reaction when hearing this fight was made. my first thought was peter blows him right out. what was said about sam's footwork is true. he is a plodder and at one time i would have bet on wlad beating him...but i fear wlad has developed a taste for the canvas.

    i think manny and company have probably worked hard with wlad and feel he has prepared properly. if his stamina is an issue here it may be more fear sapping his strength than a lack of preparation.
    maybe steward feels this is a put up or shut up bout for wlad. if he wins he will have made a huge leap over past efforts.

    still how many heavyweights today come back from the kinds of defeat wlad has tasted. i just can't see him staying out of serious trouble in a long fight. of course i am not sure how much power sam peter retains in a big fight scenario. i could see him petering out and getting picked apart if he lets wlad build his courage....naw....i still go with sam early.

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    Re: who win

    I have Peter to win by KO 3.

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    Re: who win

    I'm picking Wlad by ko against a game Peter.

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    Roberto Aqui


    I originally thought this was a bad style match up for Wlad. Peter can beat every heavy in the division but Vitali and even that bout is iffy. Peter may be stronger than Foreman and he has the momentum of a locomotive.

    However I surprised and pleased how fast Wlad jumped on this bout. The BS and easy pickings are gone. The man has a plan and wants his reputation back. He can also box beautifully and has some decent footwork and great power. The only question is whether he can handle the strength and pressure Peter brings which is immense. Peter's chin is expected to be tested, but I suspect he's fairly solid.

    I'm going to say Peter is trying to impress and will be overanxious and Wlad carefully picks his shots and counters him, knocking him down early as he lunges off balance. I also expect Peter to club Wlad to the canvas fairly early. I would expect that Manny has been working on defense off the ropes with Wlad. We'll see. I think he keeps it together long enough to tire out Peter enough in mid rounds and puts together a TKO stoppage. If Wlad attempts to dominate Peter he will be steamrolled. You have to box a Peter and only slug as a last resort.

    I still don't see ring size listed. Small ring favors Peter, big one favors Wlad. I am assuming a big ring. Anyone have any clues how to find out that info? I almost never see it mentioned.

    Both fighters will put on a show regardless and I don't understand the sniping against them. I hope both their stocks rise after the bout. Wlad can still be a ruler of the division and Peter most assuredly will hold a belt soon enough also. I like the intelligence these two brought to the promotion and it is not without irony that it will take a bout between two foreign nationals to light a fire in the division.

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    Re: Timing

    I'm excited about the fight. I thought Vlad had exceptional talent less his chin. He did not dog anything. He simply got exposed by Saunders. The guy diod keep on getting up. He was brilliant against Brewster before his collapse. Who the hell knows. It is a bit strange.

    No matter what the guy will never be unbeatable. His fights will always be nail biters because of his chin and recooperative powers. However, his other skills are so good if he gets his act together maybe he becomes a heavyweight Terry Norris ...

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    Klitschko wins this

    Too much experience, too much left jab, too much power.

    I'm not too impressed with Peter. He's basically the version of Tua who fought Lewis and thereafter . . .a slow plodding guy with little skill throwing widely. He had power and the energy of youth, and may even be able to take a good shot, but unless Wlad mentally falls apart from the pressure, which could happen, I'm feel fairly comfortable in picking a Klitschko TKO win.

    I wouldn't bet on it though . . .

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    W. Klitschko-Peter bout has heavy implications

    By Chuck Johnson, USA TODAY

    Three main ingredients for a crowd-pleasing fight are two solid opponents and, most important, an element of suspense. Saturday night's 12-round main event at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall between comeback-minded Wladimir Klitschko and unbeaten Samuel Peter appears to have the proper mix.

    &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Klitschko is aiming to get his title hopes back on track.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
    By Reed Saxon, AP
    Indeed, the bout is generating excitement and anticipation that's been missing in the heavyweight division for a long time.

    "It's by far the most meaningful and intriguing heavyweight matchup of the year to date," promoter Dino Duva says. "It's going to have huge implications on the heavyweight division and boxing in general."

    Although no title is on the line, the Klitschko-Peter winner will become the mandatory challenger for the IBF and WBO titles held by Chris Byrd and Lamon Brewster, respectively.

    "In addition, there's no question that the winner of this fight establishes himself as the hottest and most important heavyweight in the world," Duva says.

    Not long ago, Wladimir Klitschko (44-3, 40 KOs), the 6-6 younger brother of WBC champion Vitali Klitschko, was the WBO champ and a sure-bet future star. But knockout losses to Corrie Sanders in 2003 and Brewster in 2004 took the Ukrainian off the fast track.

    "I'm seen as the underdog in this fight, and there's a lot of questions about my stamina and endurance," says Klitschko, who makes his home in Hamburg. "I think the best answer is going to be my fight. I'm not worried about my confidence at all — I'm worried about my opponent. But being the underdog gives me great motivation."

    Peter (24-0, 21 KOs) is nicknamed "The Nigerian Nightmare" and has shown impressive power in knocking out most of his opponents. But many see him as a raw talent who's taking a big chance stepping up against an accomplished fighter.

    "Nobody knows me yet, but they'll find out (Saturday) if I'm real or not," he says. "What's going to happen is going to happen. I'm ready to move forward."

    The fight is on HBO (10 ET) along with the WBO super lightweight title co-feature between champion Miguel Cotto (24-0) and Ricardo Torres (28-0).

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    If Klitschko shows up with any stamina in his gym bag, he can win this fight...he has to box carefully and pick his shots: he should have lots of opportunities to chosse from as Peter's defense is suspect, as in pretty much non-existent.

    If Klit starts sucking air, he's gone in 6.

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    I've given this fight more thought than it actually deserves & here is what I've come up with:

    I think Wlad has all the physical tools & the right style to beat a crude brawler like Peter ... BUT, he also has a heart the size of a raisin which he has proved to us more than once. Remember his fight against a totally shot Mercer?

    Ray only landed 6 punches in the bout yet he still busted up Wlad pretty good. Wlad won because Mercer was so far gone. Peter is active, bullish in the ring & his best bet is to give Klit no breathing room & just keep punching.

    If he does that he should stop Wlad in 3-5 rounds. BUT ... If Wlad somehow grows some stones & can get past 5 rounds the fight could get very interesting. Mainly because we have no idea how much stamina Peter himself is going to have past the middle rounds.

    I'll go with Peter early but if it goes past 5 the fight might very well be a toss up.


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    &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
    Calvin Brock on Klitschko-Peter
    by Robert Mladinich

    The highly anticipated September 24th “Boardwalk Brawl” between Wladimir Klitschko of Kiev, Ukraine, and Samuel Peter of Las Vegas, via Nigeria, has the boxing world abuzz. Forget the fact that the winner is guaranteed a shot at the IBF title, which is currently held by Chris Byrd. This fight is so attractive, it doesn’t need any titular designation to add to its appeal.

    J.E. Grant of TheSweetScience.com has called it the year’s most important non-title bout. Not surprisingly, in a fight of such magnitude, everyone has an opinion. The big questions are whether or not the chin-challenged Klitschko, 44-3 (40 KOs) can survive Peter’s bone-jarring power or whether the relatively inexperienced Peter, 24-0 (21 KOs), can get through Klitschko’s ramrod left jab and sleep-inducing right hand.

    One person who has more than a passing interest in the outcome is undefeated heavyweight Calvin Brock of Charlotte, North Carolina. With a record of 26-0 (21 KOs), he recently passed on the opportunity to fight WBC champion Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir’s brother, because he had just gotten married and did not have time to prepare properly.

    While he picks Vitali to easily defeat Hasim Rahman in their upcoming bout, he is not so certain when it comes to picking Wladimir to beat Peter. That fight, he says, has so many intangibles that picking a winner is not so easy. When pressed, however, he believes that Peter will prevail.

    “Both guys are really hard punchers, so anything can happen,” said Brock, who became acquainted with Peter when both were competing in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. (Neither Brock or Peter, who represented his native Nigeria, won a medal). “But I have to think that Peter hits harder and is hungrier. He is coming off several very impressive knockouts, so he has momentum in his favor. He’s going to have to keep his hands up, stay away from Wladimir’s jab, and take Wladimir out of his game.”

    Although Peter has looked very dangerous stopping Taurus Sykes, Gilbert Martinez, Yanqui Diaz and Jeremy Williams in his last four fights, it is not easy to forget just how ordinary he looked in winning dull decisions over Jovo Pudar and Charles Shufford in the two bouts leading up to that knockout streak.

    “I think Samuel took those guys lightly because he was so confident,” explained Brock. “Fights like those are actually good, because you realize you can’t knock everyone out. Afterwards he went out and knocked out four guys in a row. So I would look at that as a positive more than a negative.”

    After the Olympics, Brock and Peter were reacquainted in Las Vegas where both were trained by Pops Anderson for a time. They became good friends and often dined, worshipped and even went to the movies together. They also sparred on several occasions.

    “The first time, in 2001, was pretty even,” said Brock. “But the second time, in 2002, Samuel had gained about 10 pounds and was up around 240 where he is now. Even though we were boxing lightly because I was finishing up training for a bout, I could feel his power. That extra 10 pounds was all muscle. He was so much quicker, and so much stronger. It was scary how strong he was.”

    Although the refreshingly clean-cut, devoutly spiritual Brock is not a betting man, if compelled to place a wager he would bet heavily on Peter. “Samuel is a good all-around guy,” he said. “He’s a clean-living, God-fearing man who is totally dedicated to boxing. He’s been to the Olympics, so he is used to pressure. He’s already learned that he can’t knock everyone out, which is an important lesson to learn, especially for such a hard puncher. I think the timing is perfect for him to look good against Wladimir.”

    As far as his own career is concerned, Brock is scheduled to have a stay-busy fight against an opponent to be determined on October 29th. Conceivably it could take place at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, from which he graduated with a degree in business administration with a major in finance. (Brock’s wife Yolanda is a law student at Duke University).

    Asked if there was any chance of marital bliss making him soft or quelling his pugilistic desire, the always amiable, refreshingly honest Brock said that was impossible. “I’m hungrier than I’ve ever been,” he said. “Nothing is going to stop me and nothing is going to make me soft. I’m still the same Calvin Brock, still dreaming of becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. When I finally get that title, I plan on keeping it for a long time.”

    He has no regrets about turning down the fight with Vitali Klitschko, saying the timing was just not right and that he would have been cheating both himself and his fans if he went in ill-prepared. He calls Vitali a “Class-A fighter” and says that, as far as he is concerned, he’s the man to beat in the heavyweight division.

    Presuming Brock gets past Vitali when and if they ever meet, one might wonder if he would be able to fight Peter, with whom he shares so much more than a vocation. He and Peter are inherently decent, very religious, and known for living exemplary lives outside of the ring. When Brock talks about Peter, and vice versa, the mutual respect they each put forth is readily apparent.

    “If the time ever comes where I have to fight Samuel, I would be happy to,” said Brock. “Boxing is only our business, so it wouldn’t affect our friendship. I wouldn’t be able to trash talk him, but then I never trash talk anybody. When the time is right for Samuel and me to fight, we’ll do it. We might beat each other up in the ring, but I’m sure we’ll be friends afterwards.”

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    I think Gor's assessment is right on...but I also think that the comparison to Mercer may be right on for this fight as a positive for Wlad as they (Mercer & Peter) have simliar body types and styles to some degree though Mercer was more talented.

    I think the early go of it will be 50/50.
    The forward plodding target Peter is certainly available to walk into a big shot from one of the best punchers in boxing and just as easily he could decide to really get physical with Wlad and get him unravelled. The deeper it goes IMO, the more I would tend to say Wlad has a chance...& has Peter even shown us any late KO power?

    It's easy to say that Peter can walk down Wlad but I also think Peter has no idea how it feels to be hit and I think Wlad's hook & straight right are 2 solid introductions. Besides being slow, Peter does not move his body or his head. IMO, Peter will be a sitting duck for someone as accurate and powerful as Wlad. I think once Peter gets tagged just a little with some quality Wlad shots, I think his inexperience may begin to show.

    Interesting scrap & I'll be happy for the winner either way. I am really curious how the Shufford comparison plays into all of this in the end as well (if at all). I think Peter is fairly limited and would only get exposed as he moves up the latter but it will probably be a fun ride. Maybe I'm grading him too hard on the Shufford fight but I really haven't seen much of a reason to pick him over any of the usual top 10 yet. I would rather see Wlad correct himself, be a good comeback story & move onward. In the end, they both may have the same shelf life anyway. Personally I'd rather watch Wlad KO someone with style than a flailing toughman approach.

    I think this is a dumb fight for Peter quite honestly. I think there are other less dangerous fights with less of downside to them which accomplish much of the same thing. Wlad needs this fight a boatload more than Peter and in the end that may be the difference here as there is chance that Peter feels he doesn't have much work ahead of him. I know Wlad discounts nothing at this point.

    Feels dumb to put this much thought into a fight that could end in 30 seconds without learning much.

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    I think the biggest question in this fight is how big a punch can Peter take. Two out of the three times Wlad hit a wall (Puritty and Brewster), he did so after having landed thunderous punches on his foes (against Sanders he never got started). It so happened that those two guys had good beards, took the shots, and came back to exploit the Ukranian's poor stamina. So, if Peter can take a good shot (because he will get hit), that will spell doom for Wlad and he will follow the same fate he did on those two other fights.

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    Team Klitschko Looking for Excuses (Again)?
    Demand fight gloves be weighed

    In what New Jersey State Athletic Commissioner Larry Hazzard described as a “new level of dumb,” in boxing, Team Wladimir Klitschko demanded that the boxing gloves to be used tomorrow night, when the former WBO champion faces Samuel Peter at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, be weighed to ensure they are the regulation 10 ounces.

    According to Hazzard, he was contacted by Klitschko “boxing adviser” Shelly Finkel, public relations advisor Bernd Bonte and K-2 Promotions coordinator Burt Watson and told that Klitschko’s camp would be bringing a small scale to today’s undercard weigh-in (the main event weigh-in was held yesterday) to ensure there was nothing irregular about the weight of either fighter’s gloves…an implication that enraged glove manufacturer Grant Elvis Phillips.

    “If I said it didn’t bother me, I’d be lying. This one here crosses the line with me. I take it personally. For someone to insinuate that we would favor someone is pretty offensive. It shows zero confidence on the part of Klitschko’s people. I only had one other experience like this when Roy Jones fought John Ruiz. Roy had custom brown gloves and John Ruiz had black. (Ruiz manager) Stony (Stone) started a whole thing about the gloves and got punched in his face for it. Unfortunately, the same thing didn’t happen to Bernd Bonte tonight.”

    When informed of this highly irregular request, Peter manager Ivaylo Gotzev says he was mildly amused. “The problem is not the gloves,” he explained. “What they should be worried about is what’s in them: a left and a right hand from Samuel, and it’s too late for them to stop that now.”

    “Both camps agreed on the Grant gloves,” added event promoter, Dino Duva. “They are sealed at the factory and were opened in front of them at the weigh-in. After the weigh-in, the commission kept the gloves, so I haven’t even seen them.”

    This is not the first time Team Wladimir has suspected wrongdoing. After his last defeat (a TKO 5 to Lamon Brewster), the Ukrainian and his people leveled accusations of deliberate poisoning and overly vasolined legs to explain the loss.

    “There is dumb sh** in boxing all the time,” concluded an obviously annoyed Hazzard, “but this is definitely a first for me.”

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    Samuel Peter vs. Wladimir Klitschko

    Las Vegas, NV Los Angeles, CA

    24-0 (21KO’s) 44-3 (40 KO’s)

    Weight: 243 lbs. Weight: 244 lbs.


    Miguel Cotto vs. Ricardo Torres

    Puerto Rico Magangue, Colombia

    24-0 (20 KO’s) 28-0 (25 KO’s)

    Weight: 140 lbs. Weight: 140 lbs


    Kendall Holt vs. Vladimir Khodokovski

    Paterson, NJ Kiev, Ukraine

    19-1 (12 KO’s) 12-7-2 (4 KO’s)

    Weight: 142 lbs. Weight: 148 1bs.


    Michael Marrone vs. Adam Smith

    Vero Beach, FL Youngstown, Ohio

    10-0 (9 KO’s) 4-7-1 (1 KO’s)

    Weight: 215 Weight: 229 lbs.


    Steve Walker vs. Alexander Sipos

    Hannibal, MO Munich, Germany

    16-12 (11 KO’s) 15-0-2 (7 KO’s)

    Weight: 158 lbs Weight: 158 lbs


    Henry Akinwande vs. Tim Williamson

    Lagos, Nigeria Pittsburgh, PA

    46-2-1 (29 KO’s) 14-1 (11 KO’s)

    Weight: 243 lbs. Weight:


    JD Chapman vs. Robert Kooser

    Mansfield , Ark. Joshua, TX

    15- 0 (14 KO’s) 7-3 (6 KO’s)

    Weight: Weight:


    Victor Bisbal vs. David Clease

    Salinas, Puerto Rico Columbus, OH

    3-0 (2 KO’s) 2-5-1 (2 KO’s)
    Weight: 237 lbs

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