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Thread: W. Klitschko v Peter, Prefight Press & Predictions

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    The DanMan


    I'm going with Peter inside of five. Wlad will either run out of gas trying to bust up Peter while staying out of range of his power, or - more likely - get caught by one of Peter's sloppy- but-murderous punches, causing him to do his usual freak out and get ko'd. Peter will take some shots too, but he'll hang in long enough to put Wlad away. It's a shame too, because if you discount the heart, chin, and stamina and just look at the boxing skills, Wlad outclasses Peter so much that it's not even funny.

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    Re: Peter V Klitschko

    Apart from the 1980s and intermitent parts of the 90s, I have been unable to sustain my interest in terms of following fighters on TV, boxing magazines or other media; so while I've seen a handful of Klitschko's fights and none of Peter's, I know next to nothing about them.

    One thing I do know though is that the heavyweight division is in one of those nondescript eras such as those which preceded Tyson's rise or the coming of Ali. While these so to speak 'inbetween eras' may have had some good fighters, the key factor is the lack of excitement and there's not much of that now.

    If any anyone is capable of potentially providing this it appears it would be Peter. I would like to think that he is more than a one dimensional heavy hitter and can inaugrate a more substantive era especially if as a champion he makes competitive bouts and hopefully boxing can become more accessible to the wider public through more exposure on national terrestrial TV (perhaps unlikely.)

    Anyway, I'd like Peter to win because he appears to be a gentleman, a puncher and for reasons not unrelated to his national origins.

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    Re: Peter V Klitschko

    I say Wlad beats him easy...Peter does not have the speed and size of Sainders or the speed and overall toughness of Brewster. I also feel Wlad will not make the same mistakes he did against Brewster. I say Wlad stops him somewhere about the 7th or 8th.

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    Re: Peter V Klitschko

    I've upgraded my KO prediction from 5 to 3. With Sam Peter winning.

    Hope everyone has a good time tonight. Oh, and Ricardo Torres keeps losing his knockouts! I saw his record elsewhere as having 27 KOs (of 28 wins). Then last night I saw it was actually 26. Now Gor has posted the weigh-in results and the man has 25 KOs...

    Anyway, I hope he wobbles Cotto tonight. Both bouts have the potential to be wild affairs.

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    Walker Smith

    Re: Peter V Klitschko

    I'm predicting that Klitschko doesn't escape the 3rd round.

    Klitschko isn't a slick boxer. When he is pressured, he doesn't move well (that is, if he isn't moving to the canvas). Wlad moves faster, has better skills, but he lacks heavyweight toughness and he has very little confidence as a result.

    Also, I don't question Peter's chin. He has a big head and neck and seems like the type that could take a shot. If he moves forward and corners Klitschko, he will knock him out.

    I like the comparison of Peter with Foreman. He almost swats at his opponents, like George Foreman and Max Baer. Like those guys, he may not have to be a good boxer, especially in this era which has no good slick heavyweights to expose a guy like Peter, except Chris Byrd.

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    Roberto Aqui

    Re: Peter V Klitschko

    [[[If any anyone is capable of potentially providing this it appears it would be Peter. I would like to think that he is more than a one dimensional heavy hitter ]]]

    Actually, Peter is incredibly one dimensional. He's so damn strong that it really hasn't mattered one whit. He's the Incredible Hulk. I'm sure he could box a bit, but his boxing ain't gonna feed the bulldog.

    He is a gentleman outside of the ring, but so is Wlad, and Wlad is damn near as strong as Peter with better boxing skills. It boils down to whether Peter can take it long enough to KO Wlad, because he will receive mucho incoming.

    This could look like Wlad/Brewster or Foreman/Morrison.

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    Re: Peter V Klitschko

    Although I picked Peter by KO 3 I think it all depends on whether, or not he can take a punch. Unless Peter comes out and lands a bomb in the opening seconds of the bout he will get hit and if he can take it, which he most certainly looks like he can, then Wlad is in for another very, very bad night.

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