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Thread: Ron Lipton: Q & A Thread

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    Re: reply

    Did you ever get the PM that I sent a few weeks ago?

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    Ronald Lipton

    Re: Day in Court

    Hi buddy,

    no I don't think so, please send it to me again. Thank you

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    Re: reply

    Another pm should be in your ez box.

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    Ronald Lipton

    Re: Link to Newspaper Article on Ron Lipton


    please e-mail it to me at blkleopard21@aol.com

    I cannot access the PM box for some reason.

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    Re: Ron Lipton's Case

    I am editing this thread on which I posted Ron's updated (rough) affidavit and will instead post a summary of his arguments -most of which are familiar with members of the Zone and other boxing internet users in a condensed format.

    Ron, the challenge is still there for any of these anonymous "administrators" and "insiders" to debunk your allegations.


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    Re: Ron Lipton's Case

    Ron Lipton's credentials

    Boxing experience

    3 Time New Jersey Golden Gloves Champion

    Sparring partner to Ali, Frazier, Rubin Carter, Dick Tiger

    Teacher on accredited college course at Marist College

    Boxing refereeing

    Licensed referee in New York 1990-1998

    Also New Jersey Pensylvania, Maine, Missouri and Vermont

    Refereed in the UK, Ireland and Italy

    Fights Refereed


    Holyfield v Mercer
    Ruddock v Morrison
    Holyfield v Czyz
    Jones v Brannon
    DeLaHoya v Leija
    Sosa v Williams
    Patterson v Sanchez
    Whitaker v Jacobs
    Collins v Eubank 1

    Refereeing acumen

    Praised by:

    Harold Ledderman
    Al Berstein
    Dave Botempo
    Brian Kenny

    Boxing Historian/Expert Status

    Praised by amongst many:

    Angelo Dundee
    Ed Brophy
    Carlos Ortiz
    Joey Giardello
    Jose Torres

    Corruption within NY Boxing Administration

    Jack Newfield and Wally Matthews's 3 part expose in the New York Post of commission members who still have friends in the current set up

    Evidence of NY re-using less than proficient referees

    Referee involved in the Beathoven Scotland tragedy and incidents of poor decision making in Whittaker-Huertado, Murray-Green, Lewis-Grant, Dokes-Ruddock, Ayres-Rigby (UK)

    Referee whom the Judicial Conduct Commission in NJ pronounced did not have the "Integrity to ever be a Judge again."

    Boxing Writing

    Articles published in Ring, Boxing Illustrated, World Boxing, Ulster Magazine (won an Award), cyberboxingzone.com

    Boxing on TV, DVD and Stage

    Senior Boxing Consultant on Muhammed Ali-The Whole Story on TNT
    Award winning cheoreography in regard to the stage play Ali
    Boxing Expert on the documentary Cinderella Man: Jim Braddock-The Real Story

    Boxing issues in relation to the law

    Testimony in the legal battle between Joey Giardello and the company responsible for the movie "The Hurricane" crucial in the $350,000 settlement in favour of Giardello.

    Testimony on in Irish High Court contributed to World Champion Steve Collins's victory in a contractual dispute with his manager/promoter

    Both serve as clear cut evidence of Ron's integrity and credibility

    Mentioned in the following Boxing Books

    The Sixteeth Round
    Dick Tiger: The Life and Times of a Boxing Immortal

    Community Service

    Stellar record as a Police Officer and Dectective for Hudson County Prosecutors Office
    Life Time Civil Rights Award
    Anti-Drug Abuse campaigns lending support to George Chuvalo, former Canadian Heavyweight Boxing Champion

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    Ronald Lipton

    Briggs V Mercer

    I just saw the tape today of the fight on tv.

    It looked to me that Briggs held Mercer with one arm and while behind him and to the side, hit him while holding, with several shots which I never would have believed would have even buzzed Ray, but ko'd him.

    It looked like a clear cut case of a foul of holding and hitting without the ref Brian Garry saying one word about it.

    Barry Thompkins and Sean O'Grady did not say one single word or even hint at it. What the hell is going on?

    It seems that Mercer was supposed to lose, Briggs is on the rise, so anything goes?

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    Ronald Lipton

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Message

    I just wanted to say to all my Cyberboxingzone friends besides wishing everyone a very Happy and Merry Christmas and healthy new year that I am very grateful to all of the caring boxing people who stood by me to help me get back into that ring.

    Furthermore, whether I ever get my referee license again
    in NY or not due to what I know specifically is a totally unjust situation, I have come to a few conclusions about life.

    I believe I remain someone who will still speak out like all of you when a boxing situation merits it, and I would still like to think I am the same tough street kid I was long ago but I have come to realize one truth.

    There are many good people in boxing who have shown me they a good guys to the marrow of their bones and one of best of them is Teddy Atlas.

    I have come to respect and really like Teddy and I count myself as one of his friends. I had him all wrong and I can tell you for sure his heart is in the right place and that is all that counts to me in this hard hard life we all face. We both love boxing and may or may not disagree on things from time to time, but he is the salt of the earth kind of guy.

    I also think I was wrong to Publicly criticize some refs who fouled up in the ring, only because they did not do it on purpose and were doing the best they could.

    Certain refs who got assignments through relatives my opinion stays the same, especially regarding ring injuries and death. That being said, I think I was very wrong to risk hurting any human beings feelings, because nothing is worth that to me anymore in life.

    So, whether or not I get back in that ring again, the new year for me will see a different outlook on things. We as boxing fans see everything, we all know what is going on but as a fighter I never enjoyed hurting any man, and I never want to hurt another person's feeling either that did not come gunning for me personally so to speak.

    People have shown me recently when I have really been down as far as I could go that they have a good heart, and it has changed my outlook tremendously.

    thank you all,


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    Roberto Aqui

    Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Message

    That's very impressive Ron. It's always a struggle, then some sweetness, more struggle, the warm sun, stumbling on a can of beans in a remote corner of the pantry meaning you can put off going to the store until tomorrow and enjoy the last of your beer and tacos in style.

    "No matter how much I struggle and strife, I'll never get out of this world alive"......Hank Williams, chorus of the last song he ever wrote and was #1 country hit probably blaring on the radio as he lay dying in the back of his chauffered Caddy.

    It's easy to get down of people as you noted, but then I look around and see all manner of folk with traits I find superior to myself who are more humble and caring and hey, I'm not such a big shot or cold cynic anymore. I'll just enjoy the roses when they bloom, waitout the yearly ice storms, and be happy to be feeling alive to see and hear of incredible things.

    Merry Christmas ALL.........I sorta had a premature Christmas with finding a miracle parking slot downtown, seeing the Telefutura fights at the ring apron last Friday, and getting some great shots of me 'n Jesus Chavez together, one that is being printed for my Christmas cards being mailed tomorrow. It's the little things that put us over the top. Thanks again Ron.

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    Ronald Lipton


    Exquisitely put Robert, and thank you.

    Those Christmas cards sound pretty cool too.

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    Re: Ron Lipton's Case

    So when is fightnews or some site going to do a big story and put Rons story out there and let the boxing world get to buzzing about it ?

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    Ronald Lipton


    Thanks Ice,

    much appreciated. You were and are one tough fighter who went toe to toe with all of the great forces in that ring, and always came in on time and in shape.

    The ultimate professional.

    your buddy always,


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    Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Message

    Merry Christmas to You and all Your Family Mr Lipton

    Lets hope that you can get that licence back Ron and do a job that you were among the best at. If it does happen old buddy. Just bite your tongue and don't step on their toes. Because remember a pat on the back never paid the rent.

    PS Wish i had sometimes taken my own advice

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    Ronald Lipton


    Thanks Danny,

    hope to see you one day, the first 10 drinks are on me mate.

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    Re: reply

    merry x-mas. i was impressed with your comments on teddy atlas. out of respect for you i will have to take a better look at the guy. i have been tough on him in the past but if you have come to a different conclusion it merits a little slack in my mind.

    scully has a hell of an idea about an article shedding more light on your struggle to ref again and getting more exposure. if you can get the earth to rumble a bit some of these birds will have to pull their heads out. hang tough.

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    Ronald Lipton

    Re: Ron Lipton's Case

    thanks Greg,

    always good to hear from you pal.

    Teddy showed me he is a good guy and that's all that counts to me in this life.

    My friend Brian Kenny thinks the world of him and Teddy does care about doing the right thing and helping people and it don't get better than that, as I feel the same way.

    Merry Christmas Greg

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    Re: reply

    Hi Ron,

    That message about Atlas, etc., was written by a man of character. As always, you wear your heart on your sleeve, and thats what we all love about you. We know you will always be true to that heart.

    Merry Christmas.

    Your friend,


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    Ronald Lipton

    Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Message

    thanks Tim

    coming from you that means a lot to my family, who just called me over to read this. A very healthy and happy Christmas to you too buddy.

    When things are really rough, for all of us, the most powerful medicine for anything comes from friends caring. In Boxing, it is great to see this.

    I call Emile Griffith when I want to feel better and listening to his happy voice, so full of love for everyone who talks to him, is such a happy thing for me. He is a guy who ended up with nothing, but is grateful for everything.

    I spoke to him last night and he still sounds like he is 20 yrs old on the phone, laughing at my jokes. I am sending him a tape of when we sparred together and that made him happy talking about all the stuff I remember from the old gym.

    Same thing with Chuvalo. I am glad he is doing well now and can make some good come out of all that tragedy. I watched his fight with Patterson from beginning to end last night before supper, slowing down the action and studying all the shots and moves.

    He was something and he loves for me to call him and try out new jokes on him even at 1 in the morning. I just love boxing, and all the good guys, fans connected with it too.

    thanks again Tim,
    your buddy,


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    Juan C Ayllon

    Merry Christmas, Ron!

    Hey Ron,

    I just wanted to wish you and yours a merry, safe and blessed Christmas.

    Your friend,


  20. #260
    Ronald Lipton



    A Very Merry Christmas to you too,
    and a special thank you for all the kind things from the heart you do for everyone.


  21. #261
    Dragnet 69

    happy holidays

    The best to you and your family over the holidays. TIP

  22. #262
    Ronald Lipton


    Thanks Dragnet and thanks for writing,
    Please have a very Merry Christmas and healthy new year too.

    I always love talking boxing with you.

  23. #263
    Juan C Ayllon

    Thanks, Ron!

    Hi Ron,

    I appreciate that coming from you! I wish you all the best in your search to get reinstated as a referee in New York.

    Have a blessed day,


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    Thor DK

    Glove size

    Someone on the Joe Louis thread questioned, if Louis' power would have been as effective, if he had to fight in 10 oz gloves instead of 6 oz. I wonder, Ron, if you could explain the difference between a punch from a 6 oz glove and the same punch from a 10 oz, since I myself have never taken a punch from either. I imagine, that the extra padding in a 10 oz glove would absorb some of the shock from the impact, but not that much, so the effect on the brain would be much the same, although the 6 oz glove probably can do more facial damage. Am I wrong? How much influence does the glove size have on the effect of a punch?

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    Ronald Lipton


    Hi Thor,

    Thor being one of my favorite heros in Mythology.
    His battles with Fenris, Loki etal enthralled me as a kid reading Norse Mythology.

    I have seen some strange things in boxing as to puching power and gloves over the 47 years I have been close to boxing since I am 12 years old and watching everything like a hawk.

    Joe Louis would have been a destroyer wearing 6 or 8 oz gloves with nothing whatsoever saving his victims to be provided by the additional padding or lack thereof.

    There are several factors here which common sense dictates as impacting on this issue. All things being equal between two punchers in a hypothetical dream fight the way the hands are wrapped legally or illegally is more of a factor inside that damn glove.

    Unless someone is pulling a Panama Lewis job on a poor Billy Collins in his fight with Jose Resto, the gloves matter just so much.

    Like in the movie Gentleman Jim, Corbett played by Flynn says in his bout with Joe Chyonski, he can wear skin tight gloves or bring a baseball bat, I don't care, lets get the fight on.

    The inspectors must see how the hands are wrapped adhering to the allowable amount of tape and gauze wraps. It is that in my opinion more than the gloves which impact more on a punch.

    I was aghast at seeing what Tito Trinidad was allowed to tape his hands with in some fights. I mean damn it looked like 3 times the allowable amount allowed and it was like a loaded fist to me. That kind of tape job goes right through the glove.

    The brands of gloves which have changed in their design dramatically over the years are varied to a degree as to their design and fit. But it is always who is wearing those gloves, that wins the fight.

    More recently punchers have asked for certain gloves. The many boxing gloves available like Reyes, Grant, Ringside, G&S, Everlast, Spartan, Tuf-Wear, Cleto Reyes, Ultimate, Top Contender, are all good and for different reasons different fighters have their favorites.

    My son Brett invented a device at my suggestion which we as terrible business men never got patented but still does not exist. We call it the complete fist. It enables a fighter to make a complete fist inside a boxing glove even with the attached thumb. It is his invention and the only one which ever satisfied me as a big puncher.

    My power partly comes from my hand strength which people tell me has been very powerful in grip, and the hardness of my knuckles and how hard I can squeeze my fingers. Any boxing glove I ever wore EVER, negated my punching power by preventing this transfer of power.

    Every time I put one on it never satisfies me and I punch the heavy bag bare handed for years which I do not recommend to anyone with a brain.

    My hands are like an animal's paw. Joe Louis would make me look like the White Rock Fairy using an emory board on her nails while the breeze blows her wings among pixie dust.

    #1 puncher of all time really. He needed no help from gloves.

    Yet we must have a line here as to rules of taping, weight of gloves etc for the average guys boxing.

    The positioning of the padding over the knuckles is a factor. Wearing shitty gloves that do not feel right would be like an arm wrestle which starts off with the guy bending your wrist half way to the mat.

    Answer, ALWAYS, have real boxing men around that ring and in those dressing rooms to enforce the rules.

    They don't though!

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    Ronald Lipton



    I showed the post to my son Brett,
    who informs me we do have the patent pending.

    We will see!


    I saw one of the hardest hitters ever at 160 Hurricane Carter in his fight with Giardello. The gloves they wore looked like little mittens to me. Giardello ate it up like pac-man, and not once was he close to going down.

    The referees of yore, were imported in a time machine form the Lions v The Chistians, like when Tony DeMarco got his brains splattered by Virgil Akins while the referee let him get damn near killed.

    Today they stop it faster than a premature ejaculator.
    Lighter gloves would suggest more facial damage, heavier water soaked gloves would have more of a concussive impact.

    I've been blasted with them all. The worst is a taped hand, as in James the murdering psycho Butler blasting out poor Richie Grant after failing with gloves to dent him once.

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    Thor DK

    Re: reply

    Hi Ron
    Thanks for your reply. Thor is my middle name. As a kid I hated it, but as I grew older and learned the background, I came to like it. The thunder god, I thought that was pretty cool.
    I think the Resto - Collins fight illustrates your point. Even with the padding removed from his gloves Resto wasn't able to stop the brave Collins, but of course he did terrible damage to his face and eyes. I think we all remember the pictures of Collins after the fight with both eyes completely closed.

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    Patterson vs. Chuvalo


    You mentioned that you watched Chuvalo vs. Patterson in slow motion (I often watch entire films in slow motion myself, just to analyze).

    Would you be willing to share with us who you think deserved to win that fight? I haven't seen it but I've heard it was a very controversial decision.


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    Ronald Lipton


    Thanks for asking me.

    Chuvalo who is one of my best friends and Floyd have both crossed my life path in impressive fashion.

    Patterson who I worked a fight corner with in New Hampshire was the Chairman in charge who assigned me to do HBO fights with DeLahoya, Holyfield, Canizalez v Junior Jones, Roy Jones Jr and others was also a good friend at one time.

    It was one of the best fights I have ever seen right up until this day. Man oh man those were the days in the Old Garden when they made real competitive matches that filled the house with screaming fans, Needicks hot dogs, orangeade, great souvenir fight programs and real good fight company at ringside at all times screaming and rooting for their fighter.

    No other sport in the world is more exciting. I have seen people go to the great fights ringside the first time and get hooked like heroin on it. Just amazing really.

    It was simply electifying in the days of Patterson, Chuvalo, Carter, Tiger, Griffith, et al.

    Chuvalo has a good case for winning on some of the most helacious body shots you ever want to see, which caused Floyd to faint in the shower.

    Later when Floyd told George about that Chuvalo said,
    "Why couldn't you have fainted in the ring for me."

    They laughed together about it in later years.

    That night George came to do one thing in the famous words of Rowdy Roddy Piper in "They Live." He came to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and he had no bubble gum with him.

    His meanness and ferocity were beautiful and he did not want to touch gloves before during or after the fight so high was his focus to destroy.

    Another sub reference if you permit me is from Star Trek the old series where Mr. Spock is focused on mating with another Vulcan female, so he could not even hear people speak to him, so they said, "Spock was deep in the Plactau." thinking just of Vulcan pussy etc.

    Well George my friend was deep in the Plactau that night and he was thinking of getting any trim.

    Patterson was just awesome in his ability to withstand the punishment to head and body from such a powerhouse and he threw rocking bombs galore at Chuvalo's head and body too.

    Everytime George got to him he came back like an Apache raid at dawn. Ali's commentary was a bit biased in favor of Patterson I felt, as George Chuvalo was really lacing in those body shots. They were definitely overlooked by the judges.

    This is one time I have to say I must ride the middle of the fence as I have said to George I thought he shaded him, then watching the fight again, I can see how others thought Patterson's vicious combos took it.

    Chuvalo made him fight, Lord did he make him fight.

    I was at Ringside and bought my ticket the second the box office opened and they had so many comp tickets already meted out to bigwigs there was hardly anything TV side left.

    The former Champs introduced that night was a scene out of boxing Valhala and still gives me chills.

    Marciano loved George and Chuvalo despite all his losses in life, had me tell him no more than two weeks ago on the phone, that that particular night he was so bleseed by the presence of all the great champs seeing him do great, and greeting him in his corner, that he should always think of that night and cherish it because their eyes saw him do great work and he made them all exicited and happy at seeing a great fight.

    He pondered my compliment for a silent four seconds, and said, you are right Ronnie, I was blessed.

    All of them Marciano. Braddock, Louis, were there.

    I love Boxing!

  30. #270


    Only Ron could put it so eloquently.
    Great fight, but I had Floyd winning in one of his best performances.
    Perhaps that was Floyd's best fight.
    Chuvalo jumped him from the get go and Patterson was made to fight for survival every second of every round.
    I think Patterson's desperation won him the fight.
    Both guys did everything right that particular night, and that fight was voted Fight of The Year by Ring Magazine.


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