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Thread: Ron Lipton: Q & A Thread

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    Re: Ron

    To your ezboard Inbox, mate.

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    Ronald Lipton



    can you e-mail me at blkleopard21@aol.com

    I do not know how to access that private message.



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    Juan C Ayllon

    Arlovski's Boxing Trainer Interviewed!

    Hey Ron,

    I thought you might enjoy this piece I just put together this evening. It's an interview with UFC Heavyweight Interim Champ, Andrei Arlovski's boxing trainer, Mike Garcia, who had a 26-0-0, 18 KO record as a professional fighter:

    <a href="http://www.cyberboxingzone.com/news/archives/00001260.htm" target="_new">Mike Garcia Interview</a>

    Let me know what you think of it!



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    Ronald Lipton


    Thank you Juan, I shall certainly check it out.

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    Juan C Ayllon

    Photo of the Day

    Hey Ron,

    I posted this photo up of you at the CBZ Newswire page. Check it out:

    <a href="http://www.cyberboxingzone.com/news/archives/00001263.htm" target="_new">Ron Lipton Photo</a>

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    Ronald Lipton

    Re: Ron

    Good interview Juan, as I said, as always.

    Why? Because you make them answer the questions that I personally want to know in detail and you get the answers.

    In these boxing interviews involving an active fighter it is amazing the differences in training and diet which is very important to know for me as a fan, trainer etc. I am glad you dig it out of them for us to read about.

    Mike is doing the right thing and he is luck he has a charge that is willing to put out that kind of work rate and listen to him. Mike's record as a former fighter is impressive and so is the rapport and comradery he has with Andrei.

    If Andrei can maintain the concept that gaining useless weight is the bane of any fighter or athlete, he will realize that when he wins it is because he is training harder than anyone else.

    Being he is not abusing his diet as far as Mike knows anyway, with starches (Bread), sweets, too much dairy, too much red meat, he will be quick, and look good while doing it.
    Even with all that great aerobic training he has to keep his entire lower torso, abs, intercostals, serratus, lumbar, obliques, in lean rock hard shape to execute strikes, avoid strikes and stay flexible so he can twisht, turn, bend and churn on the ground and while setting up strikes.

    There is so much time in a 6 day period even with a split routine training at night and during the day too. All boxers run sometime during that day and 3-5 miles is no joke for anyone, when it is run hard, interspliced with sprints and uphill, downhill work.

    Andrei is doing great work on the punch mitts as to time spent, and also the heavy bag. He is sparring according to Mike 6-7 rounds which is plenty. I know this guy is bodybuilding too and must guard against doing ALL this and burning out. I do not think that will happen having seen him fight.

    Lets see how his whole ab area looks in his next fight, as somewhat of a barometer as to how his diet is balanced V the aerobic work he is doing. At that work rate, if this guy watches the source of his carbs he should be looking like a ripped animal.

    The only thing I would add for all these UFC guys and fighters too is my unique routine I have developed, for getting in the hardest strikes without telegraphing the moves, while both fighters are facing each other, tentatively in the opening 30 seconds. It is then that I do the most damage with what I teach as to punching power, to immediatley get someone in trouble while they are hoping to warm up to the first contact.

    Good interview!

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    Juan C Ayllon

    Thanks, Ron

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the kudos. Have you thought of writing a book?

    When I interview these guys, I try to keep in mind what knowlegeable fight fans, fighters and former fighters would want to know. It's nice to know that it's working.

    By the way, I talked with Dr. Stoxen after the fight and he gave me a recap, which I posted up at the CBZ Newswire page. See the link below:

    <a href="http://www.cyberboxingzone.com/news/archives/00001264.htm" target="_new">Fight Recap</a>

    From what it sounds like, like Muhammad Alli against Sonny Banks, Buentello was knocked out, but woke up when he hit the deck. The only thing is, Buentello was not allowed to continue. However, had the ref allowed the bout to continue, Arlovski was in perfect position to execute his superb ground game.

    Anyways, I must run.

    Have a blessed day,


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    Sonny Banks

    Good call on the Banks fight, Juan.
    AJ Liebling wrote about that knockdown, as a matter of fact that is included in the book "A Neutral Corner".
    Banks knocked the piss out of Clay briefly when Cassius tried hooking with a hooker, and nearly ended the fight then and there.
    Tragically; the underrated and overlooked Leotis Martin fatally injured the Detroit youngster in a vicious fight some several years later.
    Ron should not only write a detailed book, but put out some videos as well.

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    Juan C Ayllon

    Interesting Observation!

    Hey Karl,

    Cool beans! Too bad Banks died as he did.

    And, like we both said, I would love to see a documentary, as well as professionally produced training videos on Ron.

    Have a good one,


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    Re: Photo of the Day

    Hey Ron-----question for you although I think I know what you'll say....

    What is your opinion of some of these present day fighters and their training camp preparations? To be specific, I see a guy like Rahman---mediocre at best at preperations---is in a must win bout in 3 weeks. He simply cannot afford a loss against an opponent that has like 34 ko's in 35 wins. But Rahman is training--and his opponent is a gym rat always in shape--in that boxing mecca; Bend, Oregon. His top sparring partner--and he's only using 3--is kevin mcbride.

    I sincerely doubt you would take that same path. What path would you take with a guy like rahman in a bout like this?


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    Ronald Lipton


    There is only one path for either fighter to take.

    They must first put their entire body in a state of readiness to execute all their strengths for 3 minutes, 12 times in a row with only 1 minute rest between.

    This is only the beginning. The fighters who do not watch tapes of their opponents in combat are fools.
    I would study all my opponents fights and pay particular attention to tendencies, where their hands are in combinations, what postion they put their feet in, how they attack when they have a man hurt, how much shoulder they get into their punches, weak spots on their bodies ad infintum, everything and then some.

    If the fighter does not have the eyes to see these things, then bring in someone who does.

    Next for a big fight with all the marbles on the line, doing roadwork is not enough. It is how you do that roadwork up and down hills, sprinting, jogging, walking, sprinting until all the crap is out of your lungs and no dairy to put more phlegm back in is used.

    Arms and legs must be in their best shape especially being able to spar all out, hit the heavy bag all out for 3 minutes a round, practicing your strong points, delivering fast combinations and really working on your foot placement in combination and keeping your damn chin tucked deep into that deltoid for each shot.

    Refine your delivery, work your entire abdominal area besides the frontal abs, you must do rope cruches, a variety of high rep twists, eat less and get your body to be a more efficient machine with smaller portions of great and useful food and clean water. Vitamin and mineral supplements, the right ones.

    In sparring practice how you will take the other guy apart and hurt him early and hurt him with everything.
    I would have a specific plan for Rahman and another one for Klit. I know exactly what I would have both do seperately.

    Rahman in my mind has always had too much water retention, too much useless bulk and intercellular fat on him despite his muscular size. When he gunned done Lennox he was sharp. He got tagged but good with that left hook camoflauge shot which paved the way for the semi-arching semi-roundhouse right hand that put Tyson and him away so well. He must refine his defense in moments of fast exchanges or when he is hurt.

    Klit does not punch exactly like that and his delivery is more on a straight plane but he does go around the gloves with it. Rahman must not think of defending or he will eat too much leather from the outside.

    I would have him taking lightining fast jackrabbit quick half steps almost like running speed and come in at angles while blasting Klit constantly off balance and hitting him everywhere like a heavyweight Henry Armstrong.

    Of course to do this, Rahman would have to be ripped to the bone, to take up the slack and in getting close, really hurt Klit with everything. He would have to learn to turn through his midsection more and get more Jack Dempsey torque into his shots, and not always aim for Klit's chin from in front of him while the tall man has his hands up.

    Rather, punch him while crouching and exploding forcing him back and to the side, hit him on the turns on the arms, shoulders, elbows etc until Klit opens up. Then nail the chin on him in an exchange rather than waste your time constantly aiming at it from the outside while in front of him.

    Rahman has a chance to nail him with overhand rights too. All of this I would practice on my sparring partner who are either there to help you or not.

    As to Klit, I would have him as I would Rahman do exercises in addition to their strength training that would accentuate the red muscle fiber fast twitch endurance aspect of training. 100 pushups, 100 crunches, then again and again with the pushups done with feet elevated.

    Thus, with a real voluminous punch output in hitting the bags and in sparring, you would have both fighters truly ready aerobically, and with limbs that would not crap out in a real matchup of endurance.

    A chain is only strong as it's weakest link and if your arms give out you are finished, if your legs give out same thing, and if your arms and legs are fit but you are heaving for breath you are finished.

    Once must pay the dues and come in on time and be a CHAMPION in all aspects. Then your deserve the money, the fame and all that goes with it.

    Then like Hagler, maintain this condition byl 75% throughout the years and bring it to 100% in training camp before a fight. Then you have achieved boxing longevity, and you are not only a pro fighter but a champion in the truest sense of sacrifice.

    I would have Klit nail over and over again every second he came within range and make each punch hurt and cut, I would have him put his body into such shape that he would keep the fight on the outside and nail Rahman constantly making him pay underneath, straight down the pipe, and turn him while sticking him fast and hard.

    A chess game of power and speed with the man winning who prepared the most and executed his plan more effectively. I would prepare both men to hurt the other as often and as soon as possible and then maintain that punishment like a racehorse who gained an early lead and just kept it up.


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    Re: Thanks, Ron


    I guess I should have asked you what you wouldn't do---and that's seemingly what rahman is doing.

    What do you think of him in Oregon and not vegas? And using 3 sparring partners for this particular opponent? Should a kevin mcbride be the best of the 3? And what about padwork--he always seemed like a guy that needed some help and refinement there.

    I read also where the rock is doing some weights in his training now also. To me, it's a big mistake for this opponent who can counter over hasim's jab. also, I think rahman has overdeveloped shoulders anyway and can't keep those arms up as rounds go by.

    I can imagine just trying to get a guy like that jogging--and add his recent bankruptcy and zero monies for this fight--up at 5 am to make sure he gets the miles in. My guess is he takes a car ride and pours water over his head at 6:30.

    Thanx for your response---I just watched requiem for a heavyweight today and it sure looks to me that not only does it appear like the rock will take a beating like a mountain rivera, his career will end up the same by the year 2015. A real shame.

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    I think Rahman was a one hit wonder, Robert.
    I also don't think a great boxing mind like Ron Lipton would help the guy, as he wouldn't listen anyways to what Ron has to say as he has been stubborn and insolent to his trainers and was to his former trainers. He has been lifting big time weights for awhile now-but I think it worked out well for him in terms of power. He iced Corrie Sanders and Lennox and was really massive through the chest, shoulders, and biceps. But; Rahman is very lazy as you correctly pointed out, Robert and is his own worst enemy. Klitschko has a stamina problem however, and if Rahman does his homework on the road, he has a shot if he gets past the first several rounds. Klitschko was in HEAVY breathing against Danny Williams and the Englishman was doing absolutely nothing to get the guy tired. Vitali's mouth was wide open sucking wind. Ron Lipton could mold this guy into a Champion again; but it takes two to tango and Rock isn't going to listen to anyone but himself, and in no way would he ever train the Spartan lifestyle Ron has laid down for us here.

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    Ronald Lipton


    RobertK and Stinker Karl.

    I have to agree with both of you the way it seems with the Rock.

    He could fool us all depending on how much he wants to train hard. Training hard is the only way to win and training right, right for you.

    Robert, being in Oregon, or Chatham NJ or Greenwood Lake or anywhere is actually ok as to health and hyperventilating good rich oxygen during roadwork and to avoid the distractions of the city.

    The three sparring partner thing can actually be ok too if they do their job and make him work by emulating Klit, and most important getting Rahman to put out and hone his attack that is geared to this fight specifically.

    I actually got my first look at Kevin McBride in Belfast Ireland in 1994 when I refereed at Kings Hall in Belfast while doing the WBO welter title fight. This kid was on the card. Wow, almost 11 yrs ago!

    For all Hurricane Carter's major fights he used Bill Hardney, Clay Thomas, me and sometimes Jay McCombs.
    We got hammered like you would not believe but earned our keep. The hardest work was the damn roadwork with Carter who could run all day, and doing it at 4:30AM. Vicious hills ran we did, Obi Wan. I puked my guts out at the pace. But we never tired in that ring.

    Rahman and Klit owe the fans a good fight and to be in shape. If not, boxing interest is truly dying out among the casual fan.

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    Re: Photo of the Day

    Stinker Karl:rollin , huh Ron??l
    There are actually a few folks that will agree with you on that one!
    I agree with everything you said, btw and thanks for that info about Carter.

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    Ronald Lipton



    a thousand apologies my good buddy, I type like an Orangutan on acid sometimes.

    I did not see it and I do apologize, call your seconds off immediately, I shall not meet you at dawn with pistols.

    Nice typing Ron.

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    Prairie Man

    Hi Ron , Lennox Lewis

    Hi Ron - What did you think of Lennox Lewis as a boxer ? Did you ever ref any of his fights or see him live ?

    When he was "on" he was very impressive for such a big man. That three or four punch combo on Frans Botha was the best combo put together that I've ever seen by a heavyweight it was so fast - truly amazing for such a big man

    At other times he was too passive or so it seemed to this armchair fan .

    All things considered he was one of the best Heavyweights since Ali.

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    Ronald Lipton


    Hi and thanks for writing.

    Lennox Lewis when on top of his game, in control of his weight and overall condition was truly a powerhouse of a professional fighter. When his ire was aroused and his competitive spirit tasked, he would rise above any complacency that would set in and he would get into the destruct and destroy mode.

    When he was younger and lighter his right hand would flash out like a snake strike and down would go a big man like Razor Ruddock. He beat Ossie Occasio W 8, Mike Weaver, Tyrell Biggs, Tony Tucker although by decision, Frank Bruno, Tommy Morrison, Ray Mercer,
    Ollie McCall in a rematch, Andrew Golota, Shannon Briggs, Michael Grant, Tyson, Rahman, Holyfield by decision ,same with Tua, Botha and Vitali Klit among many others.

    The sight of Tyson lying on the deck knocked cold with blood streaming down his eye, and Lewis pounding his chest telling everyone, "Nobody beats this Mon," is not soon to be forgotten. When he was in shape and kept that weight down, he was a dangerous big man who could dispatch other dangerous big men in bad ways.

    He had balls to be sure and he came to fight. On the down side he did not have the mobility to save himself when forced to go to plan B, and when Rahman and McCall brought some Kryptonite to the frey, Superman fell but hard. He took care of both of them in fiery fashion in returns to be sure.

    It would have been nice if he got Tua out of there and Holyfield too like Bowe did, and this would have helped his destroyer image.

    I have recently studied the right hands he nailed Ruddock, Tyson and Rahman with and the way he loops it around the glove with a slight arc on it at the end of it's delivery and makes it work with tremendous snap, is a thing of beauty. The more straight right hand I saw in the Ruddock fight is one he did not use enough after that fight and it would have served him well.

    His left hook was not on a par with his right hand but it was a heavy punch which could hurt when it landed and it paved the way for many stoppages.

    I would have liked to see three things in this fighter, more of a fast and punishing jab, much more flexibility and leg movement, as he stood too straight up while he had his way, but could not bend, weave, and slip when things went wrong, and finally a diet and training regimen change to offset the amount of fat that set in as he got older but obviously did not compensate for it via diet and training. Thus his power waned along with his mobility and killer instinct.

    He is a winner and truly was one of the best since Ali.
    All in all a big, skilled, seasoned and dangerous heavyweight with formidable power who became competitive seasoned wood who kept his cool in front of big crowds in big fights.

    His chin if tested and nailed failed the big man on several occasions, and when he is hurt or wobbled he absolutely has to be re-schooled in what to do. It seems to be too much of a shock to his mind that anyone can hurt him and when they do, he lets his mind control go, and while he is saying to himself, "Damn, I'm hurt, how the hell did this happen?" They then dust him off quickly.

    That can be fixed though in training camp to a degree.

  19. #229
    Ronald Lipton



    I have seen most all his fights, but the ones in person were both Holyfield fights, and when I refereed Holyfield V Czyz, I watched him fight Ray Mercer on the undercard in Madison Square Garden.

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    Prairie Man

    Hi Ron , Lennox Lewis

    Thanks Ron , great info ! It must be something to see a big fight live let alone ref one.

    I've heard some say that Ray Mercer gave Lewis a very tough fight and made it close but Lewis did win , is that how you saw it ?

    It was nice to see Lennox retire with a win over his heir apparent. True it was stopped by a cut after the sixth round. In that fight it appeared Lennox hadn't trained much and was gassed early, he took some hard punches but stayed in and returned some howitzers of his own. Who know how it would of ended had it gone a few more rounds. I'm glad he retired on top not many boxers can say that.

    One more question , it seems that lighter weight guys have more hand problems than the heavyweights . Is that true or do they have just as many but take it in stride without mentioning it ?

    Thanks again

  21. #231
    Ronald Lipton


    My pleasure.

    It is untrue. A fighter's hands are certainly prone to injury at anyweight.

    I am really big on taping properly and I have been doing it since I am 12 years old. A long time. I attended many seminars where the Commissions invite well schooled cornermen to demonstrate the way they tape for the Inspectors to watch. Therefor eliminating any hoodwinking attempts in the dressing rooms which goes on all the time.

    The best tape job I ever saw, a thing of beauty to watch was Floyd Patterson taping Tracy's hands, Jimmy Wilde who trained Hurricane Carter was a master and Charlie Goldman who I saw also. That's the best way to avoid hand injuries.

    I also used to watch and learn from Teddy Bentham who taped Carlos Ortiz in training camp.

    A harder puncher at anyweight is going to feel the impact on those metacarples, knuckles and connective tissue also. Got to take care of those two mitts, it's all you have to deliver the goods.

    All body weight, skeletal frame, is relative and if one has a propensity toward injury in that area, it is going to happen regardless of poundage.

    Strongest hands I ever saw, like an animal, the knuckles, finger strength etc, was Carter. Yet he too was plagued by pain like all of us and used sponges in his wraps.



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    Ronald Lipton

    Re: Hi Ron , Lennox Lewis

    On October 18, 2005, Hugo Spindola of the NYSAC and Ron Scott Stevens denied my Referee License Application for the third time without giving me any explanation.

    Mike DeLisa and myself have to now file the Petition again, within a specified time of their Oct 18, 2005 denial to finally get them into court to explain this and of course for me to tell what I know.

    I have to raise the approx $300-$400 filing fees which is exactly what the NYSAC wants me to do.


  23. #233

    Re: reply

    This is bad news, I feel for you Ron. Keep fighting man.

  24. #234
    Ronald Lipton

    Re: reply

    Thanks pal,

    a lot of good people in boxing know what's going on behind the scenes now, we will get it into one court for the Petition, and then I am going to sue them individually for this vicious harassment and let a Fed Jury decide on damages for the years they cost me.

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    Lipton One of The Best

    Man, Ron-this is disturbing.
    You are one of the best referees at letting the fighters fight.
    In that Jones W Canizales fight we spoke of-you were hardly in the picture.
    I know and you know that you look out for the fighter's best interests.
    That is all that counts ultimately, IMO.
    Most of these refs outside of Randy Neumann have never even had any fights!
    I liked Randy as a fighter-good clubfighter that beat Jimmy Young and Chuck Wepner but is now in bad shape physically.
    I also saw Duane Bobick almost kill him, and we all know Bobick was no world beater.
    I am rooting for you, bro.

  26. #236
    Ronald Lipton


    Thanks Karl,

    I just want to get into a courtroom where the Judge can see my full affidavit and hear my evidence, as to who is at this Commission, their background and associations and the history of the truth here as to what the real chronology is and how they did this to me.

    Mike needs the filing fees and we go!

  27. #237

    Re: Day in Court

    As painful as their decision is, this is not unexpected.

    The hope will now be to have a date scheduled in court at the earliest possible time for you to give the unexpurgated truth and to expose for public record this insidious cabal who have shamelessly and ruthlessly denied you your fundamental right to earn a living much in the manner that they are depriving both fighters & fight fans of your prodigious talents.

    All the best.


  28. #238
    Ronald Lipton


    thank you Ade and everyone else.

    It is all political and personal revenge for telling the truth.

    No matter what they come up with, it will be dealt with in court by showing what they have allowed, forgiven, and knew about other officials who are working all the time for them.

    They have licensed Smoger who was kicked off the bench in NJ as a local magistrate with the ruling, "He does not have the integrity to be a judge ever again."
    He was refused a license and then given one.

    They cannot say anything about asking for assignments as Pedro Fernandez did an expose on Smoger for just that and they licensed him.

    It cannot be for a misdemanor conviction for self defense against 3 men, because in NY State you can have a misdemeanor conviction and still be a police officer let alone a referee. They also have a lawyer's letter explaining the charges and how everything was dismissed, I was set up by the very officer who was friends with their former executive director, and additionally the judge who was involved in tampering with this case is thier Director of Boxing's dear friend, now that judge was disbarred for theft and dishonesty and my complaints were involved in that process.

    The buddy of that Executive Director sits next to Ron Scott Stevens at ringside and is shown to do this on film.

    I was told personally by Ron Scott Stevens that they had too many guys as the only reason they would not renew my license in 2003, and it was his decision alone.

    Then the next day I found out from his hatchetman, that he had gone around asking around the office if I should be let back, the other people he asked said no, and you all know the rest. Then all of a sudden, a guy who is a promoter and sits as the Chairman, says through Spindola, "It is for the good of boxing."

    For three years they will not tell why, but when they do, it will be turned around on them in court with evidence and a history that will by their own hand ruin their legacy forever.

    They are linked forever to their former Commission members who were involved in ring deaths and scandals, and their friends and stooges still work there and pull the strings using the same officials.

    That is not just my opinion it is an incontestable fact,
    and their backgrounds have already been investigated as much as a former member of their staff who was involved in a federal kidnapping charge and still was employed there, exposed, fired and humiliated, yet rewarded with another job for keeping his mouth shut.

    For "The Good of Boxing" everyone there at the NYSAC that has paid money to get their job, contributed to getting fighters killed and injured, and had no boxing background themselves other than promote fights watching other men bravely fight each other, making money off their bravery, and felate their way into a boxing position in a State Agency, and use that agency to blackball lifelong boxing men in order that their friends can get the assignments rather than fighters getting the best protection, should be not only let go which they will soon enough, but be remembered always for the total lack of boxing knowledge they have shown.

    The only reason they are there is the political contributions they have made to Albany which was exposed in the NY Post by Jack Newfeld. The same men are there now.

    Little Hugo Spindola who sits ringside and wrote the letter to me, has no boxing background whatsoever. He made himself Executive Director and he sits as Comm Atty. Stevens was told by no one less than Harold Lederman that I should be licensed and used again, others in boxing echoed the same thing.

    Stevens told me (On record) "If I license you, I will have to use you then." He cannot because then his personal friends who want the assignments will be angry, so he uses the NYSAC along with Spindola, as their personal social club.

    When I was there I never went public with any criticism of any official, I kept it in the family. When they let me go and permitted one atrocity after another, I then and only then spoke out.

    In essence, they want you to suffer in silence and do what ever they want with no one saying anything.
    An ethics committe should investigate this Spindola.
    His weakness is what he has allowed to be done already, and the comparison cases he is aware of regarding officials, their performances on film and how the Comm is used for revenge in preventing me from working while giving the same men more work despite ring deaths, injuries and major foulups on tv.


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    Juan C Ayllon

    Link to Newspaper Article on Ron Lipton


    I posted this link at the CBZ Newswire page to a great newspaper article on Ron after I received permission from its managing editor:

    <a href="http://www.cyberboxingzone.com/news/archives/00001333.htm" target="_new">Ron Lipton Article</a>

    I also included the photo of Ron with Muhammad Ali that he recently sent me.


    Juan C. Ayllon

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    Ronald Lipton


    Thank you to all the family on the Zone for posting so many supportive comments regarding my battle to get my license back, and the replies to the Poughkeepsie Journal story.

    It meant a lot to me and you guys are the greatest!

    thank you again,

    Ron Lipton and family

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