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Thread: How does a fighter get on the IBHOF ballot?

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    How does a fighter get on the IBHOF ballot?

    Does anyone have any idea how a fighter gets on the actual ballot for the IBHOF?


    -Peter AKA Curious in Toronto

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    Re: How does a fighter get on the IBHOF ballot?

    I imagine its something similar to baseball or football. Does the press like you or not? Is your talent so great that even if most sports writers hate your guts, will one be selected? Mike Tyson in the near future might be a true case study for this question. I must admit theironbar, I also have often wondered the same thing, but I don't have an answer. I remember Ring Magazine often teasing Terrible Terry Norris for showing up every year at the International Boxing Hall of Fame, some what suggesting the Norris was campaining for it, it must have worked because Norris was selected in 2005, even though I agree that Norris was an outstanding fighter both as a amateur and pro, but a Hall of Famer? How can Ken Norton be in the HOF and Earnie Shavers(to my knowledge not in the hall, but if he is I can stand to be corrected)not be in it?

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