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Thread: R.I.P. Kenny Lane

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    R.I.P. Kenny Lane

    Muskegon boxing legend Kenny Lane dies at 76

    Kenny Lane, one of the all-time greats in Muskegon area sports history, died Tuesday of a heart attack. He was 76.
    Kenny Lane

    Lane was the most accomplished boxer in area history, a crafty lightweight southpaw who compiled a career record of 77-14-2.

    But as good of a fighter as he was, Lane forged an even greater legacy as a trainer of young men, working with area kids for the past 40 years, freely giving his expertise to several generations.

    "I've never met anyone who loved kids more than Kenny Lane," said Jack Crowell, who was trained by Lane and then coached with him for years at the Muskegon Area Boxing Club, now known as the Muskegon Recreation Center.

    "Kenny was the glue of our organization. We are going to miss everything about him so much."

    Lane was at the Muskegon Recreation Center, located at Smith-Ryerson Park in the Jackson Hill area of Muskegon, sparring in the ring with young fighters on Monday, the night before his death. He died while playing golf, which replaced boxing as his obsession in his later years.
    Chronicle file photoSouthpaw lightweight professional boxer Kenny Lane, left boxed in 1950s and 1960s. He won the Lightweight title n 1963. He is shown with Walter "Pete" Petroskey, who boxed from 1923-1939.

    Lane, who honed his skills under the guidance of legendary area trainer Pete Petroskey, turned professional in 1953. He was known for his unorthodox style, which is why many top boxers of the day avoided fights with him.

    He is the only area boxer to ever fight for a world championship, losing a controversial 15-round decision to Joe Brown in 1958. Calls for a rematch were ignored.

    Lane continued to maintain his top?ranked challenger rating for several more years and won the Michigan version of the World Lightweight crown in a 15-round battle with Paul Armstead. In 1964, five and a half years after the first fight, Lane finally earned another title shot against Carlos Ortiz.

    Once again, the southpaw lost a close 15?round decision. Lane fought for one more year. On October 25, 1965, at the age of 33, after losses to future Junior Welterweight Champion Carlos Hernandez and former Junior Welterweight Champion Eddie Perkins, he called it quits.

    In 1982, he startled the boxing world by coming out of retirement at age 50 and proceeded to win three of four matches against younger opponents. As a result, Lane became the oldest professional boxer to appear in his 100th professional bout.

    "We all know him now because of his great sense of humor and everything else, but make no mistake, Kenny was one of the greatest lefthanded fighters of all time," said Crowell. "I've traveled all over the world with boxing, but no matter where I go, people know about Kenny Lane. He was that good."

    Lane, who made a living as an electronics repairman, was inducted into the Muskegon Area Sports Hall of Fame in 1988 and the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2004.

    He is survived by his wife, Ruth, and four children.
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    HonoHerb says...

    I am sad to hear, he used to come out and fix our tv's all the time. My thoughts and prayers are to his family. RIP Kenny.
    Posted on 08/05/08 at 7:23PM
    lionless says...

    A Muskegon legend indeed. Rest in peace Kenny

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    Re: R.I.P. Kenny Lane

    I remember Kenny very well. One helluva fighter. Tough as nails & he beat some top notch fighters including Hall Of Famer, Carlos Ortiz in his prime. This guy fought tough comp.

    R.I.P. Kenny, you were a real fighter but more importantly a good man.



    BORN April 9 1932; Big Rapids, Michigan
    HEIGHT 5-5 (Some sources report 5-7)
    WEIGHT 134-149 lbs
    MANAGERS Jack Kearns, Pete Petroskey
    Lane was a boxer; He had many fights and fought for many years; He fought average opponents and he fought champions; In a career of 100 bouts, he lost but 16; During his career, he was a top contender in his division and he also won the Lightweight Championship of the World (as recognized by Michigan state)

    Kenny defeated such men as Carlos Ortiz, Virgil Akins, Ralph Dupas, Orlando Zulueta, Carlos Hernandez, Johnny Busso, Len Matthews, Jackie Blair, Armand Savoie, Glen Flanagan, Frankie Ryff, Paul Armstead, Ritchie "Kid" Howard, Enrique Esqueda, Larry Boardman, Johnny Gonsalves, Lahouari Godih, Hoacine Khalfi, Douglas Vaillant, Aissa Hashas, Luis Molina, Vicente Derado, Johnny Bizzarro and Stoffel Steyn

    Lane was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2004

    Apr 9 Clinton McDade Grand Rapids, Mi W 4
    Apr 16 Jimmy DeMura Detroit, Mi W 4
    Apr 30 Jimmy DeMura Detroit, Mi W 4
    May 11 John Walls Chicago, Il W 4
    May 23 Milton Scott Chicago, Il W 4
    Jun 15 Benny Uhl Chicago, Il W 5
    Jun 18 Johnny Valentine Detroit, Mi W 4
    Jul 16 Frank O'Neal Detroit, Mi KO 3
    Jul 23 Roon McGilvery Detroit, Mi W 4
    Aug 6 Dick Holling Detroit, Mi KO 2
    Aug 20 Don Grinton Detroit, Mi KO 4
    Sep 10 Eddie Crawford Detroit, Mi W 6
    Sep 14 Ralph Cervantes Saginaw, Mi W 6
    Sep 29 Ken Hohner Grand Rapids, Mi W 8
    Oct 20 Ron Stribling Lansing, Mi LK 2
    Dec 1 Ron Stribling Grand Rapids, Mi W 8

    Jan 2 Mike Turcotte New Orleans, La W 6
    Jan 14 Jesse Underwood Saginaw, Mi W 10
    Feb 1 John Barnes Detroit, Mi LK 1
    Mar 22 John Barnes Detroit, Mi L 8
    May 27 Sammy Rodgers Muskegon, Mi W 10
    Jun 22 Elmer Lakatos Detroit, Mi W 10
    Aug 12 John Barnes Muskegon, Mi W 10
    Oct 4 Georgie Collins New York. NY W 10
    Nov 8 Orlando Zulueta New York, NY W 10
    Dec 13 Danny Jo Perez New York, NY W 10

    Feb 14 Jackie Blair New York, NY W 10
    Mar 14 Ralph Dupas New Orleans, La L 10
    Mar 29 Armand Savoie Grand Rapids, Mi W 10
    May 31 Richie "Kid" Howard Halifax, NS, Canada W 10
    Jun 7 Eli Leggett Detroit, Mi W 10
    Jun 21 Larry Boardman Miami Beach, Fl W 10
    Jun 28 Richie "Kid" Howard Halifax, NS, Canada W 10
    Jul 12 Jimmy Ford Miami Beach, Fl W 10
    Jul 28 Elmer Lakatos Milwaukee, Wi KO 8
    Aug 3 Noel Humphreys Mt. Pleasant, Mi W 10
    Aug 16 Hocine Khalfi Miami Beach, Fl W 10
    Oct 3 Paddy DeMarco New York, NY L 10
    Nov 7 Kid Centella New Orleans, La W 10
    Dec 6 Don Mason Milwaukee, Wi W 10

    Feb 25 Isaac Vaughn Lansing, Mi W 10
    Mar 25 Enrique Esqueda Mexico City, Mexico W 10
    May 10 Danny Davis St. Paul, Mn W 10
    Jul 9 Ralph Dupas New Orleans, La W 10
    Aug 2 Glen Flanagan Minneapolis, Mn W 10
    Aug 30 Ralph Capone Muskegon, Mi KO 5
    Sep 19 Ludwig Lightburn Miami, Fl W 10
    Nov 14 Frankie Ryff Miami, Fl W 10

    Jan 30 Frankie Ryff Norfolk, Va KO 6
    Apr 6 Danny Davis Muskegon, Mi KO 4
    May 22 Henry Brown Detroit, Mi KO 6
    Aug 3 Teddy "Redtop" Davis Muskegon, Mi W 10
    Aug 20 Johnny Gonsalves Oakland, Ca W 10
    Oct 30 Orlando Zulueta Chicago, Il W 10
    Dec 9 Luke Easter San Francisco, Ca KO 8

    Jan 9 Johnny Gonsalves Oakland, Ca W 10
    May 26 Dave Dupas Dallas, Tx KO 6
    Jul 23 Joe Brown Houston, Tx L 15
    -Lightweight Championship of the World
    Sep 6 Orlando Zulueta Muskegon, Mi W 10
    Nov 7 Lahouari Godih Syracuse, NY W 10
    Dec 31 Carlos Ortiz Miami Beach, Fl W 10

    Apr 17 Johnny Busso Hollywood, Ca KO 6
    Jun 12 Carlos Ortiz New York, NY LK 2
    -Light Welterweight Championship of the World
    Oct 28 Virgil Akins Washington, DC W 10
    Dec 29 Ray Lancaster St. Paul, Mn KO 3

    Jan 13 Ralph Dupas New York, NY L 10
    Apr 25 Jerry Black Philadelphia, Pa W 10
    Aug 16 Douglas Vaillant Miami Beach, Fl W 10
    Sep 27 Sid Adams Philadelphia, Pa KO 1
    Oct 8 Len Matthews Los Angeles, Ca LK 3
    Dec 6 Lahouari Godih Philadelphia, Pa W 10

    Jan 23 Jose Stable New York, NY L 10
    Feb 20 Carlos Hernandez Caracas, Venezuela D 10
    May 1 Garland "Rip" Randall Dallas, Tx W 10
    May 16 Manuel Gonzalez Odessa, Tx W 10
    Jun 8 Curtis Cokes Dallas, Tx D 10
    Jun 16 Ray Portilla San Antonio, Tx KO 6
    Jun 30 Wilbert Robertson Muskegon, Mi W 6
    Aug 14 T.J. Jones Chicago, Il W 10
    Sep 22 Virgil Akins Annapolis, Md W 10
    Oct 16 Aissa Hashas Paris, Fra W 10

    Jan 23 Garland "Rip" Randall Houston, Tx L 10
    Apr 14 Luis Molina San Jose, Ca W 10
    Jun 11 Tommy Tibbs Boston, Ma W 10
    Jul 14 Carlos Hernandez New York, NY W 10
    Sep 15 Len Matthews Philadelphia, Pa KO 9

    Mar 2 Vicente Derado New York, NY W 10
    Aug 19 Paul Armstead Saginaw, Mi W 15
    -Lightweight Championship of the World;
    (as recognized by Michigan state)
    Feb 19 Johnny Bizzarro Erie, Pa W 10
    Apr 11 Carlos Ortiz San Juan, Puerto Rico L 15
    -WBC Lightweight Championship of the World;
    WBA Lightweight Championship of the World
    May 9 Stoffel Steyn Johannesburg, Trans, SAfr KO 9
    Jun 2 Dave Charnley London, England L 10
    Oct 5 Carlos Hernandez Maracaibo, Venezuela LK 2

    Oct 25 Eddie Perkins New Orleans, La L 10

    Jul 17 Bobby Plegge Muskegon, Mi W 8

    Apr 16 Paul Lewis Muskegon, Mi KO 2
    Jun 18 Willie McIntosh Muskegon, Mi KO 8

    Nov 2 Dave Guerra Grand Rapids, Mi L 8

    Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization

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    Re: R.I.P. Kenny Lane


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    Re: R.I.P. Kenny Lane


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