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Thread: Boxing Magazines

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    Boxing Magazines

    Hi guys,

    I took a dive into my boxing archive yesterday to see if I could find any forgotten fighters or stories of interest that I could enjoy reading again (or discorver).

    Anyway, it certainly hit me how bad the internet has been for boxing magazines.
    Today I subscribe to The Ring, Boxing News, Boxing Monthly and Boxing Digest (formerly Boxing Illustrated and International Boxing Digest - but not the same as any of those imo).
    They are about the only major boxing magazines around these days - if you recall The Ring's sister publications, KO and World Boxing, are no longer around.
    (Instead The Ring has become a lot better as of late).

    Anyway, during my search I came accross a whole bunch of "magazines of the past":

    Boxing Outlook
    Boxing Scene
    Boxing Today
    Fight Beat
    Fight Game
    Bert Sugar's Fight Game
    Boxing Life
    International Boxing

    Obviously these all went out of circulation because they weren't making money, but do anyone of you remember the approx time each one faded out?



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    Re: Boxing Magazines

    Sorry, wrong forum.
    Posted it "Fight tapes, books & collectibles" instead - http://www.cyberboxingzone.com/cbzfo...splay.php?f=17


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    Re: Boxing Magazines

    Parent company for Bert Sugar's mag went bankrupt -- 18 issues total

    Self Defense -- last issue I believe was Nov 1930

    I'll have to check on the rest.

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