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Thread: Chris Arreola vs. James Toney

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    Chris Arreola vs. James Toney

    I realize promoter Dan Goossen's job is to secure a title fight for his heavyweight pretenders, er, contenders, two of whom are named Chris "The Nipple" Arreola and James "Flickering Lights" Toney. But the thought of either one of them against one of the Klitschko Brothers, be it Big Klit or Little Klit, is a scary thought. So, Goossen should do the next best thing: Match the two heavyweight porkers against each other.

    And if they won't fight each other, he can have them face each other in an all-out "Breakfast Buffet Eat-off." I can see each of them wolfing down pounds and pounds of pancakes, French Toast, eggs, sausages, bacon, buttered toast, hash browns, waffles with whipped cream and, of course, breakfast enchiladas. In this kind of matchup, you'd see the absolute best of both Arreola and Toney. They'd even train hard for this, I am sure, probably doing a minimum of 10 meals a day for two months before the big showdown.

    Arreola vs. Toney in a food gorging contest. Now, that's a great thought! They wouldn't even need napkins! I'm sure both would fight until carried away from the table. In this fight, you'd see the greatness of both men, I am sure.

    That's a dream fight I'd pay to watch!

    Sorry if I've ruined such a good meal for many of you. The thought of seeing both Arreola and Toney stuffing food into their mouths, with some of it falling out as they shovel it in really isn't a pretty sight, is it?

    Also, I don't know if this "new, dedicated Toney," who weighed an almost- emaciated 230 pounds, is really up for an eating contest against Arreola. If he wants to be serious about it, he'd have to come in around 250-260 soft, blubbery pounds. I am sure Arreola can do it. I am also confident that, if Toney puts his mind--and his stomach--to the task at hand, he'll be able to do it, as well.

    -Randy G.

    P.S.--Forget HBO PPV or Showtime. It could be shown on the "Food Network PPC (that's "Pay-Per-Chew")." Any thoughts on commentators? How about Mike Katz and Tony Tubbs or Joe Hipp?

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    Re: Chris Arreola vs. James Toney

    The amazing and sad thing about Toney for years was the total lack of diet discipline. At his height even 205lbs which is what 5'11"- 6' Joe Frazier weighed when he beat Ali is a max weight for his frame and height.

    To eat like he does, look like he does with all his irreplaceable skills being diminished by such vasts amounts of blubber covering hard muscle is such a waste. His face is so heavy, the back of his neck with the 6 pack of franks in rolls of fat bunching up is so unhealthy for him.

    If he had done his roadwork, then have the courage, desire and will to maintain a healthy diet who knows what he could have done.
    He always needed to check into a clinic and get that problem right, he never did and no one could tell him anything, because like Tim Witherspoon used to say, "I'm comfortable at this weight." Larry Merchant then replied, "Tim, you're not supposed to be comfortable, that is for the beach, this is getting ready for a fight."

    Too late now.

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    Re: Chris Arreola vs. James Toney

    Nice that at 42 I am honestly able to say that I am still built like a top ten heavyweight....

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