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Thread: K1 final 16 tomorrow.

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    K1 final 16 tomorrow.

    Just a wuick heads up for tomorrow (Tuesday evening my time here in Asia) morning for you guys in Canada and the States.

    K1 is holding a 150lb 16 man tournament with some darn good lower weight fighters. The last card had some damn fine fights with some great ko's.

    Lot's of skills in these guys, both hands and feet.

    As always, I'll be rooting for my adopted countrymen in Im Chi Bim and Lee Su Hwan.

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    Re: K1 final 16 tomorrow.

    I love K-1, I've been a fan since 2002 but it's nearly impossible for me to follow it here in the USA because there's such a delay in getting the Events. We can't watch them live, and I hate online streams. I'll usually get the Event on DVD about 3 Weeks after it happens but by then I already know the results and/or lost interest since then.

    Are you talking about K-1 MAX? I must admit I'm really out of the loop.

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