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Thread: Gregorio 'Goyo' Vargas

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    Gregorio 'Goyo' Vargas

    I remember watching this guy come over to the UK and ripping the WBC Featherweight Title from Liverpools tough Paul Hodkinson. Hoko was a good fighter but Goyo just took him apart. Watching the fight on TV I really thought I was watching the next great Featherweight. The guy looked a BEAST that night, Boxing News the following week also thought he may turn out to be a special fighter.

    But it never happened the rest of his career was somewhat of a let down.

    I heard rumous that he was a poor trainer, is this true?

    Any thoughts or memories on the former Champion?

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    Re: Gregorio 'Goyo' Vargas

    He was a solid fighter at the time with nice movement, but just a bit too sloppy offensively and easy to hit to take things to the next level that textbook style

    I thought he got hit a great deal by Hoko, especially with the lead right and that the difference in chin was what decided that fight more than anything else.

    His fight with Kelley was excellent and competitive.He more or less hit his ceiling there.Just lacking the precision to counter Kevin's workrate.

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    Re: Gregorio 'Goyo' Vargas

    I was there. It wasnt in the UK, it was in the national stadium in Dublin 93.
    I certainly agree, his fight with hoko was a cracker! I remember hoko jumping into a lead with his bustling pressure but being unable to make a dent in vargas. Goyo should should a great deal that night, but I just think Hodkinson was made for him.

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