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Thread: Ring Lardner classic

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    Ring Lardner classic

    When Freddie Welsh was the lightweight champion back in the 1910s, he made a point out being a "business fighter", meaning he would squeeze as much money as he could out of his championsship satus.
    That often involved figthing local favorites in their hometowns.

    This being the ND-era, local boxing writers would often give their man the newspaper decision no matter what.
    Welsh was often a loser of a ND in fights he actually deserved the nod, and in some cases the local writers bent backwards in order to reach the desired result.

    One of the top boxing writers of the day, Ring Lardner, noticed this trend amongst the writers and finally got so fed up with the ND-injustice towards Welsh that he wrote a hilarious piece in which he parodied their work.
    He is what he wrote after Welsh fought Johnny Griffiths in 1915.

    It's Getting To Be A Habit

    HOMETOWN, Ohio. Feb 2
    (Special). - Joe Smith of this city made a monkey of Freddie Welsh, lightweight champion, in a twenty round bout here tonight.
    The Home Town critics were unanimous in awarding the decision to Smith after one of the most one-sided fights ever seen here.
    The local miller had the better of the ninth, first, fourth, third, sixth, eleventh, twelfth, second, eight and fifth rounds.
    The seventh and tenth were even, and Welsh won the rest.

    Smith came within an ace of de-throning the champ in the third with a clean knockout.
    He started a hard left swing for Freddie's jaw, but Welsh blocked it.
    If that blow had ever landed, etc.

    So dazzling was Joe's display of boxing skill that Welsh never got started till the first round.
    The he tried desperatley to make a showing that would offset Smith's earlier advantage, but it was too late.

    In the second Freddie was unable to do anything but beat a tatoo on Joe's kidneys.
    On the other hand, Smith paid no attention to Welsh's body and tried only for the face.
    It is estimated that he would have landed four blows to the champion's one but for the latter's ducking, which was in evidence that Freddie did not care to take the chance of having his block knocked off.
    If Joe had bee able to land even once in this session in would have been all over with Freddie.

    The third was Smith's best round.
    Aside from just missing with a knockout punch he clearly outsprinted Freddie from gong to gong.

    The fourth was also Smith's best round.
    So was the sixth.
    The fifth was even, with Smith having a slight edge.

    Joe really got busy in the seventh and punished Welsh severely with a series of jabs on the ulna and radius bones.
    The eight was even, Welsh closing both of Smith's eyes and, in return, receieving three straight lefts that started a flow of crimson from his gloves.

    As the boys came together at the start of the ninth the crowd was yelling loudly for Joe to finish the Britisher, but Smith had frogotten to bring his shotgun.
    The tenth was even, Welsh being outpointed by only the narrowest of margins.
    The eleventh and the twelfth were about even, as were the ten preceding rounds.

    It must be admitted that Welsh did all the landing and most of the landing, but Smith's punches had more steam, and would have done twice as much damage if they hadn't missed.
    Smith would have by a wider margin if he hadn't been tired from the first round on.
    The killing pace began to tell on him in Round One, and he wasn't as effective thereafter.

    When the bout was over Smith showed no marks except that two of his eyes were discoloured and closed, one of his noses broken, his left and right ears were puffed, and thirty-two of his teeth were missing.
    Welsh was unmarked, but probably injured internally.

    This is the champion's eleventh defeat in his last twelwe battles.
    The tweltfh was a draw.
    He is still the champion.

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    Re: Ring Lardner classic

    It is the reason why the CBZ does not give "newspaper results" in its records of boxers!

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