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Ward Scores Brutal 10th Round Stoppage over Chad Dawson

by on Sep.09, 2012, under Boxing News

Report by Chris Morgan

Photos by Brett Ostrowski

ward_dawson_1 Andre Ward celebrates his dominating victory.

 OAKLAND, CA, September, 08, 2012 – Andre Ward continued to improve and show new dimensions in style and temperament in his most impressive victory to date as he executed an absolutely savage and relentless beat down against the hapless Chad Dawson, eventually ending matters in the 10th round.

The packed house of 8500 heartily booed “Bad” Chad Dawson of New Haven, Connecticut (31-1-0, 17 kos) as he was the first to enter the ring. Chad was all business and no theatrics as he walked briskly to the ring looking big, strong, and confident.  The entire arena rose their feet for native son Andre “S.O.G.” Ward’s (25-0-0, 13 kos) ring walk and stayed on their feet for the entire duration of introductions showing their love for the local phenom.

Round 1 started with Chad throwing jabs as range finders. Andre’s first punch was a jab to the body that missed and was almost countered by a Chad straight left prompting Andre to throw a second body jab that landed.  During the many holds initiated by Andre in the first round, Chad more than held his own and proved to be just as strong and unwilling to let Andre have his way by wrestling back and holding position.  Chad’s best punch of the round was an ineffective long left straight to the body while most of his other offering’s including some straight let hands upstairs were mostly blocked.  Near the end of the round Andre ducked three straight left’s in succession and smiled at Chad before falling into a clinch and unleashing a hellacious uppercut in close. 

Chad came out fast to start the 2nd round firing off a double right jab followed by a sizzling straight left.  Andre did not do much for the first couple of minutes as he backed to the ropes and clinched for much of the round allowing Chad to land a couple of big right hooks in sequence. Near the end of the round, Chad threw Andre out of a clinch prompting Andre to spring forward and land a flush straight right to Chad’s face. Andre whiffed at the end of the round with a straight right that was ducked by Chad who might have won this round based on being more active.

In between the 2nd and 3rd rounds, Chad could be observed having a cut over his right eye tended to by his cutman, it was not clear whether the cut came from a clash of heads or a punch although a clash of heads seemed like the culprit as each fighter was repeatedly running into each other in the first 2 rounds.

Things became very interesting in the 3rd round.  Both men began the round pawing jabs at each other, Andre began weaving around and then rising out of the weave with a left hook that missed.  Chad chased Andre to the ropes and ate a jab for his troubles, Andre missed a hook to the body and then grabbed Dawson into a head lock on the opposite side of the ref and landed a dirty uppercut to the defenseless head of Chad in a very crafty move.  Referee Steve Smoger broke both men up which led to an immediate retaliation from Chad as he got Andre into a headlock but didn’t return the dirty punch in kind.  As they were broken up and separated a sudden crushing let hook thrown by Andre dumped Chad onto the canvas at ring center, when Chad got to his feet on shaky legs another crushing left hook landed for Andre bringing the crowd to  a frenzy.  Chad came on strong in the last 5 seconds throwing heavy but wildly sloppy hooks one of which landed on Andre.


Andre Ward stands over Chad Dawson after flooring him in the 3rd round

Chad came out very aggressively at the start of the 4th round and walked right into a devastating left hook from Andre that was thrown with such force that both men fell to the canvas, Andre from the momentum and Chad from the impact.  The remainder of the round featured some of the most one sided brutality as Andre had a tea party on a Chad Dawson who’s legs were now very shaky.  Left hooks, straight rights, body shots, all thrown with pinpoint accuracy and bad intentions from an Andre Ward looking to finish it.  Chad had nothing to offer back for the remainder of the round absorbing the frightful beating.

Andre was the aggressor to start round 5 reverting momentarily to classic Andre by making it a grapple fest. Despite being dropped in consecutive rounds Dawson was fairly effective in the 5th round landing some jabs and straight lefts and even countering an Andre jab with a straight left all of which were taken very well by Ward.  Andre Ward seems to either not get hurt by his opponents shots or is very good at not showing the effects of being hit, he is very composed in the ring.

Rounds 6 and 7 were completely dominated by Andre, Chad just refused to let his hands go while Andre landed hard and flush with quick shots.  Chad did begin to duck the left hook a few times in the 7th, finally becoming wise and adjusting to the shot that dropped him twice in the fight.

In round 8, Chad began to let his frustrations known as he started to complain to the ref when being held but didn’t offer any offense or answers to Wards offensive dominance.  At one point in the round a frustrated Chad pinned Andre up against the ropes and refused to let him out, pushing and pushing, Andre then spun out pushed Chad into the ropes and unloaded with a brutal uppercut that sent thick globs of blood spurting up out of Chad’s mouth high up into the air.

The cut that began to open above Chad’s right eye in the 2nd round was a gushing mess by the start of the 9th, Chad’s eyes were also looking sleepy, it might have been related to making the 168 lb super middleweight limit but was probably due to the constant barrage of flush shots being rained down by the precise fists of Andre Ward.  Chad offered very little in the way of offense and any time that he did throw punches, they were lazy with not much behind them and always left him open to be countered silly by Andre.  Chad landed a pitch perfect 4 punch combo out of nowhere but it had little to no effect on Andre.


Andre Ward spears Chad Dawson through the guard with a straight right.

The 10th and final round had the appearance of a fight that was entering its cooling stages as Andre seemed to be taking the round off by holding and feinting Dawson who was completely out of the fight by this point.  Suddenly after a quick feint, Andre exploded with a straight right that buckled Chad’s knees sending him retreating backward to the ropes.  Smelling blood Andre rushed in and delivered the coup de grace, uppercut, right, left all flush on the bewildered face of Chad spilling him to the canvas in an odd sitting position.  As Chad picked himself up off the canvas, referee Steve Smoger gave him a count of 8, looked deep into Chad’s eyes and then waived the fight off.

There was a reason that Andre Ward was a 4:1 favorite at Las Vegas gambling houses but no one thought he would put on such a vicious and entertaining performance.  Andre completely took the height and reach advantage of Chad away, didn’t clinch or hold nearly as much as in past bouts and was more willing to sit down on his punches and fight hard for all 3 minutes of every round.  This guy just keeps improving with every fight and it will be interesting to see who will get into the ring with him for his next bout. Some will point out that Chad was a dead man walking due to the weight issue or past issues with focus, but no one has ever so thoroughly dominated Chad or knocked him off of his feet in a professional boxing match.

As for Chad Dawson, he really needs to take a hard look at his career and go back to the drawing board as the inactivity and focus issues that have plagued his biggest fights were on display loud and clear.  Chad is still the champion at Light Heavyweight and still has attractive options for fights at that weight.



DeMarco (left) batters Molina in a corner.

DeMarco (left) batters Molina in a corner.

The Co-Main event had all of the makings of a classic battle between two of the top fighters in the Lightweight Division, WBC Champion Antonio DeMarco of Los Mochis, Mexico (27-2-1, 20 kos) against the once beaten and hard hitting John Molina (24-1-0, 19 kos) of Covina, California.

As the first really big fight of the night, the atmosphere in the arena took a noticeable turn in the direction of excitement that was buoyed by each fighter’s electric and high energy ring entrances.   Antonio DeMarco was really charged up dong high jumps in his corner during introductions.   John Molina was the first fighter to be introduced to the crowd and received a loud applause with a nice smattering of boo’s mixed in, as Antonio DeMarco was introduced he received a loud applause as well with maybe a tiny to zero amount of boo’s from the crowd.

Round number 1 began with both men touching gloves, Molina employed a hands at chest level slight head movement stance while DeMarco held his hands high with zero head movement but lots of deliberate footwork.  Suddenly with a little less than 30 seconds having passed in the round, DeMarco shot out a strange pushing, hard let jab that landed flush on Molina’s face, buckling his legs and sending him staggering way back into the ropes prompting DeMarco to rush right in winging away at his wounded foe.  Molina took some clean, savage hooks to the head making him sit down on the bottom rope in a strange sitting position with his hands held high, DeMarco continued to throw and with Molina in his awkward position and not responding forced the ref to step in and stop the bout after 44 seconds of action!!

John Molina should have taken the knee but probably had too much pride to concede a knockdown, on the other hand, the ref should have stepped in and issued a standing 8 count as a fighter should not be allowed to be hit when sitting down that low, DeMarco had to throw at an extreme downward angle to end things.  The fans were robbed of what could have been a really good fight and hopefully there is an immediate rematch as this felt like more of a fluke than a blowout.

 Non Televised undercard bouts:

Scott and Tupua trade blows.

Scott and Tupua trade blows.

In an absolutely dreadful 8 round snooze fest, undefeated Heavyweight Malik Scott (34-0-0, 11 kos) won via TKO in the final round when his opponent, Bowie Tupua (22-1-0, 16 kos)suddenly quit citing an arm injury as the reason.

Each round of this fight was an exact copy of the previous, both guys stood in front of each other weaving around, Bowie Tupua wouldn’t take a chance and Malik would throw a jab every minute or so.  The crowd loudly booed multiple times in each round.  When Bowie finally quit in the final round we all wished that he had saved us the misery of having to sit through the whole ordeal and had quit a lot earlier.


Ricardo Williams (right) lands a sneaky hook around the guard of Anthony Lenk

Fans were treated to a highly entertaining give and take war between the still comebacking Ricardo Williams (19-3-0, 13 kos) of Cincinnati, Ohio against Anthony Lenk (14-1-0, 7 kos) of Los Angeles, California.

Both men went toe to toe and each had their moments in the 6 rounds that the fight lasted, highlights included the end of the 5th round when Anthony Lenk took five flush hooks t othe head from Ricardo Williams that had him nearly out on his feet only to come back and rock Ricardo right before the bell. Both men were very game and really neither deserved to lose, however, Anthony LEnk didn’t have a big enough name to overcome a majority decision loss to the more celebrated Ricardo Williams, final scores were 57 -57, and 58-56 twice.


Homer Fonseco (left) lands an awkward reaching left on Franklin Lawrence

The night opened with an 7 round heavyweight cracker between Franklin “Yah Yah” Lawrence (17-2-2, 12 kos) of Indianapolis, Indiana against the squat and tubby Homero Fonseca (9-5-3, 2 kos) of Peirsaw, Texas, that ended before the start of the final round due to excessive swelling around the eyes of the aforementioned Fonseca.

Homero Fonseca who resembled a bearded two ton Tony Galento was tubby and squat with a mesh of styles ranging from a cross arm like George Foreman to a weaving hooking style ala Joe Frazier, of course without any of the finesse and fine tuning of his heroes.  Throughout the course of the bout, Franklin mostly landed hard shots to the head and body of Fonseca and surprisingly only visibly wobbled Fonseca on 2 occasions despite raining down every conceivable punch in the book on the soft looking Homero.

Homero was largely ineffective during the course of the bout but did manage to land a few eye catching hooks that had little effect on Franklin as they were far and few between.

After 7 rounds of back and forth action, the doctor decided to stop the fight before the start of the 8th round, this was rather unfortunate, Homero Fonseca hadn’t a prayer of actually winning the fight but he deserved to finish it as he hadn’t been seriously hurt and continued to try throughout the fight.

After the main event had ended and the majority of fans had made their exits, the fans left in attendance were treated to couple of walkout swing bouts.

First up, Tony Hirsch (12-5-2, 6 kos) of Oakland, California and sparring partner to Andre Ward won a lackluster 4 round unanimous decision over Sacramento, California’s Robert Yong (5-5-1, 4 kos)

Tony Hirsch had a good size contingent of mostly female fans roaring and cheering during the fight.  Neither fighter landed much of note as they ran around the ring keeping their guards up too high for either man to connect with anything serious.  

One of the big stories of the night, especially significant on a local level was the pro debut of Randy Guerrero, the youngest brother of celebrated 6 division champion Robert Guerrero.

Randy Guerrero of Gilroy, California went up against Juan Urbina of Santa Ana, California who was also making his pro debut. The fight was in the featherweight division with young Randy weighing in at 124lb’s and Juan at 119.

The 4 round war was a spectacle to behold, an absolutely savage affair with both fighters laying everything on the line with neither taking a backward step. 

The first round featured great back and forth action with both men taking turns hammering each other with hooks, Urbina  head hunting for the most part and Guerrero landing hurtful combinations to the head and body.  Randy’s shots appeared much harder as they literally moved Juan back when they landed, Randy’s shots also felt much more educated and crisp in their delivery no doubt from being part of the esteemed Guerrero boxing family.

Round 2 and 3 featured more of the same, non stop action with neither warrior taking a backward step and neither guy practicing any defense whatsoever, everything thrown landed, punches rarely missed. 

The 4th and final round showed both fighters throwing weary shots with heavy arms, the previous rounds activity finally taking it’s toll on the energy reserves.  That didn’t keep either fighter from throwing these slightly slower bombs.

At the end of the four rounds of savage warfare the bout was scored a majority draw, neither guy deserved to lose with the amount of heart and desire on display but each guy really needs to work on their defense or suffer a shortened career.

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