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Houston Hwt. Fantasy Showdown: ‘Big’ Lou Savarese Vs. Cleveland ‘Big Cat’ Williams

by on Oct.04, 2012, under Boxing News

Hard Hitting Contenders Collide in the Bayou City

By Karl Hegman

Lou Savarese

Lou Savarese

Greetings from a packed Reliant Arena in Houston, Texas as two of the hardest punching heavyweights on the planet are set to do battle as IBA Heavyweight Champion “Big” Lou Savarese squares off against the dynamite punching Cleveland “Big Cat” Williams in a fight between two big guys that all of the fistic prognosticators are claiming won’t go the limit.

Savarese is coming off of a disputed decision to George Foreman and he feels he was cheated out of that victory by the officials and has promised that he is not going to let this fight go to the cards. Williams is fresh off of a knockout victory over Ernie Terrell and has vowed to “Beat the stuffing out of Savarese!” as there are hard feelings between the two gladiators after a heated sparring session got out of hand between the pair a couple of years ago at the famed Benbow Gymnasium on Congress Ave.

The duo are clothed classically in their boxing attire with Williams wearing the black trunks with the white striping while Savarese dons the white Everlast trunks with the black trim as the opening bell is about to sound the start of this brawl that may wind up being one of the best action fights of the year.

ROUND ONE: Williams leaps into action at the opening bell as he is looking to catch Savarese cold and overwhelm him early with his superior power. Williams rushes out jabbing and double jabbing and swarms his man against the ropes as he punches hard to both the body and head as Savarese holds his hands high and looks to counter the incoming swings. Heavy rights to the body by Williams make Lou wince with pain, but Savarese has gotten in some good left hooks to the body that slow the Williams onslaught and by round’s end, it is Williams who has left the ropes and is looking to take a breather at ring center.

Cleveland Williams

Cleveland Williams

ROUND TWO: Williams is jabbing and looking to set his big right hand up while Savarese gets in some heavy body shots as the action has slowed a bit to a more milling affair in the second as both boys have traded heavy leather and it is a test of strength as the two try to lean and tug, and to push and pull the other into the position for their respective punches. The action is rough on the inside with Savarese continuing to punch to the body while Williams is looking a bit gassed now with this big guy leaning on him and hitting him underneath.

ROUND THREE: Williams has come out to end it in this round as he is double and triple jabbing in an effort to get that right hand over which he feels will end the fight. Lou is standing straight up and gets caught with a big right uppercut and follow up left hook which sends him down to the canvas. Savarese is on his left side as the count reaches 5..6..he’s up at seven and has his gloves wiped off by referee Ron Lipton who signals Williams back in the fracas. The right cheekbone of Savarese is swollen and his nose is now bleeding as Cleveland charges in for the kill. Savarese is rocked by another right but grabs the muscular Williams and holds as the two mammoth heavyweights are locked like two bulls in a gory death battle as the bell signals the end of the round.

ROUND FOUR: Savarese and Williams collide in center ring with Williams still looking to ice Lou with the right while Savarese is still having success pounding the muscular midsection of “The Big Cat.” Williams gets in a sweeping hook which drives Savarese into a neutral corner and Williams runs into finish the fight. Williams double jabs again but this time Lou has timed in and puts in a heavy right hand over the jab that catches Cleveland flush in the mouth. Williams’ left leg comes off the canvas and he is hurt, Savarese hooks under and over and Cleveland is in big trouble as he tries to hold on and ride out the storm. Two heavy rights to the body and a follow up hook send Williams to the floor in a heap in his own corner. Williams is game and struggle, but referee Ron Lipton tolls the final ten count over the stricken warrior and summons the medics into the ring.

The official time is 2:32 seconds of round four in a memorable punch out which saw Savarese fighting back from the depths of defeat to score a kayo victory over one of the hardest punching heavyweights of all time. There is jubilation in Savareses’ corner while there is consolation in the loser’s. The win is definitely one of the biggest in the career of Lou Savarese and puts him back in line for a shot at the heavyweight championship.

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