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Questions and Answers with Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero

by on Apr.30, 2013, under Boxing News, Guest Columnists

Ghooooooostby Chip Mitchell

Chip Mitchell: Okay, Robert, now you are a very spiritual person. How has your spirituality played a part in your boxing career?

Robert Guerrero: You know, it plays a big part. Not just in boxing, it plays a big part in my life. You know, outside of the ring, with my family, raising my kids in church, believing in Jesus Christ, it’s a big part of my life and that’s what guides my whole life. That goes through my training camp, boxing, being in the ring. It really is the number one thing in my life.

Chip Mitchell: Now, you’ve fought Orlando Salido who was a pressure fighter. You’ve fought Andre Berto who represents power and speed. You fought warriors such as Katsidis, boxers such as Escobedo and Cassamayor. There were other styles like Litzau and Aydin that weren’t the easiest to deal with. I already believe you are mentally strong. Does fighting so many different styles, along with that mentality, make you the optimum opponent to give Floyd a “1” in his loss column?
Robert Guerrero: Oh, most definitely! I mean, you hit it right on. Having the proper experience to be in the ring helps build a fighter the right way. Then you get the chance to fight different types of styles, so you have different experiences. Then when a fighter gets to the top they’re ready for it and they stay there. Having the mental experience outside of the ring, inside of the ring, putting all that together as a package, it’s a deadly force.

Chip Mitchell: Robert, you are 6-time champion in 4 different weight classes. I’m going to say that again. SIX TIME CHAMPION IN FOUR DIFFERENT WEIGHT CLASSES! That is a marvelous accomplishment. Not many people know this. Do you ever feel underappreciated?
Robert Guerrero: No, I don’t. You know, all I do is go out there and fight, set my heart and fight the best I can. If it gets recognized, it gets recognized; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. But you know what, I know I put God first and he’s blessed me to be in this position. And being in this position, it’s incredible. It’s incredible and it truly is a blessing, and it’s helps me take full advantage of it. After this fight, everybody will know the accomplishments that I have, especially after beating Floyd Mayweather.

Q: What have you seen in Floyd that gives you so much confidence that you’re the man that’s going to take his O away?
Robert Guerrero: You know, being smart in the ring, fighting an intelligent fight. A lot of these guys just come in, they either lose their head or they’re mad at him and all game plans go out the window and also, being able to make the adjustments in the ring. Having the experiences that I’ve had throughout my boxing career and the different weight classes with guys who are fast, guys who are slick, guys who put pressure, guys who are boxer punchers, just having all the experience and putting it all together and being able to recognize to make those adjustments in the ring.

Q: So, Robert, any last comments before we let you go?

Robert Guerrero: I’m just ready to go. Can’t wait until fight night. That’s it. Thank you, God bless, and bye.

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