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Mercito Gesta forces Luis Arceo to quit after 7 one sided rounds

by on Jul.21, 2014, under Boxing News

Report by Chris Morgan


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July, 18, 2014 — Paco Presents in association with Golden Boy promotions made boxing’s return to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco a successful one with a passionate sellout crowd at the Longshoreman’s Hall.

The headliner of the night featured San Diegan by way of Cebu, Philippines Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta vs tough Tijuana veteran Luis “El Vampiro” Arceo. The first round and a half featured a somewhat tentative and possibly ring rusty Mercito back pedaling around the ring throwing 1 shot at a time. Luis stalked forward on spindly legs throwing long right hands, some landing and most missing. At the end of the second round, Mercito rocked Luis with a southpaw straight left then teed off for 15 seconds, folding Luis into the ropes, which Luis used to bounce back and blast Mercito with a hard right at the bell.

As Luis came out for the 3rd round his face and nose leaked crimson from the late round 2 beating, but he still attempted to trade with Mercito for the next 2 rounds with little success, as Mercito showed off his extensive head movement and defensive skills, slipping and ducking most of the offerings.

By the 5th round, Mercito was landing at will with flush head shots, further opening the wounds on Luis, who is living up to his “vampire” nickname on way or another.

The ref called the doc in to check the cut at the start of the 6th and the fight was allowed to continue. In the 7th, Mercito landed every punch in the book at will, but Luis walked through them although his return fire was just too slow to hit the mark consistently. The 7th round ended with Mercito landing 3 lead left hooks in succession.

The ref suddenly jumped out and waived the fight over between the 7th and 8th rounds awarding a TKO victory to Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta! The crowd danced in their seats and waived Filipino flags, as their hero, who has now won two in a row and after being dropped from Top Rank 2 years ago, was now back in the hunt for a lightweight title with the backing of his new promoters. It remains to be seen if Mercito can perform this way against the top contenders at lightweight, but he’s making moves in the right direction.



The second televised bout of the evening featured a competitive back and forth 8 round junior welterweight contest between San Francisco’s own Jonathan ‘El Carismatico” Chicas versus undefeated Emanuel “Renegade” Robles of San Diego.

The first three rounds were very tentative, with Jonathan not showing much urgency or ferocity, while Emanuel was just walking him down slowly and assuredly like a machine hardly taking a step back. Both men fought on even terms with a slight edge to Emanuel Robles. In the 4th, Jonathan sprang to life, catching Emanuel repeatedly with lead left hooks as he marched his way inside. The 5th and 6th rounds were all Jonathan and hugely so, in fact, as he bloodied Emanuels mouth and backed him up for the first time in the bout using a series of beautiful combinations to the head and body.

Jonathan looked to continue his previous rounds successes in the 7th, but was dropped hard by a Robles left uppercut that has Jonathan fall onto his back, eyes rolling back in his head as it crashed against the canvas. Although Jonathan beat the count, he was still badly dazed, moving enough to survive to the 8th and final round.

Emanuel came out a little too confident in the final round and was countered silly by Jonathan with head snapping hooks as he tried too hard to score a stoppage, leaving him wide open.

In the end, two judges had the score 76-75 for Emanuel Robles, while the third had it 76-75 for Jonathan Chicas ,who heartbreakingly lost the fight via split decision in his own hometown in front of his loyal fans. In my opinion, the scores were correct but probably should have been a unanimous decision for Jonathan, even with the knockdown against him. Emanuel Robles improved his undefeated record to 11-0-1, 3 KOs, while Jonathan Chicas dropped to 13-2, 6 KOs.

In the second bout of the evening and the opening telecast on the Fox Sports 1 telecast, 7’ foot 287 pound Chinese Heavyweight known simply as Taishan had a successful pro debut in dropping Alex Rozman 3 times before the fight was waived off in the 2nd round.

In the brief time that the bout lasted, Taishan showed himself as being slow of hand and foot and easily hittable as the much shorter Rozman was able to bull inside and land looping left hooks and right hands that had Taishan jumping out of harms way. Taishan landed an innocuous looking jab in the first that dumped Rozman on his seat for the first knockdown of the bout (this surprised me, as  it didn’t appear to have much behind it). In the second round, another jab dropped Rozman again, who rose at the count of 6. Rozman’s conditioning began to let him down, as he appeared completely spent after a round and a half of action.  Still, he was still able to land some heavy leather on Taishan when he was in range. Taishan ended matters with a bone crunching right hand, forcing the ref to waive the fight off without a count.

Tashain made his pro debut successful, bringing his record to 1-0, 1ko while Rozman fell to 2-8, 1 KO. Obviously, this win doesn’t give us a real feel for Taishan’s power, as Rozman was a loser of 5 straight 4 by Kayo coming into this bout. Taishan, though victorious, is a fighter of the rawest ability and his lack of boxing experience was loudly on display.  His handlers need to get a top trainer as soon as possible to correct the massive flaws evident in his game.

Undefeated Junior Lightweight Andy “El Tiburon” Vences of nearby San Jose California improved his record to 8-0, 4 KOs with a highly entertaining 2nd round blowout of 59-fight veteran Adolfo Landeros of Mexico City.

Andy was charged up as I visited him in his dressing room, sweating from the pre-fight warmup and pumping himself up, hitting ThaBoxingVoice fight reporter Lucas Ketelle with a gloved left hook to the hand.

As Andy entered the ring, he carried the same charged up intensity that was further buttressed by the huge crowd’s support during the fighter introductions. As long as the fight lasted, Andy looked like a truly special fighter, throwing  dazzling combinations with bad intentions, blazing speed and perfect technique. In the second round, Andy caught Adolfo with a hard right hand, who fell to the canvas, covered up his face and writhed in pain. The referee halted bout.  Adolfo suffered a bad injury to his eye and could not continue.

I expect great things from Andy who, as of this writing has still inexplicably not been signed to a major promoter, but I feel with his improvements and entertaining fights it won’t be long before he gets signed to a major contract, as I feel he is a star in the making.

Two Time San Francisco Golden Gloves winner and 9-1, 6 Ko professional Ricardo Pinell had his way with an opponent in Jamal Harris that simply wanted to survive as he chased him down for a 6 round unanimous decision victory.

It was apparent from the outset that the long and rangy Jamal wanted no part in trading with the deeply muscled and bearded Pinell, as whenever Pinell landed clean, it sent Jamal teetering all over the ring and falling into the ropes. Jamal’s gameplan was to put up his gloves like ear muffs, cover up and dance away with hardly any offense. The referee, at times, implored Jamal to fight at the start of the last 3 rounds. To Ricardo’s credit, he never appeared to let the spoiling tactics frustrate him.  Instead,  he seemed to be having fun, relishing his time in the ring and putting on a show for the fans with a large arsenal of hurtful looking punches — all thrown close range and with bad intentions. Especially impressive was Ricardo’s ability to adapt to being a pure aggressor, coming out of his comfort zone, which is usually that of the flashy counterpuncher.

The future looks promising for Ricardo Pinell, now on a 4 fight winning streak (2 of those by kayo) since his lone set back when he was caught cold by another up and comer, Eric Mendez, at Cache Creek Casino late last year.

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