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Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin Punishes David Lemieux in 8th Round Stoppage Victory

by on Oct.20, 2015, under Boxing News

By Christopher Morgan at ringside


Golovkin, at right, stalks Lemieux (photo by Will Hart/HBO Boxing)

Golovkin, at right, stalks Lemieux (photo by Will Hart/HBO Boxing)


NEW YORK CITY, NY, October, 17, 2015 — In front of a packed Madison Square Garden in the biggest city in the union, Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin showed new dimensions of his game never on display before mixed with his usual penchant for all action pressure to completely dominate and dismantle his biggest challenge to date in IBF champion David Lemieux. Speaking of bigger and more dangerous challenges, this seems to be the main theme of each successive GGG outing nowadays. The latest bigger and more dangerous challenger is turned into just another opponent over and over as he beats them up and makes it look easy every single time. Everything that made Lemieux a danger, every tool in Lemieux’s bag was taken away and neutralized right from the start leaving poor David Lemieux without a lot of options. Please read along as I take you through my experience as it unfolded before me live at Madison Square Garden!

David Lemieux (34-2, 31 Kos) is entering the ring first and the chorus of boos echoing about instantly makes it apparent that this is quickly becoming “The House that GGG built”, it seems that there are a small contingent of supporters that possibly made the trek from Quebec to support their champion, but vocal contribution is almost inaudible beneath the chorus of boos. David’s entourage is carrying the champions IBF middleweight strap aloft, proudly displaying the hard earned hardware for the crowd.

There is a slight calm before Gennady Golovkin (33-0, 30 Kos) makes his inevitable entrance, holding of a collective breath for a quick New York minute before being shattered with frenzied fans jumping out of their seats and screaming as Golovkin clad in brilliant blue and gold Kazakh garb emerges from the tunnel. A sea of baseball caps with the letters GGG emblazoned on the front dot the arena landscape. GGG’s 3 championship belts are being paraded around the ring.

Alright, MSG is ready, the fighters are ready, readers on your tablets, laptops, and phones are you ready?

As the opening round gong makes contact with the bell, each man comes out and dances around at ring center, obviously respectful of the power the other man wields. Lemieux’s first shot is a looping right which he pulls back midway through flight, he pulls another back unsure of his range. Gennady is calm and popping jabs out, he connects with one that snaps Lemieux’s head back and sends the sweat flying. Lemieux throws a lead left hook to the body and walks into a pin-point jab that lands right on the button jolting Lemieux backward. David is unable to find his range and continues to run into hard jabs from Gennady. After playing the jab game for the 2 and a half minutes Gennady uncorks a big left hook that lands and sends Lemieux running for cover against the ropes, Gennady follows up with a fast jab and overhand right that land high on the head.

Gennady picks up right where he left off in the initial round spearing Lemieux with jabs keeping Lemieux from being able to get any offense going. Gennady digs a rib tickling left hook to Lemieux’s body. Round 2 all Triple G.

GGG is controlling the action so well with the jab that he hasn’t really needed to bring out the heavy artillery through 3 heats. Lemieux is throwing slightly more now but the punches are thrown from so far out that GGG need only take one small step backward to cause Lemieux to swing at the open air. GGG is really impressing with his boxing skill and mastery of distance at this stage of the fight.

David Lemieux, who up to this point has been baffled as to how to close the distance, comes out with a little more fire at the start of round number 4. Perhaps his trainer, Mark Ramsay lit a fire under his ass or he realizes himself that he is falling far behind. A few of the vaunted Lemieux wrecking balls come flying out and one connects on the chin of GGG sending him flying back a few steps. Lemieux tries to capture lightning in a bottle twice and is countered with a left hook around the minute and a half mark that really hurts him badly. A dazed Lemieux can do nothing but fall back into the ropes and soak up GGG’s follow up assault. As the round nears a close Lemieux misses so badly with a wild right hand that he says something to GGG and gives a smile of embarrassment.

Lemieux still missing very badly in the 5th stanza, throwing from a mile away, GGG is either a master of distance or Lemieux is afraid of the possible counter, or a combination of the two. Lemieux coils out and smashes GGG with a hard right hand, followed by a left hook, his best punches of the fight so far. The GGG we al know comes back and digs a hammering left hook into the open flanks of Lemieux’s body producing a lovely delayed reaction knockdown with Lemieux grimacing, turning away and then collapsing to a knee. In the excitement of the moment GGG runs across and lands a quick left hook to a downed Lemieux’s head. The referee admonishes GGG who shows genuine regret for his actions, but doesn’t call a halt to the action ad credit Lemieux for not milking the moment or complaining. The fans and viewers are very lucky that the fight wasn’t stopped right then and there and with a different referee that could have easily been the case. Lemieux picks himself up off the canvas and covers up on the ropes as GGG rushes in and tries to finish things. Great round!

Action begins quickly at the start of the 6th, GGG smelling blood runs right at Lemieux and tries to pick up where he left off at the end of the 5th. Lemieux is looking reddened, battered and tired as GGG brings the onslaught, smashing Lemieux with hooks upstairs and bludgeoning body shots, right, left that bounce off Lemieux’s body. GGG sits back to take a breather and is hit cracked by a giant left hok from Lemieux, then another lands, and a third! Lemieux has his best round of the fight with those three big shots, problem is, GGG hardly blinked or reacted when they landed!

The first 2 minutes of the 7th round has whizzed by in a hurry and GGG has turned on his usual high powered machine of destruction going for broke to take Lemieux’s head off, with Lemieux getting massive credit for showing a really tough chin and will to hang in there against such a lopsided beating. In the final minute of the round GGG focuses on the body once more, makes sense since he hasn’t been able to drop Lemieux with a head shot but has with a body shot.

Wow, it is round 8 and somehow with the accumulation of punishment taking place, Lemieux is still hanging around. GGG moves in, jabs and then digs sweeping anvil of a left hook to Lemieux’s body, Lemieux falls into the ropes wincing in agony, his eyes are closed and he is completely defenseless, GGG lands a couple of glancing blows upstairs and the ref jumps in to save Lemieux. That’s it folks, GGG by 8th round TKO! When the replay of the stoppage is shown on the giant monitor the fans make a sigh of disappointment as they would have rather observed a violent concussion instead of a merciful stoppage.

I feel the referee showed great judgment in stopping it when he did, Lemieux was never in the fight and had taken a lot of punishment, when the final body hit home Lemieux was completely defenseless.  Let the kid fight another day.

This fight definitely fell short of the lofty expectations set upon it in the prefight hype, however, I talked to a good number of fans and they all reported having had a blast and thought the fight was highly entertaining. Sure it wasn’t the “big drama show” that Gennady promised but he gave the fans a new look an used his tried and true tactics as well. Based on how well GGG was able to neutralize a hard charging aggressive power puncher like Lemieux shows that he is indeed the real deal and will massive trouble for anyone near middleweight for a long time to come.


Roman 'Chocolatito' Gonzalez, at left, and Brian Viloria engage (photo by Will Hart/HBO Boxing)

Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez, at left, and Brian Viloria engage (photo by Will Hart/HBO Boxing)

 Gonzalez Halts Viloria

The co-main event and chief support to Golovkin vs Lemieux is set to begin. Longtime IBF flyweight champion Ramon “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, is set to defend against his greatest challenge to date, former Flyweight champion and longtime contender Brian “the Hawaiin Punch” Viloria. Ramon of Managua, Nicaragua brings a stellar undeafeated record to the ring with 43 victories, 37 ending inside the distance. Brian brings an excellent record as well all fought against top opposition having gone 33 – ? Kos.

This is the second fight in a row where Ramon is the chief support to Golovkin and they both seem to be on the same trajectory within their respective weight classes, both in fan support and dominating knockout performances.

Shortly before the bout is set to begin a huge commotion can be heard spreading throughout the arena, a lot of boos but also a fair amount of clapping and cheers, I look around and see none other than billionaire business magnate and presidential candidate Donald Trump entering the arena!

Brian Viloria enters the ring first to mostly boos and ambivalent cheers. Roman Gonzalez is clearly the fan favorite as he walks slowly and calmly with a radio romantica music from his native homeland.

Brian Viloria pumps his gloves together before the round starts. Brian comes out aggressively putting the pressure right on Ramon. Not much from Roman for the first minute, sizing up Brian seeing what he has. Roman attempts to open up after a couple of minutes but Brian is evading the output. Brian giving Roman a lot to think about in there, using a high energy attack punctuated by a nice left hook and right hand followed by and uppercut that riles Roman up as he blasts Brian with a hard right that momentarily hurts Brian. Brian is still the much more active fighter in the second but a lot of his output is either falling short or on the gloves of Chocolatito. Ramon is beginning to have some success here in the 2nd round following Brian to the ropes and then landing a long right hand on the chin.

Both trading to start the 3rd, Brian still very sharp with his snapping left hooks , suddenly a short chopping right hand stings Brian enough to get him to touch the canvas for a knockdown. Brian going for broke upon rising trading haymakers with Roman setting out to show that the knockdown was a fluke. Brian more into counterpunching mode now after being dropped and rocked, nice double left hook from Brian lands, hard uppercut from Roman ends the rally

Great two way action coming to the fore here in round 4, Roman pressing forward gets caught with a beautiful right hand right on the forehead while taking a break from the onslaught. After some brief posturing, Chocalatito lands a beautiful five punch combination. Brian tries a rip snorting uppercut that falls short ,Brian attacks at the bell with a double left hook landing one to the body.

In rounds 5 and 6 Brian’s energy and activity drop significantly, Roman is having his way following Brian around the ring and battering him with 3, 4 and 5 punch combinations. When the fight moves to the inside Roman uses beautiful footwork angles to spin Brian around and nullify anything that might come back at him.

In round 7, the first truly one-sided round is unfolding before my eyes.Roman just follows Brian around the ring and lands 3 and 4 punch combinations, Brian is either too hurt or out of answers to mount anything in return. It is seeming at this stage that Romans punches are not nearly as heavy at world class level or maybe his power diminishes greatly in the later rounds, either way Brian is taking quite a pasting and still standing in front of Roman. Right at the end, in the last 20 seconds, Brian springs to life landing 5 big shots in a row that have Roman stepping back for the first time in the fight.

Round 9 – Brian comes out refreshed looking, maybe from the last 2 and 3 quarters rounds he took off, he’s bouncing around when out of nowhere Roman lands another one of his vaunted combinations causing Brian to reel back into the ropes where the follow up barrage prompts the referees merciful stoppage. A good one in my opinion as Brian had been out of the fight for the better part of the last 5 rounds and most likely would have just absorbed more and more of an unnecessary beating .

We get to take in some heavyweight action here as undefeated Cuban Luis Ortiz (22-0, 19Kos) is facing the huge 6’9 giant Vidondo (22-1, 18 Kos) in a entanglement of two power punchers. Let’s see what these guys bring to the table.

1st round, several great combinations from Luis land with authority right out of the gate. This guy possesses remarkable hand speed and coordination for such a heavy man, those shots came out of nowhere. Vidondo is throwing some hooks and right hands but they are far too telegraphed and slow for someone with Luis’ pedigree. A rapid left hook right hand combo lashes out and staggers Vidondo back at rounds end, the big Argentinean took some heavy shots but hung in there.

Luis launching some hard jabs at Vidondo to start the 2nd, one of the jabs appears to hurt the lumbering and tubby Vidondo or perhaps his lack of coordination is causing him to fall about. Vidondo getting hit with hard shots but appears to be taking them well when near the rounds end Luis catches Vidondo with a hard straight left on the ropes that staggers him back leaving him wide open for a follow up right hook that dumps Vidonod hard for an 8 count. Vidondo rises and is saved by the bell.

Round 3 has started, Luis comes out ,and lands the same straight left this time sending Vidondo violently falling to the canvas face first, it was a reversal of the first combination that dropped Vidondo, a right hook had Vidondo watching out for danger and he never saw the fight ending straight left.



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