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Keith Thurman Edges Danny Garcia with Split Decision Win, Fonfara Crushes Dawson

by on Mar.07, 2017, under Boxing News

By ‘Ice’ John Scully

Former Light Heavyweight Contender and ex-trainer of ‘Bad’ Chad Dawson

Editor’s Note:  This report was delayed because Scully had to fly up to Montreal to work with light heavyweight contender Artur Beterbiev.

BROOKLYN, NY — I love going to fights. I don’t care where they are or who is fighting in most cases. For me, attending fights is not just about the boxing matches. It’s more often than not a very simple way to reconnect and stay in touch with friends in the game as we hang out in our element and watch the show together. Fights in the greater New York City area are especially effective in this way as a great many of my boxing connects reside in the Northeast and highly publicized world title fights like Keith Thurman-Danny Garcia on February 4th at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. They are the perfect type of event to draw them out.

As I drove to New York City this past Saturday for that fight, the closer I got to the arena in Brooklyn, the more filled with anticipation I became. Now I had originally planned to find parking at a no-doubt very expensive lot near the arena, but as luck would have it, a spur of the moment phone call with a longtime friend in the game, Jean Manon, resulted in her directing me to an area within walking distance to the arena that was safe and, just as importantly, free of charge. And as I parked on a particular street within the general area where she directed me to go, I looked at the street sign so that I could write the address down for when the fights were over. And as I caught sight of the address next to where my car was sitting I recognized it instantly as the former home street of a friend in the game, 1984 Olympic Champion Mark Breland. (continue reading…)

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Weigh-In Results for Tonight’s Thurman vs. Garcia Welterweight Unification War

by on Mar.04, 2017, under Boxing News




Left to right: Keith Thurman, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Danny Garcia

Left to right: Keith Thurman, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Danny Garcia (photo by Ed Diller/DiBella Entertainment)


Danny Garcia vs. Philadelphia, PA

33-0, 19 KO’s

146.5 lbs

Keith Thurman Clearwater, FL 27-0, 22 KO’s

146.2 lbs

(continue reading…)

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Who’d Have Thunk It? Little-Known Boxers Best Future Pro Greats in Amateurs

by on Feb.10, 2016, under Boxing News

By John Scully


Chicago's Al Evans, at left versus Ray Mercer, knocked out a 15 year old Mike Tyson in the Amateurs. (photo courtesy of

Chicago’s Al Evans, at left versus Ray Mercer, knocked out a 15 year old Mike Tyson in the Amateurs. (photo courtesy of

Every boxer and trainer who has been in the game long enough can tell you about some guy that the overwhelming majority of boxing fans have never heard of before who has a story to tell. Every superstar boxer in the game knows of some guy from years gone by for whom they great respect. A guy he may have lost to during his formative years. A guy who impressed him with his skills, his talent, his power. Every boxing star wasn’t always the star. Along the way he lost fights to guys who were sharper, faster, stronger and, in some cases, just better.

Not everyone with superior skills and talent sees his way to the top of our game. Like the immensely talented but widely unknown to the masses Earl “The GOAT’ Manigault in basketball, boxing has plenty of guys who once upon a time had a memorable day in the sun that has been long been forgotten about by most. (continue reading…)

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Seven Pounds

by on Oct.22, 2012, under Boxing News

Was the losing of seven critical pounds the primary mover for Dawson’s loss versus Ward?

By Hector Rodriguez

Ostensibly hindered by being weight drained, Dawson succumbs to the blows of

Ostensibly hindered by being weight drained, Dawson succumbs to the blows of Ward (photo by Brett Ostrowski)

Seven pounds, the amount of weight many newborns tip the scales at, human beings so minute that caution is at the forefront of the parents’ agendas. Seven pounds, the heaviness worth $2.31 after homeless people sell steel to recyclers, a sum so insignificant that one would be hard-pressed to lose sleep over its very loss. Seven pounds, the difference between two talented weight divisions, an advantage (or disadvantage) so scientific that its very substance enamors boxing purists.

This seemingly irrelevant measure is the price light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson had to pay in order to do something that his boxing predecessors were innately born with: a desire to fight the best even after attaining the highest possible status. (continue reading…)

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Ward Scores Brutal 10th Round Stoppage over Chad Dawson

by on Sep.09, 2012, under Boxing News

Report by Chris Morgan

Photos by Brett Ostrowski

ward_dawson_1 Andre Ward celebrates his dominating victory.

 OAKLAND, CA, September, 08, 2012 – Andre Ward continued to improve and show new dimensions in style and temperament in his most impressive victory to date as he executed an absolutely savage and relentless beat down against the hapless Chad Dawson, eventually ending matters in the 10th round.

The packed house of 8500 heartily booed “Bad” Chad Dawson of New Haven, Connecticut (31-1-0, 17 kos) as he was the first to enter the ring. Chad was all business and no theatrics as he walked briskly to the ring looking big, strong, and confident.  The entire arena rose their feet for native son Andre “S.O.G.” Ward’s (25-0-0, 13 kos) ring walk and stayed on their feet for the entire duration of introductions showing their love for the local phenom. (continue reading…)

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